Analyser Software

Visual Lottery Analyser 4.0 Sprintbit Corporation 

Visual Lottery analyser is state-of-the-art lottery analysis software with many unique features.It works with almost all lottery games in the world.It introduces a new lottery theories and new innovative visual analysis methods: Geometrical Ticket View for showing lottery game view at hand, new Contact and Outside numbers, traditional Hot and Cold . Free download of Visual Lottery Analyser 4.0, size 53.61 Mb.


Ultrawave Guitar Multi Fx 1.8 Ultrawave Multimedia Studios 

Turn your computer into a powerful guitar effects processor.If you want to sound like your favourite rock star, or just want to make your guitar playing more exciting then you need effects. Ultrawave Guitar Multi Fx has over 100 effects knobs, which gives you more control over your sound, allowing you to be more creative and expressive in your . Free download of Ultrawave Guitar Multi Fx 1.8, size 1.72 Mb.

VIDrive 1.0 Valeri Vlassov 

- it looks inside all your HDDs (logical disks c:/, d:/ etc), CD-DVD drives, Flash memory sticks- it looks inside all your attached drives (via Localnet, Intranet, Internet, FTP)- you can get a table with all directories and files for any of your drives- you can sort a tables by Path, Name, Extention, Size, Date created, Date modified, Date . Free download of VIDrive 1.0, size 4.78 Mb.

USB Monitor Protocol Analyzer HHD Software 

Software USB port sniffer, USB protocol analyzer and data logger. This Universal Serial Bus monitoring utility can spy, capture, view, log, analyze, test usb device activity performing connection traffic analysis. Software USB monitoring tool. You can use this USB aquisition system as connection testing and diagnostic tool, modem data transfer . Free download of USB Monitor Protocol Analyzer, size 5.47 Mb.

Absolute Log Analyzer Pro 2.3.93 BitStrike Software 

Absolute Log Analyzer is a client-based log processing solution designed for web traffic analysis. This easy for use and feature-rich tool can generate fast, effective reports of any kind and display them in a format that's easy to read and understand.
Absolute Log Analyzer's reports gives you an opportunity to look at all of the aspects of . Free download of Absolute Log Analyzer Pro 2.3.93, size 2.04 Mb.

Logaholic Web Analytics & Web Stats 2.4.3 Logaholic BV. 

Increase the performance of your website with Logaholic Web Site Statistics Software. Visualize Click-Thru Rates on all pages, deep user analysis, conversion tracking, in-depth keyword, search engine analysis, Trends, A/B Split testing, Funnels, Rss feeds. Mobile reporting and much more Detecting problems and testing improvements is easy with . Free download of Logaholic Web Analytics & Web Stats 2.4.3, size 2.09 Mb.

Alitronika DvsStation 2 4 33 Alitronika 

Alitronika's DVSStation is an integrated Transport Stream Player, Recorder, Analyzer and Editor. Indeed DVSStation is the only application software one may need to make a complete DVB transport stream station, be it Transport Stream generation, recording or analyzing. DVSStation offers all the functions that one may need and what is more this . Free download of Alitronika DvsStation 2 4 33, size 27.54 Mb.

Dran-View 6. 11. 2002 Dranetz-BMI 

DRAN-VIEW 6 is a Windows based software package that enables power professionals to simply and quickly visualize and analyze power and energy monitoring data. It is a snap to navigate, delivers automated functionality and incorporates powerful analytical capabilities and customizable options to meet the needs of each individual user. . Free download of Dran-View 6. 11. 2002, size 30.63 Mb.

VISUALmpeg PRO MPEG-2 Video Analyser 5.0.1 DekTec Digital Video B.V. 

Off-line software for in-depth analysis, quality measurements, error logging and visualisation of MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and H.264 AVC video streams
Graphs of quality index (overall quality level of MPEG video), distortion index (indication of MPEG artefacts like blocking), bit rate and number of bits per frame
Extraction of Video Elementary . Freeware download of VISUALmpeg PRO MPEG-2 Video Analyser 5.0.1, size 9.91 Mb.

FirePlotter 2.24b200924 GISS (UK) Ltd 

FirePlotter is a real-time session monitor for your firewall. FirePlotter, simply shows you the traffic that is flowing through your internet connection moment to moment - in real-time. FirePlotter can also be described as a firewall traffic vizualizer, bandwidth analyzer, qos utility or connection monitor for your Cisco ASA/PIX firewall or . Free download of FirePlotter 2.24b200924, size 2.45 Mb.

Instant Firewall Monitor 1.0.1 

Instant Firewall Monitor for the Linksys WRT54G and Buffalo routers.
Increase your network security by knowing what your firewall is up to Right NOW. Features instantaneous updating graphical and list views for any Firewall Activity on your Lan. New - now supports World View.

Shows outgoing and incoming traffic by IP address, . Freeware download of Instant Firewall Monitor 1.0.1, size 0 b.

SR Browser 1.0 DICOM Tool 

Structure report browser can open a DICOM Structure Report file and display it in a browser window. Because the display is in html format, the display can be customized easily. Structure report browser can print the structure report to a standard printer. . Freeware download of SR Browser 1.0, size 2.30 Mb.

LOGWorkshop 2010 1.0 Andreas Soraru 

LOG evaluation and LOG analysis is a important issue in the range of search engine optimization (SEO) and the workload analysis and also in the rating of your own website. Every single access to the website creates data in the webserver's LOG. From this data you can deduce various useful information about the behavior of the website's . Freeware download of LOGWorkshop 2010 1.0, size 8.08 Mb.

Win Firewall Log Analyser 1. 4. 2002 ZedLan 

Win Firewall Log analyser is a free utility that will read and analyze your native Windows (XP, Vista or Win 7 32/64 bit) Firewall Log.
The tool comes with its own database of network protocols and ports, and can offer suggestions on what to do when particular packets are discovered.

Using the Win Firewall Log analyser can help . Freeware download of Win Firewall Log Analyser 1. 4. 2002, size 29.40 Mb.

Visual USB 3 3 Ellisys 

The goal for Visual USB was to make USB protocol analysis as fast and easy for developers as possible. This required a new approach, and Ellisys introduced many new concepts including:

- Capturing and transmitting data in real-time, instead of filling a hardware memory and then wait until it is downloaded;
- Offering . Freeware download of Visual USB 3 3, size 11.65 Mb.

Ellisys WiMedia Analyzer 2.8.3896.22960 Ellisys 

This program is an over-the-air MB-OFDM protocol analyzer for WiMedia Alliance's Ultrawideband common radio platform and Certified Wireless USB protocol. The Ellisys WiMedia Analyzer high-quality RF front-end records traffic exchanged over the air between devices so you can display the resulting decoded information in your choice of several . Free download of Ellisys WiMedia Analyzer 2.8.3896.22960, size 18.38 Mb.

GraphicUSB 4 24 MQP Electronics Ltd 

Packet-Master is a series of non-intrusive Hardware USB Bus Analysers. The USB12 is intended for development of Low and Full Speed USB devices and hubs etc, whilst the USB480( ) additionally supports High Speed. Each analyser comes complete with the Windows application GraphicUSB for capturing and displaying every detail of the data interactions on . Freeware download of GraphicUSB 4 24, size 12.43 Mb.

StreamXpert DekTec Digital Video B.V. 

The world's most cost-effective and user-friendly transport-stream analyser.
Combine the StreamXpert with a DTU-245 FantASI adapter and a notebook to create a truly portable MPEG-2 transport-stream analyser

Main Features:

- Real-time analysis, monitoring and recording of MPEG-2 transport streams
- Provides . Free download of StreamXpert, size 0 b.

RTAUtil32 Larson Davis 

Downloads and translates binary files to ASCII text from the following Larson Davis instruments: 2800, 2900B, 3000 , 3200. Features on-screen translation and user-defined translation profiles. Virtual RTA allows capture of RTA display image. Monitor selected frequencies, edit notes, calibrate microphones and much more. . Freeware download of RTAUtil32, size 0 b.

ACCONtrol S7 1. 2. 1932 DELTALOGIC Automatisierungstechnik GmbH 

ACCONtrol S7-Win32 simulates a S7-PLC system on the PC, where you can run S7 PLC programs. ACCONtrol S7-Win32 contains an operating interface for the current programming functions from a S7 project, such as »Start«, »Stop«, »Monitor variables«, »Control variables« or . Free download of ACCONtrol S7 1. 2. 1932, size 0 b.