Arcade Brickwall Game Software

Cubology 1.08 PiEyeGames 

Cubology is an exciting Arcade/puzzle Game featuring true 3D Game play. Choose between two Game modes, designed to match your mood. Clear incoming mineral cubes in the hectic Arcade mode or solve problem levels in the challenging puzzle mode. Cubology is easy to pick up and play. The left mouse button moves cubes, the right button moves the . Free download of Cubology 1.08, size 4.07 Mb.


Onekit Enigmaze 3D 1.3 Onekit Software 

Onekit Enigmaze 3D is a small Arcade 3D Game, positioned for a wide range of gamers. The Game is absolutely free and runs on a huge number of PC configurations. Enigmaze 3D pleases the gamer's eye with colorful and picturesque worlds and not too complicated labyrinths. The Game has 25 levels that you have to walk through, gathering all you can on . Freeware download of Onekit Enigmaze 3D 1.3, size 1.01 Mb.

Pharaohs Curse Gold 1.6 Ancient Software 

A platform Game mixed with cool puzzles, immerse yourself in this great Arcade/puzzle Game. In this Game you use drills, hammers, picks and scoop to dig the breakable tiles to reach Gold, when you collect all the gold in a given stage then you can pass the exit door to the next level to get more challenge. There is a Level Editor where you can . Free download of Pharaohs Curse Gold 1.6, size 3.87 Mb.

Hazard Ball 1 Chris Eastwood 

Hazard Ball is a very fun and addictive real-time Arcade puzzle Game for one or two players of any age group.The Game's objective is to guide the ball to the exit, but this is much harder than it sounds! You find your fate as a ball stuck in a labyrinth realm in which you need to venture your way through 20 stages spread over 5 worlds! The 20 . Free download of Hazard Ball 1, size 1.84 Mb.

Pacman for Kids - Gioco per bambini 2.067 Zoom 

Pacman for kids is a Game clone of the well known Pacman Arcade video Game by Namco intended to children (from about 4 to 8 years). It improves the eye-digital coordination of the child, it is funny, it is easier to play (less speed, reduced difficulty) and it has music and animations. (Available in English and Italian) . Free download of Pacman for Kids - Gioco per bambini 2.067, size 766.98 Kb.

LinkLines 1.2.5 Shoecake Games 

LinkLines is a remake of the classic Lines Arcade puzzle Game. The object of the Game is to Link five balls of the same color to form a line in any direction. Create lines to stop the board from filling up! The Game is presented in an updated format. Rather than playing the Game at a static difficulty level, you are given the chance to progress . Free download of LinkLines 1.2.5, size 664.58 Kb.

Emerald Tale 1.0 Enkord 

Emerald Tale is an Arcade puzzle Game with unique storyline, great graphics and cute furry characters. It offers very simple rules but challenging lay-outs and goals. You will have to clear the way for your hero to exit portal by matching three same colored runes, but don't forget to blow up all the blocks and find behind them plenty useful items: . Free download of Emerald Tale 1.0, size 11.11 Mb.

Space Man 1 

Space Man is an Arcade style Game where you try to complete each level before your lives run out. It provides entertainment. For those who enjoy a little more colorful description, please read on: Beware of out of control satellites while you race to save the Universe in this Arcade style Game. The fate of everything rests soley upon your shoulders . Free download of Space Man 1, size 10.38 Mb.

Hopmon 1.3 Saito Games 

HOPMON is a 3D Arcade action Game. There are 45 levels in total and to complete each level, Hopmon will have to collect all the crystals and place them on the warp zone. You can continue play on the same level indefinitely. The Game has also an automatic save feature so that you can continue playing the level you played last. . Free download of Hopmon 1.3, size 1.15 Mb.

Zynx (Windows version) 1.2 Rainer Deyke 

Zynx is a fun Arcade-style Game. Pop all of the dots in each level to advance to the next level. Avoid the monsters, or catch the elusive power-up star to destroy the monsters. 50 levels of fun! . Free download of Zynx (Windows version) 1.2, size 544.77 Kb.

Puzzle Inlay 1.45 Puzzle Lab 

Inlay pictures with gems in this Arcade-puzzle Game. You are offered over 100 picture puzzles to inlay with gems. You can select one of the five missions. Use 17 varieties of gems, magic tools and bonuses. The objective of the Game is to fill the picture with gems that are delivered by the conveyer. You must be quick, because if the gem storage . Free download of Puzzle Inlay 1.45, size 5.41 Mb.

PetWings 1.2 Saito Games 

PetWings is an Arcade shooting Game with cute cartoon-style graphics. It has 53 Game levels, 5 huge bosses and 6 levels of fire power-ups. . Freeware download of PetWings 1.2, size 1.19 Mb.

Bustling Hedgehog Puzzle 1.0 

New free Arcade logic Game by This bustling hedgehog provides with fruit and mushrooms. Help him to carry the food to the holes (light blue cells). The level is complete when all objects are at the blue cells. There are 20 levels and time limits. Publish the best result online. . Freeware download of Bustling Hedgehog Puzzle 1.0, size 4.36 Mb.

Tenshi 1.0 Burning Thumb Software 

Tenshi is a fun Arcade action Game suitable for all ages. The object of the Game is to capture different numbers of bouncing balls on paddles of various shapes. Points are scored or power-ups are earned based on the blended color of the captured balls. Of course there are also hazards to avoid. . Free download of Tenshi 1.0, size 24.30 Mb.

Hammer Heads 32.0 BVBA 

Hammer Heads is a cartoon Arcade-style Game that challenges players to collect as many points as they can to win high scores through their own skills with the mouse by bashing gnome characters and similar others, back into the holes they pop out from in their cartoon garden.

The fun Game features a bright and cheerful interface and . Free download of Hammer Heads 32.0, size 88.99 Mb.

Monsterz 0.6 Zoy 

Monsterz is a little Arcade puzzle Game, similar to the famous Bejeweled or Zookeeper.

The goal of the Game is to create rows of similar monsters, either horizontally or vertically. The only allowed move is the swap of two adjacent monsters, on the condition that it creates a row of three or more. When alignments are cleared, pieces . Freeware download of Monsterz 0.6, size 1.88 Mb.

Alchemist Wizard Dekovir Entertainment 

Alchemist Wizard is a 3d Arcade platformer Game in fantasy world. You play as a wizard-alchemist and explore large world. Catch various creatures to combine its in cauldron to create powerful spells to fight with your enemies. There are different cauldrons on level each with different spell recipes. On each stage you must collect enough magical . Free download of Alchemist Wizard, size 0 b.

Chaser Dig 1.0 VilleMobile, mobile games 

Chaser Dig is an Arcade adventure Game for palm. Digging and walking fog make Chaser Dig out of common Arcade games. Chaser Dig has 80 levels with fantastic mazes. If you ever played the Game Digger and Chase on old IMB PC, you will love this Game. Chaser Dig support Palm OS 5.0 or above, including Treo 650, Treo 680, Treo 700p, Tungsten E, . Freeware download of Chaser Dig 1.0, size 133.12 Kb.

Blast - 2D Arcade Game 1.0 Blast2d 

Blast - A fast 2 Dimensional Arcade style Game.

Blast - 2D Arcade Game 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of Blast - 2D Arcade Game 1.0, size 0 b.

Willy In Space 3D 1.04 Teddy Games 

Welcome to the wonderful world of Space. Willy In Space 3D is an amazing 3D Arcade puzzle Game. It is an Isometric Arcade. 99 different levels to solve! Each requires your full attention, memory skills, fast fingers and a fast mind! Want to try it? The Game is perfect for boys and girls of all ages. Enjoy REAL 3D scenes and professionally animated . Free download of Willy In Space 3D 1.04, size 3.74 Mb.