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MB Finance Astrology 1 15 

MB Finance Astrology is a Western zodiac based tool that describes the different aspects of Astrology on the business and financial profile of an individual. This includes financial Astrology, career Astrology, power sign, lucky sign, communication sign & energy sign. This can be predicted for people of different sun signs based on their zodiac . Freeware download of MB Finance Astrology 1 15, size 2.17 Mb.


MB Ixion Astrology 1.0 

MB Ixion Astrology finds your Ixion sign. Ixion gives more insight about one's mental attitude, strength, plans, aspirations and transformations. This brings purpose into your life. This shows our capability of doing things. MB Ixion Astrology Software is just the exact Astrology tool you need if you want to get an Astrology reading for you . Freeware download of MB Ixion Astrology 1.0, size 637.95 Kb.

MB Japanese Astrology 1 30 

MB Free Japanese Astrology is a blood type based personality Software. This method of knowing people’s traits is very much practiced in Japan. This Japanese method of personality matching is as popular as matching horoscopes is anywhere else in the world. MB Free Japanese Astrology is a blood type personality Astrology / assessment tool. . Freeware download of MB Japanese Astrology 1 30, size 749.57 Kb.

MB Vedic Astrology Drishti (Aspects) 1.0 

MB Vedic Astrology Drishti (Aspects) calculates your aspects according to Vedic Astrology. This includes Rashi Drishtis (Sign Aspects), Graha Drishti (Planetary Aspects) and Sputa Drishti (Angular Aspects). MB Vedic Astrology Drishti (Aspects) Software is the perfect tool for you if you want to know the angular aspects of the Astrology planets on . Freeware download of MB Vedic Astrology Drishti (Aspects) 1.0, size 1.27 Mb.

Around the World: India 1.0 Astro Gemini Software 

Embark on a fascinating journey to India, one of the most mysterious and multifaceted countries in the world. Marvel at the exotic beauty and grandeur of an Indian temple with an imposing statue of Shiva in front of it. Let the meditative music and radiant colors take you to the country of mind-blowing diversity and rich spirituality. . Free download of Around the World: India 1.0, size 10.83 Mb.

Manifold India Free Screensaver 1.0.1 SAVERS4FREE.COM 

India is unique country by its diversity. Four major world religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism originated here. Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam arrived later and all provided the unbelivable mixture of cultures, languages and traditions that live in almost nonviolent neighborhood with each other. This screensaver will . Freeware download of Manifold India Free Screensaver 1.0.1, size 5.32 Mb.

MB Roman Astrology 1.0 

MB Roman Astrology Software is a free Astrology tool that finds your Roman Astrology sign and provides you with a free Roman Astrology reading. The free Roman Astrology analysis delivered by this tool also lets you know the name of the Roman God who represents your personality. Using MB Roman Astrology Software you can get an interpretation of the . Freeware download of MB Roman Astrology 1.0, size 1.58 Mb.

MB Fixed Stars Astrology 1.0 

MB Fixed Stars Astrology Software is a wonderful Software that explains to you the influence of the fixed stars on different aspects of your personal as well as professional life. You will not only know the fixed stars positions in your natal chart but also know the attributes of the fixed stars that relate to your personality traits and . Freeware download of MB Fixed Stars Astrology 1.0, size 1.29 Mb.

MB Star Astrology 1 15 

MB Star Astrology comprises of Star Sign, Flying Star Feng Shui, 9 Star Ki Astrology, Purple Star Astrology & Birth Star Astrology softwares. Stars have a great influence on our lives with their cosmic vibrations. This influences the personality and behavior of individuals. Mystic Board aims to help people understand themselves better with . Freeware download of MB Star Astrology 1 15, size 2.97 Mb.

MB Taurus Astrology 1 70 

MB Free Taurus Astrology is an informative zodiac sun sign (Taurus) Software based on Western Astrology. This program gives a lot of interesting and unknown knowledge about the person depending on his sun sign at time of birth. It describes the mental attitude and the nature of the person. This program tells us in detail the characteristics and . Freeware download of MB Taurus Astrology 1 70, size 826.37 Kb.

MB Vedic Astrology Planetary Aspects 1.0 

MB Vedic Astrology Planetary Aspects finds the mutual effects of the planets due to their planetary positions and explains the influence of the planetary aspects on your personality and natural traits. This tool lets you know the planetary positions in your natal chart according to the Vedic Astrology principles. Using MB Vedic Astrology Planetary . Freeware download of MB Vedic Astrology Planetary Aspects 1.0, size 1.49 Mb.

MB Muhurtha Astrology 1 55 

MB Free Muhurtha Astrology is a 'Vedic Electional Astrology' Software which finds out the auspicious time of any activity based on the calculations of Vedic Astrology. The Software gives you a detailed Report for the choice of your time for an auspicious occasion. It also gives you information about your rashi, rashi lord, nakshatra, nakshatra . Freeware download of MB Muhurtha Astrology 1 55, size 1.49 Mb.

MB Vedic Astrology Decanates 1 5 

MB Vedic Astrology Decanates calculates the decanate sign in which the different planets of your natal chart are placed in, based on Vedic Astrology. Each zodiac sign is divided into three decanates of ten degrees each. These decanates influence the finer attributes of an individual's personality. The decanate Astrology reading or the decanate . Freeware download of MB Vedic Astrology Decanates 1 5, size 1.33 Mb.

MB Vedic Astrology Special Lagnas (Ascendants) 1 5 

MB Vedic Astrology Special Lagnas (Ascendants) calculates the different Lagnas or Ascendants on the basis of Vedic Astrology. Ascendants give us an insight into the various areas of our life and act as a guide to the kind of life we are destined to have. Know more about the different Lagnas with this Software. The ascendants or the special lagnas . Freeware download of MB Vedic Astrology Special Lagnas (Ascendants) 1 5, size 1.54 Mb.

MB Day Of Week Astrology 1 15 

MB Day Of Week Astrology finds your personality traits based on the day you were born. This helps you know yourself better and understand your personality. When it comes to Astrology, people usually consider your sun sign. But the day on which you are born also plays a very important role in characterizing your personality. Each day has its own . Freeware download of MB Day Of Week Astrology 1 15, size 707.58 Kb.

MB Travel Astrology 1 10 

MB Travel Astrology finds your travel profile based on your sun sign in Western Astrology. This shows more about your travel preferences and the kind of travel adventures you would like to go out on. 'Travel Astrology’ can help you understand your travel preferences depending on your zodiac sign. Each of us exhibits some definite likes and . Freeware download of MB Travel Astrology 1 10, size 1.63 Mb.

MB Astrology Travel Compatibility 1 10 

MB Astrology Travel Compatibility generates your travel compatibility based on the sun signs of Western Astrology. This shows how well you and your partner get along as traveling companions. 'Travel Astrology’ can help you understand your travel preferences depending on your zodiac sign. Each of us exhibits some definite likes and dislikes . Freeware download of MB Astrology Travel Compatibility 1 10, size 1.66 Mb.

MB Food Astrology 1 10 

'Food Astrology’ can help you understand your culinary preferences depending on your zodiac sign. Each of us exhibits some definite likes and dislikes about food. Certain tastes seem to be appealing to our taste buds while others fail to evoke similar response. Have you ever considered why Aries people are always drawn to spicy foods while . Freeware download of MB Food Astrology 1 10, size 755.71 Kb.

MB Archetypal Astrology 1.0 

MB Archetypal Astrology finds your planetary archetype based on the ruling planet of your zodiac sign. The planetary archetype implies the force of the planet that affects certain behavioral tendencies in a person. This Software lets you know your planetary archetype, tells you the popular name of your Astrology planetary archetype and also . Freeware download of MB Archetypal Astrology 1.0, size 1.17 Mb.

MB Flower Astrology 1 45 

MB Free Flower Astrology tells you about your lucky flowers and plants based on your Sun Signs. The program also gives you an insight into your personality and tells you about your positive and negative traits thus helping you to improve yourself for thr better. It is a simple and an 'user-friendly' Software. Flowers like the astrological signs . Freeware download of MB Flower Astrology 1 45, size 1.38 Mb.