Audio Streamer Software

m3w 33 

m3w is an audio streamer for the www.m3w streams audio data to servers like icecast. shoutcast, or darwin.It takes data from the sound card, encodes (using lame) and sends it.m3w aims for high reliability, top quality, and ease of use. . Freeware download of m3w 33, size 631.18 Kb.


Darkside - Darkice Configuration Tool 0.1 Dark-side 

DARKSIDE is a PERL/Tk configuration tool for "DarkIce - live audio streamer" to easy manage all information related with Darkice stream points and server operation.

Darkside - Darkice Configuration Tool 0.1 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of Darkside - Darkice Configuration Tool 0.1, size 17.24 Kb.

addcast 1.0 Addcast 

A fork of the edcast (formerly known as oddcast) audio streamer.

addcast 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of addcast 1.0, size 0 b.

NETAudio Streamer 1.1 HAL Computing Pty Ltd 

Simply listen to any audio a computer is playing on your Network. Listen using your smart/mobile devices well as from most other type of computers that are based on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and other operating systems. Select audio from one or more Windows based Computers. Create Wi-Fi or Network based speakers. Listen to audio devices and apps via . Free download of NETAudio Streamer 1.1, size 12.03 Mb.

BroadWave Audio Streaming Server 1.21 NCH Software 

BroadWave audio Streaming Server is a powerful audio streaming server. It is designed to broadcast any audio connected to the sound input on the PC. It will also stream recordings that are loaded as wav, mp3, wma, aiff and many other formats.

BroadWave handles the audio stream compression, player format negotiation, bandwidth adjustment . Free download of BroadWave Audio Streaming Server 1.21, size 0 b.

Matrix Mixer 0.9.163d XilasZ 

Matrix Mixer is a handy and reliable audio plugin that seamlessly integrates within Winamp and helps you to convert audio files to DTS14 or DTS16 format, as well as to adjust voice and LFE settings.

Also, with the help of Matrix Mixer you have the possibility to upmix stereo streams to multichannel.

. Freeware download of Matrix Mixer 0.9.163d, size 0 b.

MARPA Clipsal Integrated Systems 

The Multi Room audio Rapid Programming Application (MARPA) is used to configure the Multi Room audio Matrix Switcher unit.

It requires the use of USB port on the PC to connect to the Matrix Switcher.

Marpa software requires that C-Bus Toolkit is installed. It is possible to add new IR codes to Marpa using the IR Reader . Freeware download of MARPA, size 6.68 Mb.

D-Link ShareCenter DNS-325 Setup Wizard 1.00 D-Link Systems Inc 

D-Link's DNS-325 2-Bay Network Storage device allows you to back up, share and stream your digital files, photos, music and videos over the network. Enjoy the flexibility of using your own SATA disk drives.

The D-LinkdlT« ShareCenterdlT« 2-Bay Network Storage device with USB printer support is the perfect way to store, safeguard, and . Free download of D-Link ShareCenter DNS-325 Setup Wizard 1.00, size 130.43 Mb.

Rainbow-Combine 1.0 Rui Gao 

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PiMPStreamer 1.0 PiMPWare 

PiMPStreamer is an audio and video streamer originally conceived for the PSP (PlayStationPortable). Thus, most of its settings are optimized for video streaming to the PSP. However, recently the application has been improved to support other devices. Basically, currently any FLV capable browser can play the video streamed by PiMPStreamer.
. Freeware download of PiMPStreamer 1.0, size 0 b.

Vibe Streamer 3.0.1 

Vibe streamer is a MP3 Streaming Server which works like a standard Web browser and listen to music. Vibe streamer will provide functionality for you to easily manage users, groups and your shared directories as well as the security settings for your server.
Vibe streamer features the following and much more:
* Free music streaming . Freeware download of Vibe Streamer 3.0.1, size 3.04 Mb.

PHP Remote Media Streamer 1.0 Phprms 

Remote Media streamer is a PHP application designed to stream audio/video media from a webserver to the end users computer with minimal fuss utilising the M3U playlist specification.

PHP Remote Media streamer 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of PHP Remote Media Streamer 1.0, size 0 b.

BroadWave Streaming Audio Server 1.02 NCH Software 

BroadWave is audio streaming software designed to broadcast any audio connected to the sound input on the PC. It will also stream audio recordings that are loaded as wav, mp3, wma, aiff and many other formats.BroadWave handles the audio stream compression, player format negotiation, bandwidth adjustment and serving over the Internet. Listeners do . Free download of BroadWave Streaming Audio Server 1.02, size 307.34 Kb.

BroadWave Pro Streaming Audio Server 1.11 NCH Software 

Broadcast any streaming audio from your PC with BroadWave by NCH Software. Broadcast live audio or create a podcast. Broadcast Pre-recorded audio or stream audio recordings that are in wav, mp3, wma, aiff and many other formats. Listeners do not need to install any special software to listen to a BroadWave webcast. BroadWave handles the complex . Free download of BroadWave Pro Streaming Audio Server 1.11, size 386.76 Kb.

mixav 1.0 

mixav is a software audio-video mixer and streamer. mixav allows you to route video and audio between different computers in realtime with a fraction of a second of latency. . Freeware download of mixav 1.0, size 0 b.

Home Streamer - streaming video/audio 1.2.0 Yohsuke Yukishita 

Home streamer turns your iPhone/iPad/iPod into a realtime surveillance device.
Just connect the device to Wi-Fi and open the URL shown on the top bar from a Web browser, and you can fully control the camera / microphone remotely.

Example use cases:
- Baby monitoring from a different room
- Pet monitoring from the . Free download of Home Streamer - streaming video/audio 1.2.0, size 2.10 Mb.

SilverSonic Gabriele Cannata 

SilverSonic is a multi-service music streamer for the Subsonic ( media server and the Google Music service. You can browse, stream and download music for offline playing. Subsonic server will transcode your various audio files formats (FLAC, APE, AAC,...) enabling you to play them on your windows phone.

Main . Free download of SilverSonic, size 1.05 Mb.

ImTOO Audio Encoder 6.3 

The definitive audio conversion and extraction specialist. ImTOO audio Encoder is all you will ever need to convert between most audio formats as well as extract audio from most video files. Among the many different media formats supported by ImTOO audio Encoder include videos (such as AVI, MPEG, WMV, MP4, FLV, MKV), high-definition (HD) videos . Free download of ImTOO Audio Encoder 6.3, size 27.97 Mb.

AVS Audio Tools 3.6 Online Media Technologies Ltd., UK 

AVS audio Tools is 10 applications in one powerful audio software suite, which includes full-featured digital audio Mixer and 9 wizard-styled tools (Ringtone Maker, Mobile Uploader, iRadio Recorder, audio Recorder, audio CD Grabber, audio CD Writer, audio MP3 Writer, Exact audio CD Copier and audio Converter).It is your own complete audio studio. . Free download of AVS Audio Tools 3.6, size 19.08 Mb.

Music Xpert Audio Converter 2 Music Xpert 

Music Xpert audio Converter is a multimedia software tool to convert between popular audio formats in a moment. Using Music Xpert audio Converter one can easily convert MP3 to WAV, MP3 to WMA, MP3 to OGG, WMA to MP3, WMA to OGG, WMA to WAV, OGG to MP3, OGG to WMA, OGG to WAV, WAV to MP3, WAV to WMA, WAV to OGG APE to MP3, APE to WMA, APE to WAV, . Free download of Music Xpert Audio Converter 2, size 1.07 Mb.