Audio Tags Editor Software

Audio Editor Deluxe 2014 9.5.1 AudioEditorDeluxe Inc. 

Audio Editor Deluxe allows you to perform various operations with Audio data such as editing like cut, copy, paste, etc., filtering, applying various Audio effects, & converting/joining Audio files. It provides more than 20 sound effects and 6 filters and so on for you to make the music euphonious and unique. All major Audio formats are . Free download of Audio Editor Deluxe 2014 9.5.1, size 15.85 Mb.


Professional Audio Editing Software 3.3 Software How to 

Audio Editor utility apply different filters to selected part of Audio file including band pass, FFT, high pass, low shelf, notch, peak EQ and finite impulse response. Multi-track MP3 audios recorder application saves Audio data from microphone as WAV, MP3 or WMA file. Audio mp3 Editor application record sound from microphone, DVD, VCD, CD player, . Free download of Professional Audio Editing Software 3.3, size 4.84 Mb.

One-click Tag Editor 1.21 Tag 

This ID3 tag Editor made as a Windows Explorer extension for quick, convenient tag editing. One-click Tag Editor provides mass file tagging for multiple files selection and even for music folders directly from Windows Explorer. This tag&rename program supports both versions of ID3 Tags for MP3 files, and also WMA and OGG Audio Tags. You can . Free download of One-click Tag Editor 1.21, size 4.33 Mb.

Super Audio Editor 3.9.9 SuperAudio Ltd. 

Super Audio Editor is an excellent assistant of your sound editing work as well as Audio enjoyment. It lets you make and edit music, voice and other Audio recordings.

Easy & Fast Audio Editing Mode
Automated enhancements and easy-to-understand options put the tools you need at your fingertips!
Easy editing . Free download of Super Audio Editor 3.9.9, size 8.61 Mb.

WavePad Sound Editor 4.0 NCH Swift Sound 

With WavePad you can create professional recordings and edit Audio easily. It is a complete sound Editor with many options and applications. You can cut, copy, and paste recordings or parts of them, and also add some effects such as echo, amplification and noise reduction.

WavePad works with WAV or MP3 files but it also supports other . Free download of WavePad Sound Editor 4.0, size 83.26 Mb.

Ashkon MP3 Tag Editor 1.31 Ashkon Software LLC 

Ashkon MP3 Tag Editor is a simple intuitive MP3 tag Editor. It supports both id3v1 and id3v2 MP3 Tags and is capable of editing songs titles, album and singers names, record year, music genres, custom comments and other Tags. An MP3 player for listening edited files is built in. Drag and drop software interface is supported. . Freeware download of Ashkon MP3 Tag Editor 1.31, size 618.66 Kb.

Music Xpert Audio Converter 2 Music Xpert 

Music Xpert Audio Converter is a multimedia software tool to convert between popular Audio formats in a moment. Using Music Xpert Audio Converter one can easily convert MP3 to WAV, MP3 to WMA, MP3 to OGG, WMA to MP3, WMA to OGG, WMA to WAV, OGG to MP3, OGG to WMA, OGG to WAV, WAV to MP3, WAV to WMA, WAV to OGG APE to MP3, APE to WMA, APE to WAV, . Free download of Music Xpert Audio Converter 2, size 1.07 Mb.

1st MP3 Tag Editor 4.99 

Got a bunch of MP3 files with missing Tags? Get 1st MP3 Tag Editor and get them filled in automatically, without lifting a finger. The program will connect to a database and import song name, album title and other Tags based on track length, number of tracks and other properties (Internet connection required). Besides accessing FreeDB, the program . Free download of 1st MP3 Tag Editor 4.99, size 3.11 Mb.

Audio Converter and Ripper 4.1.2 Audio i 

Audio i Audio Converter and Ripper is an easy-to-use Audio utility to solve problems such as: * Your Audio files are too big and you need to reduce their sizes. * CDs become worn out. They are not easy to handle. You don't want to constantly put CD and then remove it from the CD tray. * You want to listen your Audio files/CD on your MP3 player. * . Free download of Audio Converter and Ripper 4.1.2, size 7.16 Mb.

mp3Tag Pro 7.0 ManiacTools 

Huge record collections are not easy to organize. If you have many music files, you prefer to maintain them more or less sorted. Otherwise it becomes not easy to know what is inside those Audio folders.

mp3Tag Pro is a smart MP3 tag tool with useful capabilities and simple interface. It can quickly populate missing MP3 Tags (title, . Free download of mp3Tag Pro 7.0, size 5.32 Mb.

TwistedWave 1.5 TwistedWave 

TwistedWave is a very easy to use and powerful Audio Editor.It supports Audio Unit plug-ins and many file formats, including wav, aiff, caf, mp3, mp4, FLAC, Ogg / Vorbis and ambisonic sound files.Good multichannel support. TwistedWave lets you easily add, remove or reorder channels. You can also apply Audio Units to multichannel files, or to a . Free download of TwistedWave 1.5, size 13.11 Mb.

Machete 3.6 build 22 MacheteSoft 

Machete is a quick and easy video Editor. It is an ideal solution for simple "slicing" of your video files: you can delete unnecessary fragments (e.g. cut out commercials), copy, move, mix and save individual pieces. This means that Machete combines functionality of both a video splitter (cutter, trimmer) and a video joiner (for joining . Free download of Machete 3.6 build 22, size 1.93 Mb.

Mp3 Tag Assistant 2.93 

Mp3 Tag Assistant is the organizer for your Audio collection. It's a tag Editor with manual or automatic filling of the Tags, and a playlist creator.Mp3 Tag Assistant can show, change or clear the ID3 Tags and APE Tags, Vorbis comments, WMA and iTunes metadata in Audio files of MP3, M4A, WMA, OGG, ASF,FLAC and other Audio formats.

It's . Free download of Mp3 Tag Assistant 2.93, size 4.43 Mb.

Mp3 Audio Editor 2009 7.5.4 CoolRecordEdit 

How to record and edit MP3 files? Do it all with Mp3 Audio Editor!Mp3 Audio Editor is a multi-award winning mp3 editing software tool. The Mp3 Audio Editor software includes a powerful MP3 Editor feature that can edit MP3 as well as WMA, WAV, and OGG files with ease!

Edit Mp3 files visually (Cut, Copy, Delete Selection, Delete Silence, . Free download of Mp3 Audio Editor 2009 7.5.4, size 12.85 Mb.

AudiMate 1.01.007 Dexosoft 

Lightweight Audio Editor. Audio notepad.
All basic operations needed to edit Audio (WAV,MP3,WMA,PCM) files.
* record, play
* cut, copy, paste
* save selection
* loop playback
* convert WAV->MP3, MP3->WAV . Free download of AudiMate 1.01.007, size 2.41 Mb.

LAoE 0.7.06 Olivier Gaeumann 

LAoE means Layer-based Audio Editor, and it is a rich featured graphical audiosample-Editor, based on multi-layers, floating-point samples, volume-masks, variable selection-intensity, and many plugins suitable to manipulate sound, such as filtering, retouching, resampling, graphical spectrogram editing by brushes and rectangles, sample-curve . Freeware download of LAoE 0.7.06, size 1.47 Mb.

Album Printer 1.0.7 Skwire Empire 

Album Printer features drag drop interface, export all and selected rows to CSV file, custom delimiter between artist and album, and can read Tags from most any Audio format. It can make an artist - album list based on Audio file Tags.

- Drag & drop interface.
- Export to CSV file.
- Can read Tags from . Free download of Album Printer 1.0.7, size 0 b.

ALO Audio Center 2.0.6 ALO SOFTWARE 

8 in 1.ALO Audio Center is a powerful, all-in-one, Audio application supporting: Audio Editor, Audio CD Burner, MP3 CD Burner, Audio CD Ripper, Audio Converter. The following Audio formats are supported: Uncompressed WAV PCM; Compressed WAV (GSM, ADPCM, DSP, ALF2 CD and others); MP3 (including VBR); MP2; VOX (Dialogic ADPCM); OGG; WMA; RM; RA; RAM. . Free download of ALO Audio Center 2.0.6, size 19.61 Mb.

Replay Media Splitter 2.2.1409 Applian Technologies 

Replay Media Splitter is a really easy Audio and video Editor and file joiner. Simply load a video or Audio file into the program and place markers along the timeline where you want to exclude, or keep, a potion of the file. You can mark your sections using a variety of navigation tools that give you precise control, including frame-by-frame, . Free download of Replay Media Splitter 2.2.1409, size 16.29 Mb.

WM Splitter 2.2.1409.56 Applian Technologies 

WM Splitter is a really easy Audio and video Editor and file joiner. Simply load a video or Audio file into the program and place markers along the timeline where you want to exclude, or keep, a potion of the file. You can mark your sections using a variety of navigation tools that give you precise control, including frame-by-frame, time based, . Free download of WM Splitter 2.2.1409.56, size 16.34 Mb.