Auto Dj Software

Zulu DJ Software 1 2 NCH Software 

Zulu Dj is music mixing software for professionals and amateurs alike. Thanks to its simple interface, users can easily mix tracks live and other audio recordings. It includes powerful features like automatic beat detection and compatibility with almost every audio format.

The deck is professional, just like the real thing would be. If . Free download of Zulu DJ Software 1 2, size 59.91 Mb.


DJ Studio Pro e-soft 

Sound clips can be played at any time and during Auto fading of songs. Use the included sounds or create your own with the included audio splitter, editor.
Eight banks, each containing 6 clips can be selected for quick play. Add DirectX effects, speed and pitch adjustments to the clip player. . Free download of DJ Studio Pro, size 20.05 Mb.

BPM ProScan 2.0 SoftJock 

BPM ProScan is a handy little utility program, that allows you to scan folders of MP3 music, find the BPM using various criteria, and then save that information to the MP3 tag in the file, for use in most Dj software. It has options for the amount of the file scanned, making the values halved or doubled, or inputting the value manually if you like. . Free download of BPM ProScan 2.0, size 67.04 Mb.

Radiocube DJ (Demo) 2 9 Radiocube 

Radiocube Dj is a Dj MP3 Mixing Software, Radio Training and Internet Radio Automation.
Be a Dj and work just as professional as your colleagues from the Radio. Radiocube Dj is the ideal tool for every Dj, for everyone interested in the Radio and for Radio ONAIR talents or your own Internet Radio Automation. No matter if you make music on an . Free download of Radiocube DJ (Demo) 2 9, size 14.94 Mb.

Active MP3 DJ Studio 6 1 MultiMedia Soft 

Active Dj Studio, an ActiveX control developed by MultiMedia Soft, adds sound playback and mixing capabilities to applications written with the most diffused development environments that accept ActiveX controls such as Visual Studio 6, Borland Delphi and Visual Studio.NET. . Free download of Active MP3 DJ Studio 6 1, size 13.05 Mb.

Everyday Auto Backup 2.0 Backupsoft 

Everyday Auto Backup is an easy-to-use software designed to backup files automatically.

After you added or modified a backup project, this software will immediately generate the list of today's tasks according to the project's settings.

When the start time of a backup task arrives, this software will . Freeware download of Everyday Auto Backup 2.0, size 102.39 Mb.

Auto Typer by MurGee 1 1 

Auto Typer can be used to type text on keyboard with a configurable Hot Key or Shortcut Key. Example Usage of Auto Typer may be to fill a form which requires fixed set of values. You can Simulate Tab Key using {Tab} text and similarly you can use the text {Enter} to simulate the Enter Key. Now onwards whenever you press the configured Hot Key, the . Free download of Auto Typer by MurGee 1 1, size 32.14 Mb.

Auto Click Links Buddy, Inc. 

Auto Click Links Buddy belongs to the type of software that makes surfing the Internet more convenient. This tiny utility remembers all links that you click from time to time and clicks them automatically. When might this feature be useful? A lot of web sites include annoying advertisements and long time-wasting intros. As a rule advertising web . Free download of Auto Click Links Buddy, size 1.18 Mb.

Auto SysTools Vista Microluck software 

Auto SysTools Vista is a wonderful application that cleans your system of useless junk files which slow down your computer considerably and take valuable disk space. The application includes a set of privacy and system tools, all very easy-to-use. In the System tools tab you will find a powerful disk cleaner, which scans your entire or a part of . Free download of Auto SysTools Vista, size 0 b.

Auto Fill Page Buddy, Inc. 

Auto Fill Page Buddy is an application that will automatically fill in text boxes and click links, buttons, etc. on a web page. This utility can be set up with multiple profiles to fill in data on one or every web site you want. The program is free to try for 4 days. . Free download of Auto Fill Page Buddy, size 2.03 Mb.

DJ Booking 2 6 NRWP 

The Dj booking software is designed to manage your bookings whether your a club or mobile disco. The Dj Booking software has been written by a Dj, for DJs, it works equally well for a single Dj / Disco or an agency with many DJs on the books. The Dj Booking software is designed to take quoting information, manage and send out contracts to both . Free download of DJ Booking 2 6, size 8.52 Mb.

FutureDecks Express 2.0.3 XYLIO 

FutureDecks Express is a smart, simple and easy to use Dj mixing software.
Main features:
- automatic mixing
- one-click beat-matching, automatic BPM counter
- seamless looping, multiple effects
- vinyl simulation including scratch, pitch, reverse play
- separate headphones output and song pre-listening
- . Free download of FutureDecks Express 2.0.3, size 7.34 Mb.

Cross DJ 1. 5. 2004 MixVibes 

CROSS Dj is MixVibes’ MAC/PC Dj software that helps you control your music with your computer’s keyboard & mouse or with a Dj MIDI controller.

Because finding the right track to play next is the first concern of a Dj, CROSS Dj is focused on media management and interface simplicity. Organize and edit your tags . Free download of Cross DJ 1. 5. 2004, size 0 b.

DJ Intro Serato Audio Research 

With Dj Intro you can mix tracks together like a pro, set cue points, loop up intros and use Dj-FX like the best of them, and drop air horns, lazers and acapellas over any set using the built in sample player.
All you have to do is connect speakers to your controller, your controller to your laptop, launch the software and start DJing. . Freeware download of DJ Intro, size 5.04 Mb.

Auto Clicker Asoftech 1.0 Asoftech 

Auto Clicker Asoftech enables automatically clicking Left Mouse Button with Keyboard Shortcut. User can specify one or multiple clicks, and save them as one robot. User can then start the robot / clicks with a keyboard shortcut. The program allows user to add one or multiple robots, where each robot may serve for different purpose. . Free download of Auto Clicker Asoftech 1.0, size 2.46 Mb.

Concrete DJ Concrete DJ 

Dj'ing with Concrete Dj is as easy, or as advanced, as you need it to be.
Concrete Dj makes it easier for the enthusiast to enjoy his or her music collection to the fullest. Use Concrete Dj to enjoy great sounding music at home with no effort. You can do much more, with better sound quality, than with iTunes or Media Player with no . Free download of Concrete DJ, size 60.39 Mb. Mini Webcam Robot Auto 9 1 Software Lab. 

Mini Webcam Robot Auto Email Special help you to send the video or snapshot email by the time you need
Remote monitoring the real time video from web browser
4 Cameras View.

It could view 4 webcams at the same time. And monitor 16 webcams at the same time. But you still could view more than four webcams by clicking the . Free download of Mini Webcam Robot Auto 9 1, size 2.73 Mb.

Auto Inventory 2 3 Computer Specialties 

Auto Inventory is a fantastic way to organize your business, generate new prospects, better communicate with your existing customers, and greatly enhance your company's image.
"Auto Inventory" was designed for the specific use of non-franchised automobile and truck dealers both, wholesale and retail, to professionally and . Free download of Auto Inventory 2 3, size 14.47 Mb.

Voice2Phone Auto Dialer 1. 8. 2010 Voice2Phone 

Voice2Phone Auto Dialer is a software phone broadcast system which helps you call in every phone number of your list using a VoIP service provider, Skype Connect, hardware or Software PBX including Asterisk IP PBX. If a number answers, Auto Dialer replays a predefined audio message to the line. Of course, it is capable of recording the response . Free download of Voice2Phone Auto Dialer 1. 8. 2010, size 1.17 Mb.

eJay DJ Mixstation 4 eJay 

Dj Mixstation 4 is the latest addition to the acclaimed Dj Mixstation series. It allows you to turn any PC desktop or laptop into a professional Dj Suite. Mix your tracks with ease and play them out to a live audience.

Features include Tempo Changer, Pitch Shifter, Auto BPM counter and synchronisation, Crossfader and Effects. Ideal . Free download of eJay DJ Mixstation 4, size 1.15 Mb.