Autocad Add-Ons Software


Design of furniture. An application for autocad 2007-2016!
You can project bodies composed from rectangular plates or plates defined by POLYLINE or CIRCLE. Technology represented by holes, grooves or edgings, can be applied. On a plate or between 2 plates assemblings can be applied (hinges, pegs, handles, bars, etc.). Furniture bodies can be . Free download of FURNIT 2.5, size 37.45 Mb.



An application for autocad 2002-2015 or ZWCAD 2014 or 2015, which determines the intersection curves between 2 sets consisting of 3DFACE, 3DSOLID or 3DMESH entities. The outcome is represented by 3DPOLY entities. It can also generate 3DFACE entities, perpendicular to a POLYLINE for obtain cross sections, can generate horizontal 3DFACE entities for . Free download of 3DINTERSECTION for AutoCAD 4.2, size 588.80 Kb.


An application for autocad 2002-2015 or ZWCAD 2014 or 2015, which determines the developed section of one set of 3DSOLID, 3DMESH or 3DFACE entities and vertical planes passing through a 2D POLYLINE which may contain arcs, in XOY plane. Developed section is generated in the vertical plane passing through first segment of POLYLINE. The intersection . Free download of DEVELOPED SECTION for AutoCAD 1.6, size 385.02 Kb.


An add-on for autocad or BricsCAD, which makes the triangulation of a set of POINT entities, the intersection curves (isolines) between a set of 3DFACE entities and a set of equidistance plans, horizontally or vertically and the volume and center of gravity of a set of bodies or between surfaces composed of 3DFACE entities. You can also load and . Free download of TRIANGULATION for AutoCAD 2.3, size 2.59 Mb.

FlashMNT 3 1 DeliCAD 

FlashMNT is a program that allows the creation of a Digital Terrain Model and 3D computations, comprising the following functions: data verification, triangulation, 3D area computation, cut/fill quantities between 2 DTM’s, cross section, meshing, entities projection over a DTM, min and max Z values, 3D poly-lines offset, contour lines, . Free download of FlashMNT 3 1, size 2.08 Mb.

FlashPoints 1 1 

FlashPoints is a tool for creating and managing points Groups (topographic points for example). With FlashPoints you can import or export points coordinates from and to a file and you can create points and their attributes "Number", "Elevation" and "Description" by just clicking. Also, with this tool you can modify the . Free download of FlashPoints 1 1, size 1.77 Mb.

TitleBlock 1.0 DeliCAD 

TitleBlock is a program that allows you to set attributes of “titleblock” blocks and to insert them easily without having to enter already known information. Consequently, every attribute can be bound to a text file which constitutes a list of possible choice for this attribute. . Free download of TitleBlock 1.0, size 55.10 Mb.

PlineTools 1 1 

PLineTools is a set of more than 40 tools allowing easy edition, modification and creation of 2D or 3D polylines. You can find and revert polylines direction, transform arc segments into straight segments, densify vertices, delete duplicate vertices, delete colinear vertices, divide a polyline into several polylines of fixed length, divide a . Free download of PlineTools 1 1, size 74.08 Mb.

FlashTalus 2 2 DeliCAD 

FlashTalus allows to create associative embankments which automatically update when one of the elements of the embankment (top-line or bottom-lines) is modified, in the manner of associative hatches. You can create 2 types of embankment, "Normal" or "Wide", each composed of a top-line (the crest) and one or more bottom-lines . Free download of FlashTalus 2 2, size 93.40 Mb.

CCAD inc. Steel Shapes 4 1 CCAD inc. 

Steel Shapes is a program for autocad that draws End, Side and Top views of common structural steel shapes (members), conforming to AISC Steel Construction Manual, 13th edition.
Features include:
-Imperial or Metric sizes
-Inch, Feet, Millimeter or Centimeter measurements
-End, Side and Top views
-Top, Middle or Bottom . Free download of CCAD inc. Steel Shapes 4 1, size 33.56 Mb.

DeliView 3 1 DeliCAD 

DeliView is a Dwg file viewer and preview extractor. The program allows you to extract the preview from a file and to save it as a picture file in Jpg format. With DeliView is also possible to create a Html file containing this image and various information about the dwg file, readable in any Internet Browser. With this tool you can also create an . Free download of DeliView 3 1, size 1.35 Mb.

Easytext 3 6 DeliCAD 

EasyText allows to easily place words or sentences from dictionary files, avoiding you to type repetitive text.

Various options let you control the placement and the appearance of the text (aligned along entities, boxed…). You can also explode entire sentence in individual words to place them one by one, etc. . Free download of Easytext 3 6, size 615.42 Kb.

ActiveLine 1.0 DeliCAD 

ActiveLine lets you create polylines whose dimensions (area and perimetric dimensions) are reactive. Thoses polylines react automatically to autocad commands and update themselves as soon as the polyline is modified. So, moving a vertex of the polyline will cause the recalculation of the area and the modification of the dimensions attached to this . Free download of ActiveLine 1.0, size 67.58 Mb.


LT_SCALE is an add-on for autocad with new commands for scale modification for LINETYPE and HATCH, registration of mileage in BLOCKs, modification of longitudinal profiles, 3D axis and roadside starting from 2D.
-LSC multiplies with a number the scale of 'Linetype' for the selected entities,
-HSC multiplies with a number the scale for the . Free download of LT_SCALE AutoCAD add ons 1.2, size 1.44 Mb.