Automated Software Testing Software

SmarteScript 5. 5. 2003 SmarteSoft, Inc. 

At SmarteSoft, we were not satisfied with either approach, so we developed a new way to perform Automated Software Testing. SmarteScript™ is not record & playback, and not scripting.
With SmarteScript, you 'learn' the objects in a Software program and create a test skeleton for each business process. Test cases are . Free download of SmarteScript 5. 5. 2003, size 0 b.


Worksoft Certify 8 5 Worksoft, Inc. 

Worksoft Certify is an Automated functional Testing solution for SAP lifecycle management and cross-platform business process validation. Worksoft Certify was first to market with a solution designed for business analysts that is powerful enough to validate cross-platform business processes without requiring coding.

Worksoft Certify . Free download of Worksoft Certify 8 5, size 67.30 Mb.

Testing Anywhere LOAD 9.0 Automation Anywhere, Inc. 

Testing Anywhere LOAD allows IT Quality Assurance organizations to confidently test load scenarios in real time user environments with powerful load Testing Software. As part of the easy-to-learn and use Testing Anywhere Software suite, Testing Anywhere LOAD integrates SMART Automation(r) object-based recording technology to manage load Testing, . Free download of Testing Anywhere LOAD 9.0, size 104.05 Mb.

Testing Anywhere MOBILE 9.0 Automation Anywhere, Inc. 

Testing Anywhere MOBILE extends the power of scriptless test automation for Testing mobile applications and mobile browsers across iOS and Android platforms. Easy to learn and use, Testing Anywhere MOBILE leverages SMART Automation(r) object-based recording technology to translate each recorded screen and action into an intelligent test script for . Free download of Testing Anywhere MOBILE 9.0, size 104.05 Mb.

JAWT Automated Web Tester 1.0 Jawt 

JAWT - An Automated web Testing framework and client

JAWT Automated Web Tester 1.0 License - Apache License V2.0 . Freeware download of JAWT Automated Web Tester 1.0, size 0 b.

JSystem 1.0 

JSystem is a framework for writing and running Automated system Testing projects. For questions, try the relevant forum or send a mail to . Freeware download of JSystem 1.0, size 196.91 Mb.

miTester for SIP 1.0 

miTester for SIP is an Automated SIP Testing tool designed and developed to take care of the complex pre-deployment Testing of SIP applications easily. This SIP Testing tool can be used to simulate SIP call-flows & automate functional, regression tests. . Freeware download of miTester for SIP 1.0, size 23.79 Mb.

TestUtil 2.5 

TestUtil is a Java Automated method Testing tool for verifying all matching accessor methods on mutable objects with a single line of unit test code. It is compatible with strategies extending JUnit. . Freeware download of TestUtil 2.5, size 262.58 Kb.

Keyword Tester 1.0 Keywordtester 

Keyword Tester is the next evolution in Automated application Testing. Keyword Tester has been specifically designed to simplify the process of creating, maintaining and running Automated tests using human readable keywords.

Keyword Tester 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of Keyword Tester 1.0, size 0 b.

SSS-Test 1.0 Ssstest 

SSS stands for SQL Scalability Simulation - Automated scalability Testing with respect to concurrent user count of SQL queries and PL/SQL stored code based on a simulation of concurrent user load with exponential interarrival times.

SSS-Test 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of SSS-Test 1.0, size 0 b.

TestComplete 6.11 AutomatedQA 

Automated Software Testing - TestComplete - Superior Testing. Sensible Price. TestComplete is a comprehensive test automation solution for Windows. Includes functional Testing, regression Testing, web load Testing, unit Testing and more. TestComplete offers both easy visual and powerful scripted test generation and robust test management . Free download of TestComplete 6.11, size 73.13 Mb.

QA Wizard Pro 2007.3 Seapine Software, Inc. 

Automated Testing and load Testing are critical activities in developing and deploying quality Software applications. QA Wizard Pro automates the functional and regression Testing of Web, Windows, and Java applications, and load Testing of Web applications. Using a single application to perform both functional and load tests reduces your Software . Freeware download of QA Wizard Pro 2007.3, size 70.69 Mb.

AppPerfect Web Test 12.0 AppPerfect Corporation 

AppPerfect Web Test is a fully Automated Web Functional Testing and Regression Testing Software. Any application accessible via a Web browser can be tested.
AppPerfect Web Test provides support for "recording" Web browser events and "replaying" them automatically. Automated Web Testing can save a substantial amount of time . Free download of AppPerfect Web Test 12.0, size 103.61 Mb.

eggPlant 10 TestPlant 

eggPlant Features
?Fast and easy scripting. Allows you to identify interface elements, like buttons and text fields, to drive the application. For each step, eggPlant captures the image?completely independent of coordinates?writes a command into your script and executes the command. Provides an easy way to move into Automated Testing? without . Free download of eggPlant 10, size 24.80 Mb.

Testing Anywhere 9.3 Automation Anywhere, Inc. 

Testing Anywhere is powerful, no-programming-required Software that lets you record, edit, and run test cases-no matter how complex-in record time, enabling your team to focus on more thorough, comprehensive Testing.

Using Testing Anywhere's GUI-based recording capabilities and scriptless automation technology, IT and QA teams are able . Free download of Testing Anywhere 9.3, size 156.98 Mb.

vPerformer 4.1 Verisium, Inc. 

vPerformer is a cloud enabled web performance and load Testing tool that can be used to assess the performance and scalability of your web applications. vPerformer allows you to evaluate the response of your web application when it is concurrently accessed by a large number of virtual users. You can measure the performance characteristics of your . Free download of vPerformer 4.1, size 10.16 Mb.

TestMachine 3.0 Sukha IT 

The TestMachine Mobile Testing Tools is a GUI test development and execution framework for mobile apps. It allows you to develop and execute tests in a controlled environment.

Reproducible test runs:
The TM creates the same initial state for every test run, by preparing the app and the test environment automatically. Thus test runs . Freeware download of TestMachine 3.0, size 34.66 Mb.

WinFeedback 4.0 Beson Data 

WinFeedback 4.0 is a Windows Scripting extension for Testing, monitoring and automation purposes. It includes a Developer application that makes it easy to create and test new scripts. The enclosed sample scripts may be used as templates for customized solutions. WinFeedback may be used for response timing, up-timing, Automated functional Testing, . Free download of WinFeedback 4.0, size 1.84 Mb.

Adit Testdesk 3.00 Adit Software 

Design, distribute, run and grade tests and exams with Adit Testdesk! The stand-alone edition enables Automated approach to computer Testing without the use of client-server architecture. Design tests, quizzes and exams of any complexity, create a self-containing executable and run it on any computer with or without an Internet connection. Fully . Free download of Adit Testdesk 3.00, size 63.45 Mb.

AppPerfect App Test 11 5 AppPerfect Corporation 

Most Software undergo changes over a period of time. These changes may occur during the course of a single release, or across multiple releases. Any change to the Software increases the chance of errors or bugs being introduced that breaks existing functionality (called a Regression). Regression Testing is the process of frequently re-Testing a . Free download of AppPerfect App Test 11 5, size 103.61 Mb.