Automatically Launch Software

QueIt 2 Vandaveer Software 

QueIt is a powerful scheduling utility that allows you to schedule programs, tasks or even MS-DOS batch files to Automatically Launch at specified times you choose. With QueIt you are able to schedule a program to Launch daily, weekly, monthly or hourly. You can even set up QueIt to run a task or program every minute. QueIt also supports . Free download of QueIt 2, size 2.79 Mb.


Febooti Automation Workshop - schedule / automate recurring tasks 5.5 febooti software 

<b>Automation Workshop features:</b>

* Automation Workshop can monitor specified folders for changes and Automatically Launch appropriate Task to handle the situation in predefined yet flexible way.
* Excellent industry standard email capacities not only present user all necessary means for sophisticated email sending, . Free download of Febooti Automation Workshop - schedule / automate recurring tasks 5.5, size 5.08 Mb.

Simple Startup Manager 1.16 Ashkon Technology LLC 

When Windows starts it may Automatically Launch a number of additional programs. Simple Startup Manager allows you to manage which programs to run at Windows startup. This software gives you the ability to add, delete and edit applications to be run at system startup and presents a consolidated view of the locations where these programs are . Free download of Simple Startup Manager 1.16, size 613.38 Kb.

eBook Pro Viewer 5 54 eBook Software 

Once you install the viewer, a file-type association is Automatically set. This means that whenever you double-click on an eBook (.ebk file), the viewer will Automatically Launch and open that eBook. This will enable users to easily view multiple eBooks, simply by double-clicking the filename. . Freeware download of eBook Pro Viewer 5 54, size 6.29 Mb.

LaunchMeNot 1 10 Harry Jennerway 

LaunchMeNot is an application launcher which can Automatically Launch your favorite applications on startup and give you the option to cancel. Ever needed to reboot after an unexpected crash at the most inconvenient time, then wait for multiple applications to load again on startup? LaunchMeNot lets you cancel launching, and can wait after each . Freeware download of LaunchMeNot 1 10, size 908.29 Kb.

Cpukiller3 1.0.5 Robyrobo 

This software slows down computers so you can run old legacy programs and games. It prevents runtime errors, and you can configure cpukiller to Automatically Launch your old software at a user-defined speed and Automatically close.New Features:Completely new, more accurate, multithreaded slow down alghoritm.Hyperthreading/Multiprocessor . Free download of Cpukiller3 1.0.5, size 748.54 Kb.

AutoView 5.0 Pollen Software 

AutoView is a CD Autorun program for use on CDs/ CDRs. This software is designed to add convenience and professionalism to the CDs you create by having them Automatically Launch a selected file after CD insertion. AutoView comes with a short wizard to set the program up for your own needs. Simply copy the provided Autorun.inf and files the wizard . Free download of AutoView 5.0, size 1.32 Mb.

SterJo Startup Patrol 1.4 SterJo Software 

The more applications are set to Automatically Launch at startup, the longer it will take your PC to boot. So If you want to edit, delete or manage the items in your Windows startup you need a simple tool called SterJo Startup Patrol.

SterJo Startup Patrol is a free startup application editor which you can use to edit list of programs . Freeware download of SterJo Startup Patrol 1.4, size 916.12 Kb.

Runasil Didier Stevens 

The following command launches notepad.exe with a low integrity level, instructing notepad to open test.txt:

runasil.exe notepad.exe test.txt

To Automatically Launch notepad via runasil.exe, using d-deDUImage File Execution Optionsd-deDt, create this registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionImage . Freeware download of Runasil, size 31.46 Kb.

Quick Starter 2.6 Boyarick Net 

Quick access to your favorite applications, documents, folders and network shared.Automatically start programs at specific times.Pop up a reminder message.Shutdown the computer at specific times.Automatically Launch of files and programs after loading system.Built-in the PlacesBar Constructor (the folder bar in Open/Save dialog). . Free download of Quick Starter 2.6, size 879.62 Kb.

Hide My Notes,SMS and Email 1.2 Hongwen Yang 

This app utilizes the industry standard encryption algorithm, Automatically encrypts any text,SMS,Email and notes, and easily import and decrypt the message by clicking the message link, very simple to use! All important data can be backed up via iCloud at any time with this app,iPhone5 full screen support.

Quarri Agent 4.2 Quarri Technologies, Inc. 

The Quarri Agent provides a specialized web browser that can be launched by a participating web site to provide better security for your interactions with that site. When you visit a web site that uses Quarri protection, it will Automatically Launch the secured browser. . Freeware download of Quarri Agent 4.2, size 1.68 Mb.

TaskForce 2.1 Bash Software 

TaskForce is an advanced task schedular. With it you can schedule downloads, shutdowns, reminder messages, program launches and closes, audio playback, and more.Download files while you sleep and have your PC shut itself down when they're done.Automatically Launch and sign back onto your Internet service when you're disconnected.Use your PC as an . Free download of TaskForce 2.1, size 2.70 Mb.

pcRecall 3.61 CursorArts Company 

pc/Recall is a powerful utility which sits either in your Windows tray, or in a tiny rollup window which you can locate to any unused portion of your screen. Take a "snapshot" of the programs which you have open, and store as a bookmark for recall later (or set to Automatically Launch next time you start up your system or at preset days . Free download of pcRecall 3.61, size 3.66 Mb.

Comment Poster 7 2 AdSenseBoy Software 

Comment Poster is 100% automatic website promotion and backlinks building software designed for companies and individuals that need more targeted links and higher success ratio than any other solution on the market offers. Extraordinary tool utilizes user-defined keywords to find a large number of superior quality, highly targeted image galleries . Free download of Comment Poster 7 2, size 13.98 Mb.

Portable Off By One Web Browser 3.5. Off By One Productions 

Off By One Web Browser is a lightweight, fast web browser featuring full HTML 3.2 support. In incorporates tabbed browsing and it is completely self contained.

Here are some key features of "Portable Off By One Web Browser":

dlTE Implements full HTML 3.2 support plus many HTML 4.0 extensions, including Frames.

Note Wonder 1.51 Forty Software, LLC. 

Note Wonder is the world's friendliest PC notes organizer, combining the power of a personal information manager with the ease-of-use of Notepad. It provides an easily accessible place to quickly jot down, store, and retrieve all those little tidbits of information you hate to lose, but never know where to keep. Note Wonder employs a simple . Free download of Note Wonder 1.51, size 1.19 Mb.

Skin Clock 1.01 Alcyonesoft 

Having bored of ordinary desktop and standard Windows look? Want to add some uniqueness and glance to your computer? Windows improvements always help to make your PC individual along with adding new advanced features to ordinary programs, like Windows tray clock. Alcyonesoft introduces SkinClock – advanced replacement for standard Windows . Free download of Skin Clock 1.01, size 1.89 Mb.

HWT Split Master 1.7 HWTSoft 

Are you annoyed for some files are too large to put on a floppy disk? If you have to split some large files or need to send files via email, in that way you need Split Master. HWT Split Master is a powerful file splitting and merging Utility.It can split files with any size and format into smaller parts and merge them back, to get back the original . Free download of HWT Split Master 1.7, size 428.03 Kb.

CD Start-It Lite 1.0.2 Applied Software Design, LLC. 

CD Start-It is a versatile software package which allows users to create auto starting CD-ROMs. Presentations made with CD Start-It can include any number of interactive options like Splash Screens, Drive Icons, and the ability to Automatically start any file from CD (including Microsoft PowerPoint presentations). CD Start-It works by allowing . Free download of CD Start-It Lite 1.0.2, size 4.08 Mb.