Azure Cloud Services Software

HOA Tracking Database Software 2.4.7 DB-Pros, Inc. 

Manage Tenant/Owner Notification Letters, Billing Accounts, Dues, Work Orders and more...

Combining a rich suite of features with a powerful and easy to use interface, HOA / Condo Association Tracking Database Software version 2.4 leads a new generation of desktop applications that make use of both personal computing technology and the . Free download of HOA Tracking Database Software 2.4.7, size 5.70 Mb.


LetmeSync 1.0 Jiransoft, inc. 

LetMeSync is a Cloud managing software that will enable you to manage multiple Cloud Services effectively.
When using a Cloud service, user must sync or move files to specified folder however with LetMeSync you don’t have to worry about that.
Back up and sync will be done automatically onto your Cloud Services.

LetMeSync has . Freeware download of LetmeSync 1.0, size 490.60 Kb.

Interface Architect Simply Integration Limited 

Interface Architect is a Cloud-based Microsoft Windows editing application which may be used for documenting the integration of systems within an organisation, by guiding users in the entry or automated-import of system interface details (eg program API signatures for RPC, flat-file definitions for ETL, XML and JSON definitions for middleware and . Free download of Interface Architect, size 11.85 Mb.

CloudMounter for Mac 3.2 Eltima Software 

CloudMounter is a centralized solution for managing different Cloud Services and connecting to web servers. The Cloud Services are mounted on your Mac as if they were any other removable drive — OneDrive, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Dropbox, OpenStack, Box, Backblaze B2 are supported. FTP, SFTP and WebDAV servers can be connected to Finder as if . Free download of CloudMounter for Mac 3.2, size 33.50 Mb.

ReadyToPrint Organizer 5.027 NSN Software 

Manage calendars, contacts, and tasks. Synchronize with Microsoft or Google calendar/contacts. Subscribe to internet calendars such as Facebook's birthdays, Yahoo, Google, or MS Live calendars.

Access your data through any third-party Cloud Services such as DropBox, Google Drive, or Sky Drive; or share your data in home/office local . Free download of ReadyToPrint Organizer 5.027, size 2.02 Mb.

Data Phone 1.2 EXNP Inc. 

Data Phone is data aware VOIP application which uses the industry standard Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). Data Phone integrates phone functionality with MS SQL databases or Windows Azure Cloud Services, allowing you to easily interface telephony functions into your other systems. To get started: 1. Download Data Phone 2.Enter account . Free download of Data Phone 1.2, size 64.15 Mb.

WinZip Courier 6.0.11164 WinZip Computing 

Break through email size limits with WinZip® Courier 6. Easily secure and share large files, and prep files for sharing with PDF conversion, watermarking and more. Protect your privacy with built-in FIPS-197 certified 128- or 256-bit AES encryption. Share extra-large files via leading Cloud Services directly from your email or email links to . Free download of WinZip Courier 6.0.11164, size 47.13 Mb.

Amazon Web Services SDK for Windows Phone Beta Microsoft 

Amazon Web Services SDK for Windows Phone is a complete package that was designed in order to provide software developers with a speed dial that lets them quickly connect and integrate Windows Phone applications with S3, SimpleDB, and SQS Cloud Services.

To create Cloud-connected mobile applications, developers want to have choice and be . Free download of Amazon Web Services SDK for Windows Phone Beta, size 0 b.

Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows 8 1.2.0 Beta Microsoft 

Maximize the potential of your Windows Metro style app with Windows Azure. Building a Cloud service to support rich Windows Metro style apps is even easier with the Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows 8.

This toolkit has all the tools to make it easy to develop a Windows Azure service and deploy it to your users. In addition to . Free download of Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows 8 1.2.0 Beta, size 0 b.

Learn AWS and Cloud Computing 1.0 WagMob 

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WAGmob brings you simpleNeasy, on-the-go learning app for "Learn AWS Services and Cloud Computing".

You have limited access to the content provided.

In this . Freeware download of Learn AWS and Cloud Computing 1.0, size 31.98 Mb.

Project Hawaii SDK 2.1 Microsoft Research 

Project Hawaii SDK is a useful toolkit that contains all the needed utilities and Services developers need to build apps for Windows Phone.

The applications that can be created with the help of Project Hawaii SDK will be able to use Azure for storing data and performing computations as well as make good use of Cloud Services.


HENTEK Cloud IP Camera is the world's first IP Camera Series, to provide users with a global cross-network, cross-terminal, cross-platform and cross-border for Cloud video and voice interaction on Cloud platform Services.

In this era of the monitor screen, HENTEK Cloud IP Camera enables you to easily carry your privacy. With your . Freeware download of HentekIpcam 1.1.5, size 12.90 Mb.

Cloud Secure 1.0.7 

Cloud Secure can password-protect Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive and Box on your PC along with the usual online login security. It lets you keep Cloud folders locked with a password, so no one can access them on your desktop. This is quite concerning as these folders are easily accessible to prying eyes and can cause data loss and data . Free download of Cloud Secure 1.0.7, size 5.04 Mb.

TyphoonCloud 1.0 TyphoonTools 

TyphoonCloud mounts your own Amazon S3 account as a virtual Cloud drive on your computer. TyphoonCloud's implementation of a virtual drive is extremely advanced, supporting on the fly data streams, file caching, random access reads and writes, and custom internal filters to increase speed when browsing via Windows Explorer. TyphoonCloud . Free download of TyphoonCloud 1.0, size 13.81 Mb.

get2Clouds 0.9.41 Beta NOS Microsystems Ltd. 

get2Clouds is a handy and reliable application designed to backup your files to the Cloud in a secure manner.

get2Clouds encrypts your data and protects your rights over intellectual property. When you share files, an email is automatically sent to the recipient with a secure download link.

In addition, get2Clouds integrates . Free download of get2Clouds 0.9.41 Beta, size 0 b.

DataLocker SkyCrypt DataLocker 

Cloud Services like Dropbox and Google Drive make it fast, easy and affordable to store and share data. We use these Services for everything from valuable intellectual property to corporate documents and even precious family photos.

But think about this: Your data is stored in an unknown place, managed by unknown people with unknown . Free download of DataLocker SkyCrypt, size 3.78 Mb.

EOH Cloud MarketPlace Mobile 2.2.1 EOH Mthombo (Pty)Ltd. 

EOH Cloud MarketPlace is a plug-in for EOH Cloud Manager, the fastest and easiest way to build and manage your Cloud. Designed to help Cloud service providers, IT organizations or Cloud broker achieve their full service and sales to their Cloud consumers. Cloud MarketPlace enables sales and service managers as well as project owners, to easily . Freeware download of EOH Cloud MarketPlace Mobile 2.2.1, size 6.40 Mb.

DataLocker SkyCrypt for Windows DataLocker 

Cloud Services like Dropbox and Google Drive make it fast, easy and affordable to store and share data. We use these Services for everything from valuable intellectual property to corporate documents and even precious family photos.

But think about this: Your data is stored in an unknown place, managed by unknown people with unknown . Free download of DataLocker SkyCrypt for Windows, size 3.78 Mb.

ConnectCode Barcode Font Pack 9.6 ConnectCode Pte Ltd 

ConnectCode Barcode Fonts is a barcode software and fonts package that enables the creation of standard-compliant barcodes using fonts. It is trusted and highly-regarded by many fortune 500 companies and is considered to be one of the best barcode software in the market. Printing barcodes using fonts is well-known in the industry for creating the . Free download of ConnectCode Barcode Font Pack 9.6, size 12.65 Mb.

Protectorion Universal Encryption Suite 4.0 Braincell consult & research GmbH 

Protectorion Universal Encryption Suite protects your files, folders and passwords. The software prevents and other unauthorized persons from reading and misusing confidential data on PCs as well as on Cloud, network and flash drives. Access your encrypted data and passwords from any PC or share them with other users (multi-user ready).