Bandwidth Situation Mac Software

NetWorx 6.2.3 SoftPerfect 

Internet \ Network Monitors

NetWorx is a simple, yet powerful tool that helps you objectively evaluate your bandwidth situation. NetWorx can collect bandwidth usage data and measure the speed of your Internet or any other network connection. NetWorx can help you identify possible sources of network problems, ensure that you don't exceed the bandwidth limits set by your ISP, . Free download of NetWorx 6.2.3, size 10.06 Mb.


Sony Photo Recovery (Windows & Mac) 2.0 Sony Photo Recovery 

Utilities \ Backup Tools

Image loss situation leaves you in a terrible situation.recovery of the images becomes important for you otherwise you may not view them again.The more you try to get rid of it more your get trapped. After the data loss situation the foremost thing that people generall y do is that they format that memeory card of their digital camera. This makes . Free download of Sony Photo Recovery (Windows & Mac) 2.0, size 3.07 Kb.

Frankenwall 0.5.10 

Internet \ Networking

Frankenwall is a bash shell script intended to create a highly secure IPTables based linux firewall/router with QOS/traffic shaping/bandwidth management. Be certain you know EXACTLY what your network needs before using Frankenwall. Wimps need not apply. . Freeware download of Frankenwall 0.5.10, size 28.30 Kb.

Linux-Wildo! 0.1.7 

Multimedia \ Sound Tools

An initiative to create something similar to the windows program Roger Wilco, Teamspeak, BattleCom and Speak Freely, allowing users from different platforms talk with each other in real time with minimal CPU and bandwidth usage. Voice chat..... . Freeware download of Linux-Wildo! 0.1.7, size 151.67 Kb.

OpenDMTP 1.3.2 

Education \ Science

OpenDMTP is a protocol/framework that allows communications with small devices (mobile phones, PDA's, and other high-latency/low-bandwidth devices), especially geared towards the transmission of GPS, temperature, and other remote monitoring information. . Freeware download of OpenDMTP 1.3.2, size 308.35 Kb.

osGallery 1.0 

Multimedia \ Graphic Viewers

High speed, low bandwidth, fully customizable image gallery based on smart templates. Class switching to utilize imagemagick if available, or GD if not. Allows wiki style dynamic page management and some simple ajax interface admin tools. . Freeware download of osGallery 1.0, size 36.58 Kb.

Web Image Security 1.1 

Multimedia \ Presentation Tools

Web Image Security combines some javascript, php, and htaccess techniques to make it extremely challenging for would-be image- or bandwidth-thieves from violating your image copyrights via bulk download, scripted download, or unethical hyper-linking. . Freeware download of Web Image Security 1.1, size 19.39 Kb.

wxpRelay 1.0.0 

Internet \ Misc. Internet

A program that relays a stream of JPGs (simulating video) from a client to a server, and then replicates bandwidth on the server end, making the JPGs available via HTTP. Used when incoming connections aren't possible, ie. wifi hotspots w/ webcam. . Freeware download of wxpRelay 1.0.0, size 514.18 Kb.

Website Cache Compressor 1.0 ESOFTPRO.COM 

Web Development \ ASP & PHP

Website Cache Compressor is an innovative script allowing you to instantly reduce 50%+ loading time, server processing power, database queries as well as overall bandwidth consumption with ZERO server configuration required. Dynamic contents will only be processed once during a configurable time period. Page output will then be cached in plain HTML . Free download of Website Cache Compressor 1.0, size 325.06 Kb.

CeeJay CeeCurity for Mac 5.5.3 CeeJay Software 

Utilities \ Backup Tools

CeeJay CeeCurity automatically encrypts and performs a secure online backup running on your computer, laptop or server protecting your data to three CeeJay Software data centres. With features such as version control, incremental backup, failure protection, bandwidth throttling, all running on Apple OSX . Free download of CeeJay CeeCurity for Mac 5.5.3, size 16.46 Mb.

All-Business-Letters for Mac InforDesk 

Business \ Applications

4500+ professionally written business letters which nearly cover every imaginable business situation. All-Business-Letters offers a comprehensive and categorized library of business letters that are sure to save time and efforts in every business. The software offers grammar/spelling checks, advanced and quick search feature that lets you find . Free download of All-Business-Letters for Mac, size 4.37 Mb.

MP4 Recovery(Windows & Mac) 2.0 MP4 Recovery 

Utilities \ Backup Tools

Mp4 video formats is one of the most widely used video formats which are nowadays used by many devices to store videos. Sometimes you may lose essential videos recorded in these file formats due to many reasons like accidental deletion, damage of video files, formatting of storage device, virus attacks etc. If you have lost your precious videos . Free download of MP4 Recovery(Windows & Mac) 2.0, size 3.07 Kb.

DawnArk Mac WebCam Monitor DawnArk 

Multimedia \ Video

Do you have your own pet? Do you have to take care of the children?Do you want to know what is going on at home,when you are at work or go out for sightseeing? This software can help you immediately grasp the present home situation. DawnArk Mac WebCam Monitor via from their homes every few seconds will gain a picture of the webcam, . Free download of DawnArk Mac WebCam Monitor, size 11.01 Mb.

Workflow document management software 2.0 Document workflow management software 

Business \ Project Management

It’s not a secret that it is often possible to meet the situation when office workers fussy run on office and ask about the same question: «Where has the second sock got to?» The role of "a sock" the important faxes, invoices act, contracts, etc. can play. Losses as a result of such irresponsibility are great - the made . Freeware download of Workflow document management software 2.0, size 1.75 Mb.

moneyGuru for Mac OS X 2. 4. 2001 Hardcoded Software 

Business \ Misc. Inf. Tools

moneyGuru is a personal finance management application. With it, you can evaluate your financial situation so you can make informed (and thus better) decisions. Most finance applications have the same goal, but moneyGuru's difference is in the way it achieves it.
Rather than having reports which you have to configure (or find out which . Free download of moneyGuru for Mac OS X 2. 4. 2001, size 10.80 Mb.

Live Support Chat for Web Site for Mac OS X 5. 4. 2004 Provide Support LLC. 

Internet \ Chat Tools

This web-hosted system means you don’t have to worry about server capacity, bandwidth usage, system upgrades and other issues. An optional web-based operator console allows you to monitor your website for chat requests 24/7 from any location, from any system connected to the Internet.
The system supports 128-bit SSL encryption and . Free download of Live Support Chat for Web Site for Mac OS X 5. 4. 2004, size 10.91 Mb.

p300 1027 Markus Goetz 

Internet \ File Sharing

p300 is a P2P application that allows you to share directories with other computers on a LAN or VPN. Other hosts running p300 are automatically discovered using IP Multicast. Bandwidth limiting is supported. You can configure which hosts may access your shared directories. You can use an integrated browser and download manager to download files . Freeware download of p300 1027, size 696.32 Kb.

Pentax Photo Recovery 2.0 Pentax Photo Recovery 


Sometime it happen that you lose the stored images from your digital camera. How effective your camera might be or whatever features must it posses it is not protected from photo loss situation. When you loss the valuable photos fro the digital camera the situation becomes terrible for you. Common reason for photo loss from digital camera: Deleting . Free download of Pentax Photo Recovery 2.0, size 3.07 Kb.

File transfer iPad 2.0 File transfer iPad 

Utilities \ Backup Tools

Bulk of information is stored in iPad, all these information is equally important therefore in case data loss occurs then it is a great loss. To avoid such situation it is necessary to complete iPad file transfer in advance. iTunes is provided by Apple to produce backup of all the important information but it is very slow and at times file transfer . Free download of File transfer iPad 2.0, size 3.07 Kb.

Free Photo Recovery (Windows & Mac) 2.0 Free Photo Recovery 

Utilities \ Backup Tools

Photo loss is one of the heart braking situation. To escape from image loss situation use photo recovery software. This software recovers the images from every possible situation. This software is very easy to use and restore back the lost images very efficiently. it provides a user interactive interface and even a novice can handle it. The . Free download of Free Photo Recovery (Windows & Mac) 2.0, size 3.07 Kb.