Basketball Simulation Mac Software

Ultimate Basketball Challenge 32 

Games \ Simulations

Ultimate basketball Challenge aims to be a complete simulation of the sport of basketall. This includes 5 on 5 play, tracking of player/team statitistics and much more. . Freeware download of Ultimate Basketball Challenge 32, size 4.36 Mb.


ampLion Pro 1.0.2 Audiffex 

Multimedia \ Misc. Audio

ampLion is an ultra-precise simulation of guitar amps, speakers, microphones and effects. All-in-one solution for every guitar player, all of the gear is just a click away. And thanks to the Live mode and the implemented MIDI control, you can boldly enter the stage with no more stuff than your computer, audio interface and MIDI foot controller! . Free download of ampLion Pro 1.0.2, size 131.07 Mb.

AMORSS: redox enzymes simulation system 1.0 

Education \ Science

This project is A Mitochondrial OxydoReduction Simulation System. It consists of two linked projects: a program for displaying and analysing large biomolecular systems (Floral) and a multi-agent simulator for biomolecular oxydoreduction systems (AMORSS). . Freeware download of AMORSS: redox enzymes simulation system 1.0, size 2.89 Mb.

Compukit UK101 Simulation 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

A simulation of a 1979 Compukit UK101 Personal Computer. . Freeware download of Compukit UK101 Simulation, size 402.07 Kb.

EcoloSim - Ecology Simulation Framework 1.0 

Education \ Science

EcoloSim is a Simulation Framework for simple spatial models in biology and ecology, in Java.Typical problems are behavior of a herd of cattle, growth of microbe cells and other populations. . Freeware download of EcoloSim - Ecology Simulation Framework 1.0, size 1.44 Mb.

GridSim: A Grid Simulation Toolkit 5.2 

Education \ Science

GridSim allows modeling and simulation of entities in parallel and distributed computing systems such as users, applications, resources, and resource brokers/schedulers for design and evaluation of scheduling algorithms. . Freeware download of GridSim: A Grid Simulation Toolkit 5.2, size 5.38 Mb.

Indianapolis 500 Racing Simulation 500.0.0.1 

Games \ Simulations

Indianapolis 500 Racing Simulation: an accurate physics-based simulation, inspired by the 1989's Papyrus classic game. Remade to use OpenGL, and a highly realistic physics engine. Platforms: Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, ... . Freeware download of Indianapolis 500 Racing Simulation 500.0.0.1, size 82.64 Kb.

Interactive SBML Simulation Tool 1.0 

Education \ Science

This project hosts the 'Simulation Tool', an extensible, interactive environment for carrying out simulation experiments of SBML models. This project can use RoadRunner or SBW enabled simulators to carry out simulations. . Freeware download of Interactive SBML Simulation Tool 1.0, size 1.24 Mb.

JASI - Java Event-Based Simulation Frame 1.0 

Games \ Simulations

JASI - Java Event-Based Simulation Framework. This library provides an architecture based on a simulation kernel and elementary classes for simulation elements and event to build event-based simulation systems in Java. . Freeware download of JASI - Java Event-Based Simulation Frame 1.0, size 213.59 Kb.

Java ATC Simulation Data Framework 0.0.1 

Games \ Simulations

A framework of Java components for building applications that operate on the popular Squawkbox/ProController protocols used for Internet real-time Air Traffic Control and flying simulation. The big networks are VATSIM ( and IVAO ( . Freeware download of Java ATC Simulation Data Framework 0.0.1, size 1.95 Mb.

LibSEDML: Sharing Simulation Experiments 1.0 

Education \ Science

This project hosts a library and tools for sharing simulation experiments encoded using SED-ML. . Freeware download of LibSEDML: Sharing Simulation Experiments 1.0, size 46.79 Mb.

Mars Simulation Project 3.01 

Education \ Science

The Mars Simulation Project is an open source Java project to create a simulation of future human settlement on the planet Mars. . Freeware download of Mars Simulation Project 3.01, size 40.79 Mb.

Mobile Impairment Simulation Tool 1.0 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

The Mobile Impairment Simulation tool is targeted to mobile application developers who want to simulate either effects of visual impairment (e.g. blurred vision) or impact of physical environment (e.g. reflection of objects on the display). . Freeware download of Mobile Impairment Simulation Tool 1.0, size 21.53 Mb.

Monte Carlo Baseball Simulation rc 

Games \ Simulations

A Monte Carlo simulation of Major League Baseball(TM), used to find the best strategies in a baseball game. The effect of different batting orders and the addition of one super-star can be tested and archived in retrosheet format. . Freeware download of Monte Carlo Baseball Simulation rc, size 54.12 Kb.

Multi-Simulation Interface (MSI) 1.16.0 

Games \ Simulations

The Multi-Simulator Interface (MSI) is a simulation interconnection engine. It connects simulations by synchronizing their clocks and data. It is a light-weight HLA alternative. . Freeware download of Multi-Simulation Interface (MSI) 1.16.0, size 957.37 Kb.

Net Colony -- A Political Simulation 1.0 

Games \ Strategy

NetColony is a political simulation game focussing on colonial development. A range of human affairs is covered in the game: war, economics, crime, science, etc. Players manage Interests, each being a political force with a special Agenda to fulfill. . Freeware download of Net Colony -- A Political Simulation 1.0, size 239.94 Kb.

Portfolio Allocation/Simulation 1.0 

Business \ Finance

Various quantitative finance algorithms in areas related to asset allocation and portfolio simulation. Includes Black-Litterman model, State/Preferencem Interior points, and Active Set quadratic optimization. . Freeware download of Portfolio Allocation/Simulation 1.0, size 707.35 Kb.

RoadRunner: SBML Simulation Environment 9.10 

Education \ Science

RoadRunner represents a state-of-the-art simulation library for SBML models. It is fast, portable and accurate. This projects hosts the library and tools using the library. . Freeware download of RoadRunner: SBML Simulation Environment 9.10, size 25.32 Mb.

RObotic Simulation Erlang eNgine 0.4.1.alpha 

Multimedia \ Drawing and CAD

ROSEN means RObotic Simulation Erlang eNgine; it is a software library, written in Erlang, which simulates 3D environments and in particular autonomous mobile robots, each with its behaviour and interaction capabilities. . Freeware download of RObotic Simulation Erlang eNgine 0.4.1.alpha, size 63.69 Kb.

Simple discrete event simulation 0.3.1 

Education \ Science

edef - A small simulation framework for logic circuits, autoregressive processes, digital controller circuits and many more. Also there is a GUI application, that integrates a simple development environment and a circuit editor. . Freeware download of Simple discrete event simulation 0.3.1, size 128.36 Kb.