Bit Software

Bad Shortcut Killer 2.0 Waresoft Software 

Clean your start menu and desktop the quick and easy way with Bad Shortcut Killer from WareSoft Software. Just simply click on the Find Bad Shortcuts button and Bad Shortcut Killer quickly searches your entire start menu and your desktop for invalid shortcuts. All shortcuts found to be invalid are displayed to you in an easy to understand manner. . Freeware download of Bad Shortcut Killer 2.0, size 1.76 Mb.


SecEx Security Express 1 6 Bytefusion Ltd. 

SecEx is a network file manager and secure terminal emulator that allows encrypted file transfer between your PC and network servers running Secure Shell. SecEx seamlessly interoperates with either SSH1 or SSH2 servers on both Unix and Windows operating systems. You can transfer files to and from remote servers, view remote files, and execute . Free download of SecEx Security Express 1 6, size 3.86 Mb.

Citrix offline plug-in Citrix Systems, Inc. 

The Citrix offline plug-in enables users to stream applications to their desktops (both physical and virtual) and open them locally.Runs as a service on the users’ computers to invoke applications that users select using the Citrix Receiver or their Web browsers. . Freeware download of Citrix offline plug-in, size 18.32 Mb.

Tao ExDOS 2009 Lite - Trial 9.0211 Tao Computing Solutions 

Tao ExDOS 2009 Lite is a comprehensive printing solution for DOS applications. The product allows the DOS application to print to any printer, including WinPrinters without support for DOS, direct printing to Fax, PDF documents (a 3rd party PDF conversion software is required) and image files (GIF, TIFF, JPEG and BMP). The product supports all . Free download of Tao ExDOS 2009 Lite - Trial 9.0211, size 6.82 Mb.

IDM Sinhala Desktop IDM 

IDM Sinhala Desktop is a Windows Shell Replacement. It is developed by team of expert developers from IDM Software International. Aim of this project is to develop all the major Windows applications and utilities in Sinhala Language. Once activated, trial software will be fully functional for 30 days. The trial period begins to run when you . Free download of IDM Sinhala Desktop, size 281.52 Mb.

Bug Bits 1.0 Youdagames 

The sun shines on the Flowery Meadow. The ants are preparing for their daily food gathering as usual. But this day is different! A few bugs turned against these peaceful creatures. Now they have to fight for their home.

Immerse yourself into this wonderful microcosm of vivid meadows, barren deserts and mysterious forests.

. Free download of Bug Bits 1.0, size 72.11 Mb.

PalmaryCalc 1.0.1 PalmarySoft. Ltd 

PalmaryCalc is a calculator with a user-friendly interface. It is all in one: from a simple calculator to a scientific, conversion functions (from cooking to astronomical), credit, base number conversions between binary, octal, decimal, and hexadecimal; 32-bit, 16-bit, and 8-bit integer math calculations and conversions; logical and . Free download of PalmaryCalc 1.0.1, size 638.98 Kb.

RefreshPC 2.0 Waresoft Software 

Reset the settings on your PC safely and easily RefreshPC is a utility to return select registry settings and all Windows services to their default state. This can fix many problems with your computer. RefreshPC is a very easy to use and safe utility for fixing misconfigurations in your services and in the registry itself. RefreshPC will do the . Freeware download of RefreshPC 2.0, size 1.70 Mb.

File Identity Builder 2.0 LinkTech Engineering 

File Identity Builder as a development tool that will allow you to create file identities from characters, or determine the identity by the number. Have you ever wondered what number compilers put into EXE files that give them that wonderful MZ header? Well, the number is 23117. This software is aimed at software developers who want to simplify . Freeware download of File Identity Builder 2.0, size 312.32 Kb.

Bit Copier 1.0 

bit Copier is a simple but detailed utility programmed in java that allows you to copy or move your files while seeing exactly what is happening, giving you more control while you copy files . Freeware download of Bit Copier 1.0, size 590.81 Kb.

8-Bit Commando 1.0 

8-bit Commando is a run and gun platformer with fast-paced action, a rocking soundtrack, local multiplayer and explosions. The graphics will take you back to the classic age of gaming and the gameplay is bound to challenge even the most seasoned vets. Full version includes: - 6 levels of intense action - Local coop multiplayer - Beautiful retro . Free download of 8-Bit Commando 1.0, size 12.59 Mb.

Picture Puzzle Wizard 1.2 

Picture Puzzle 1.2 This is Just a basic slide Game where you have to move around the pieces of the puzzle and try to put them in order. The games is simple free an fun. Try it out. You change the picture to another bit map .bmp homepage . Freeware download of Picture Puzzle Wizard 1.2, size 1.43 Mb.

WinHex 16.4 SR-5 1.0 X-Ways Software Technology AG 

WinHex is a hexadecimal editor for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP with a lot of features: * Disk editor (logical & physical, supports FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, and CDFS) * RAM editor - a means to edit other processes' virtual memory * Data Interpreter, knowing 19 data types * Editing data structures using templates * Concatenating, splitting, unifying, . Free download of WinHex 16.4 SR-5 1.0, size 1.47 Mb.

AeroFS for Windows 0.4.178 Air Computing Inc. 

Private Syncing

We will never store or be able to see any data stored in your private shares. This is the perfect tool for your sensitive data.

Unlimited Storage

Your computer quite possibly has hundreds of gigabytes of space. AeroFS lets you use this space to its full potential. Using Private Syncing you can sync . Freeware download of AeroFS for Windows 0.4.178, size 33.65 Mb.

Aodix Arguru Software 

Powerful sequencer supporting ASIO audio and VST plug-ins.

Multi-purpose VST plug-in that provides 5 stages of processing, for Channel or Master operation.

Stardust VST Features :

Stardust is a VST plug-in that is designed for channel processing as well as mastering. Audio is processed at 5 stages :
Bass . Free download of Aodix, size 2.04 Mb.

DVS Drum Sampler 1.1 Dream Vortex Studio 

DVS Drum Sampler is designed for quick and simple drum programming, you can load any length 16bit wav file (24bit is not supported) into the channels, you can preview the sound by clicking the keyboard on the interface, Midi Keys are C1 to C2. . Free download of DVS Drum Sampler 1.1, size 1.70 Mb.

Blue Cat's Freeware Plugins Pack 1.0 Blue Cat Audio 

All Blue Cat Audio freeware audio plug-ins gathered together in a bundle. It's here! Save download time and get them all in a single package.

The bundle contains a wide range of modulation effects, an EQ and analysis tools to get you started with your favorite Digital Audio Workstation, for free! This bundle is available for Mac and PC, . Free download of Blue Cat's Freeware Plugins Pack 1.0, size 32.11 Mb.

GA Frequency 1.0.1 Lee James Gregory 

An comprehensive and easy to use frequency analysis tool, GA Frequency will tell you the frequency in Hz and KHz of any sound (WAV or AIFF up to 32bit 48KHz) along with the nearest musical note and MIDI note number. You can save this information as a text document which will include time lapses between frequency changes. Frequency is free. . Free download of GA Frequency 1.0.1, size 2.36 Mb.

MP3 Joiner Splitter Windows 5.0.7 Accmeware Corporation 

MP3 Joiner Splitter a FREEWARE which splits and joins MP3 files.


* MP3 Joiner Splitter is a FREE mp3 splitter and joiner.
* Split MP3 fils into sections by length, size and count.
* Cut used-defined section.
* Copy audio tag during the splitting process.
* Join and merge MP3 files into . Freeware download of MP3 Joiner Splitter Windows 5.0.7, size 2.31 Mb.

Mandelbrot Fractal Generator 2.0 David Aguirre Grazio 

Mandelbrot Fractal Generator is a free application that will allow you to easily explore the Mandelbrot fractal. The main features are: Zoom, Pan, Color palette selector and Automatic multi-threading operation for better performance (on a multiprocessor machine, 32bit). Also you can create Printable Photo Posters with sizes up to 12288 x 9216 pixel . Free download of Mandelbrot Fractal Generator 2.0, size 912.26 Kb.