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Bittorrent Download Booster 1.0 Speed Booster Home LLC 

Bittorrent Download Booster is an advanced plugin to Bittorrent file sharing network. It will dramatically boost Download speed of torrents by optimizing Internet bandwidth usage to the maximum possible extent. Bittorrent Download Booster solves many common problems of P2P applications, including Bittorrent client: 1. Increasing Download speed 2. . Freeware download of Bittorrent Download Booster 1.0, size 2.60 Mb.


BitTorrent Download Thruster 3.4.0 Download Thrusters 

Bittorrent Download Thruster is a newly developed Download-accelerating add-on using the best technology has to offer in the field to propel the functions of your native Bittorrent client to new levels.

If you Download files more than occasionally than speed is one factor whose importance you know by now. Bittorrent Download Thruster . Freeware download of BitTorrent Download Thruster 3.4.0, size 844.80 Kb.

Bittorrent Download Accelerator Pro 3.9 GreatSpeedSoftwares LLC 

Bittorrent Download Accelerator Pro is a Download-accelerator add-on application for Bittorrent. By optimizing bandwidth utilization the program quarantines a better Download experience. The variety of Bittorrent Download Accelerator Pro functions also include resuming interrupted downloads, clearing downloaded and erroneous files, optimizing . Freeware download of Bittorrent Download Accelerator Pro 3.9, size 3.04 Mb.

BT Engine 5.07 Soft4Kids 

A powerful assistant tool for Bittorrent Download. Bittorrent is the most popular way for Download. But we could not connect to all Bittorrent seeds under most conditions. Which decreased the Download speed.BT Engine has no Download ability, but it is a professional tool set for Bittorrent Download optimization. The computer optimized via BT Engine . Free download of BT Engine 5.07, size 933.23 Kb.

tvitty 0.9.7 

tvitty is a Bittorrent Download plug-in for Microsoft Windows Vista Media Center designed for your tv & remote. it lets you browse, search, Download, and watch videos distributed over the internet, right from your couch. you can configure your own search and browsing with RSS feeds, Yahoo! pipes, XSL and even Python. depending on region, tvitty . Freeware download of tvitty 0.9.7, size 16.56 Mb.

JarTorrent 1.0 Jartorrent 

A set of library and plugins to provide Bittorrent Download capabilities to java build systems (maven, ivy, buildr...) for jar and dependencies downloads.

JarTorrent 1.0 License - Apache License V2.0 . Freeware download of JarTorrent 1.0, size 0 b.

UltraBooster BT 1.2.8 UltraBoosters 

UltraBooster BT is a potent Download-speeding up module designed to interact with your native Bittorrent client and optimize its overall performance.

As fast as your Bittorrent client is working and as good an Internet connection you have, there+oOeCOaos still a next step you can take - UltraBooster BT is exactly that step helping you . Free download of UltraBooster BT 1.2.8, size 3.15 Mb.

Boost Machine 4.2.0 BoostMachine 

Whatever program you use for downloading your files this Software will just make it better!

Does a samurai ever come without his katana? Well, just the same does a genuine file sharer (or simply passionate downloader) come without a Download accelerator? Heres your shot at one of the best universal accelerators around!

. Freeware download of Boost Machine 4.2.0, size 2.12 Mb.

BitComet (x64bit) 1.35 BitComet 

BitComet is a Bittorrent/HTTP/FTP Download management Software for Windows x64 bit, which is powerful, fast, very easy-to-use, and completely FREE. It contains many advanced features that can accelerate your downloading up to 5 - 10 times faster, or even more.

BitComet is a fast and easy-to-use Bittorrent/HTTP/FTP Download client. It . Free download of BitComet (x64bit) 1.35, size 7.68 Mb.

UltraBooster for BitTorrent 3.0.0 UltraBoosters 

UltraBooster for Bittorrent is a potent Download-speeding up module developed to interact with your native Bittorrent client and add to its overall performance.

As fast as your Bittorrent client is working and as good an Internet connection you have, there's still a next step you can take - Bittorrent UltraBooster is exactly that step . Freeware download of UltraBooster for BitTorrent 3.0.0, size 1.20 Mb.

TopBT 2.2 The Ohio State University 

TopBT (originally called Top-BT), is a topology-aware Bittorrent client. The "Top" in its name stands for "Topology". Compared with current widely-used Bittorrent clients, such as Vuze (previously known as Azureus), Bittorrent, and uTorrent, the unique feature of TopBT is, it actively discovers its network proximities to its . Freeware download of TopBT 2.2, size 13.81 Mb.

MiniGet MiniSoft 

MiniGet is a lightweight Download manager that you can use to grab files from the Internet. The application is very easy to use and allows you to Download multiple files at once.

Users can set limits for the Download and upload speed, change the buffer size, as well as the retry number and time interval. Get files from the Web easily . Free download of MiniGet, size 0 b.

Ultra Torrent Downloader Free 9.0.4 EliteShare, Inc. 

Ultra Torrent Downloader Free is designed to Download files from torrents & more easily and faster than ever. It puts torrent file sharing in a new light by downloading various torrent files including video, music, document, Software and many others. You can get access to a most efficient downloading optimized by the latest P2P technology and . Freeware download of Ultra Torrent Downloader Free 9.0.4, size 3.50 Mb.

implemented [Parg]<br />+eTE FEATURE: Core - Added explicit application map to be used for launch operations [Parg]<br />+eTE FEATURE: UI - New column in Library views to show file extension [Parg]<br />+eTE FEATURE: UI - File view colum uze Azureus 

Find, Download, play with the most powerful Bittorrent app on earth.

Vuze is the most popular media player for high-res digital videos. Millions around the world use Vuze daily to Find, Download, and Play HD videos on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPod, Xbox 360, PS3, PSP and TiVo.

As a Vuze fan, you already know the power of using . Free download of implemented [Parg]<br />+eTE FEATURE: Core - Added explicit application map to be used for launch operations [Parg]<br />+eTE FEATURE: UI - New column in Library views to show file extension [Parg]<br />+eTE FEATURE: UI - File view colum uze, size 7.16 Mb.

BitTorrent MP3 4.9.0 PronetSharing 

Bittorrent Mp3 is a compliant torrent downloader, fabulously manageable and broad, ideal for finding music, movies, Software, documents and games and downloading them with increased efficiency and speed.

Because it abounds in features and options that allow customization, you will discover it covers all your content needs when it comes . Freeware download of BitTorrent MP3 4.9.0, size 14.26 Mb.

BitTorrent Ultra Accelerator 5.2.0 Traffic Speeders 

Bittorrent Ultra Accelerator is an add-on application for Bittorrent that automatically speeds up the Download process and finds the files you want with far more power than regular searches.It automatically searches for more sources to ensure 100% bandwidth operation. The program continues interrupted downloads, clears downloaded and erroneous . Freeware download of BitTorrent Ultra Accelerator 5.2.0, size 755.71 Kb.

iXcelerator 3.4.0 Devhancer 

iXcelerator is the indispensable tool whose utility no heavy downloader affords to ignore regardless of the p2p he/she is using or the Internet connection available - a universal file sharing accelerator to anyone's liking. The first convenient characteristic of the program is its versatility - it was designed to work perfectly with all file . Freeware download of iXcelerator 3.4.0, size 1.18 Mb.

2Fast BitTorrent 1.0 Toofastbt 

The 2Fast Bittorrent client ensures a significant improvement of Download speed for everyone. With every new friend you get extra Download speed, simply by sharing yourresources and downloading with him, in parallel.

2Fast Bittorrent 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of 2Fast BitTorrent 1.0, size 0 b.

ShareDix 3.8.0 ShareDix 

ShareDix is a clear-cut file sharing client using the up-to-date architecture to help you Download movies, music, text documents and other with greater efficiency. The availability in terms of networks, ghost ratings, a queue area you can easily configure, make it an optimal solution as a p2p Software.

The program works with Gnutella2, . Freeware download of ShareDix 3.8.0, size 6.00 Mb.

BitTorrent Acceleration Patch 6.7.0 Download Boosters 

Bittorrent Acceleration Patch is an innovative plug-in for Bittorrent. Architecture of the program is designed to permit you downloads of MP3s, movies and other desired files at highest speed. Bandwidth of your Internet connection is managed as efficiently as possible and Bittorrent Acceleration Patch will help you find more sources to Download. It . Freeware download of BitTorrent Acceleration Patch 6.7.0, size 2.02 Mb.