Blues File Midi Freeware

Karaoke 5 40.2 MediaSoft 

Player and manager of File Midi Karaoke MID, KAR, KFN, WMA, MP3, CDG, WMA, AVI, MPG and WMV for executions live without loss of time. It allows to create or to modify basic Karaoke mp3 or Midi with an evolved system of synchronization that allows to syncronize the text with the base in rapid times. Exhibition Artist and PlayList Personal. K5 . Freeware download of Karaoke 5 40.2, size 39.98 Mb.


Speedy MIDI 1.0 Holger Hoffmann 

Speedy Midi is an editor designed for choirs and singers to quickly generate Midi files for rehearsal. If the quality of the sheet music is too low for scanning, Speedy Midi is an interesting alternative to other Midi or notation editors. Use the mouse piano for input, or an external Midi keyboard. Notes lengths are entered in multiples of the . Freeware download of Speedy MIDI 1.0, size 4.93 Mb.

Notation Player 2.6.3 Notation Software, Inc. 

Watch the notes and lyrics as you listen to your favorite music.

Notation Player helps you find Midi files on the Internet and converts them to printable music notation with amazing accuracy, exceeding that of even very expensive music software. For example, Notation Player automatically detects and displays grace notes, trills and . Freeware download of Notation Player 2.6.3, size 4.70 Mb.

Midi Converter 1 Vivsoft 

Used to convert Midi to wav or mp3 for plack on music and CD players and mp3 players. Easyly convert Midi File to wav or mp3. Easy to add and use any soundfont File (.sf2) to get best result as wanted. Recommend to download and use merlin_vienna.sf2 sound File. . Freeware download of Midi Converter 1, size 1.53 Mb. MIDI File Player 201.02's Midi File player is a free utility that plays standard Midi files through the Midi port or device you select. Open a Midi File, select the output of your choice, and use Play, Pause, Rewind and Loop to control the playback of your File. Easy and simple to use. Now you can play any of the tens of thousands of freely available Midi files . Freeware download of MIDI File Player 201.02, size 784.38 Kb.

MIDI File Printer 4.3 

The Midi File Printer prints a new easy-to-read music notation. It expects standard Midi files as input, displays them in a configurable way on the screen and prints them out. . Freeware download of MIDI File Printer 4.3, size 296.13 Kb.

Midi in-out-file processing 1.10.028 

MIDIIO2K / MIDIFL2K OCX Midi input, output, & File processing*. Versatile/reliable/accurate/optimized for VB** and most sound cards***. Based on old tools & demos (MIDIIO32 / MIDIFL32) by Mabry, Mike LeVoi, Joseph Balogh. Based on unrelated features****. . Freeware download of Midi in-out-file processing 1.10.028, size 1.38 Mb.

F30 Notation Composer 2012 free thirty Software Group 

Turn any Midi File into sheet music and arrange it just the way you want it.
Change note pitches simply by dragging them and change note durations with a single click.
Add notes, measures, staves, common musical expressions, directions, lyrics, and text — . Freeware download of F30 Notation Composer 2012, size 4.19 Mb.

Ringtone Keypress 1.0 Wireless Messaging Sdn Bhd 

Accept Midi File and RTL File as input, Generate Nokia Ringtone keypress . Freeware download of Ringtone Keypress 1.0, size 1.57 Mb.

Algorithmic Arts Bio2MIDI 2 10 Algorithmic Arts 

Bio2Midi converts the text of a DNA or protein sequence to a Midi File, which you may immediately audition, or import into any Midi sequencer for further compositional processing.

Choose to listen to the sequences as 4-note DNA bases, or as 20-note protein amino acids, or both at once. You can select specific data sections to be . Freeware download of Algorithmic Arts Bio2MIDI 2 10, size 9.60 Mb.

MIDI (Internal Speaker) Player 0.4 

Plays a Midi File through the internal speakers of the computers in a network. . Freeware download of MIDI (Internal Speaker) Player 0.4, size 39.43 Kb.

MidiQuickFix - Midi editor and player 1.0 

MidiQuickFix allows you to directly edit the events in a Midi File. It is intended to make it easy to find and fix problems, such as setting volume and pan values for a track, without the need for a complex Midi sequencing program. . Freeware download of MidiQuickFix - Midi editor and player 1.0, size 211.36 Kb.

No-Hardware MIDI Recorder 2012.1.9 

Record a melody as a Midi File, right from the computer keyboard with no special hardware required. Current work on the project is aimed at music analysis. Rhythm and harmony have completed subroutines. A future version of the program will analyze Midi files, rate their musical value, and recombine them to produce tunes. . Freeware download of No-Hardware MIDI Recorder 2012.1.9, size 124.26 Kb.

MIDI Pilot 1.0 Mipi 

A Midi-File player for the Palm. Convert .mid-files to .pdb-files on your PC and download to your Palm. Useful for learning new songs on the go. (Ideas and help are welcome.)

Midi Pilot 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of MIDI Pilot 1.0, size 0 b.

BRELS MIDI Editor v0.05 BRELS 

Developed in 2004, BRELS Midi Editor is a free, open-source Midi editor that allows the creation and editing of Midi files with a simple, straightforward interface. Saved files have the smallest possible size, their entire content is editable onscreen and the exact composition length is shown and controllable by the program. Yet, preexistent files . Freeware download of BRELS MIDI Editor v0.05, size 169.98 Kb.

Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard 0.4 VMPK 

Virtual Midi Piano Keyboard is a Midi events generator and receiver.You can use the computer's keyboard to play Midi notes, and also the mouse. You can use the Virtual Midi Piano Keyboard to display the played Midi notes from another instrument or Midi File player. . Freeware download of Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard 0.4, size 4.97 Mb.

Casio SMF Conveter 1.0 Casio 

SMF Converter is a software that converts commercially available Standard Midi File (SMF) data to a format that is supported by CASIO electronic musical instruments, and then transfers the converted data to the instrument. After data is transferred, it can be used with the lesson function for lesson play. For details about using converted data, see . Freeware download of Casio SMF Conveter 1.0, size 5.90 Mb.

CASM Editor 1 20 Jososoft 

CASM data is an essential part of a style File as these data defines the interpretation of the Midi data in the style File.

CASM sections can be created and edited with my CASM Editor software. The CASM section holds the Ctab settings and some other settings of the style. Only some of these settings can be done at the keyboard. . Freeware download of CASM Editor 1 20, size 56.51 Mb.

Noteur 5 3 huizen.daxis 

Noteur is a general purpose Midi File editor that is focussed upon the use by people who work with Midi files for mechanical instruments. It is a piano roll based editor. The user can open a gamma File, that is a description of the instrument he or she is working for.
Noteur then 'knows' the instrument and supports the user with a . Freeware download of Noteur 5 3, size 5.40 Mb.

PadMaker-Midi 1. 5. 2001 Michael P. Bedesem 

PadMaker-Midi is a tool for creating a Multipad based upon the patterns from one or more Midi or pad files.

A multipad is a four track Midi File. On the instrument, a pad is played by depressing one or more of four pad buttons, which starts the pattern(s). Depending upon settings, each pad can play once or repeat endlessly, and have a . Freeware download of PadMaker-Midi 1. 5. 2001, size 3.00 Mb.