Book Manager Software

Gestion des photos 1.0 Gestionphotos 

Photo Book Manager (pictures and collections)

Gestion des photos 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of Gestion des photos 1.0, size 0 b.


Comic Book Manager 1.12 Brent Shelton 

Manage your complete comic Book collection. Publishers screen stores email, web, notes, address, titles, and logo. Series screen stores begin and end dates, URL links and notes. Titles screen stores volume, publisher, , Issues, Characters, Pencilers, Colorers, Inkers, and Writers. 16 reports. Scan or load Character Images and Issue Images from . Free download of Comic Book Manager 1.12, size 1.50 Mb.

Book Label 2012 4.0 Codeaero Technologies 

Book Label 2012 helps you organize your Book collection. The information about your collection is indexed automatically, using online databases. Images of your Book covers are retrieved from Amazon. Book Label help you keep track of loans and future purchases. Book Label is built on a solid and fast client/server database engine that ensures . Free download of Book Label 2012 4.0, size 11.35 Mb.

Book Label 2010 3.1 Codeaero Technologies 

Book Label 2010 helps you organize your Book collection. The information about your collection is indexed automatically, using online databases. Images of your Book covers are retrieved from Amazon. Book Label help you keep track of loans and future purchases. Book Label is built on a solid and fast client/server database engine that ensures . Free download of Book Label 2010 3.1, size 10.49 Mb.

Booknizer 5.0 ManiacTools 

Before electronic books and e-Book readers, the maximum size of your home library was limited to the size of your apartment or house. Now you can collect thousands of works under your roof without replacing all furniture with bookshelves. However, unrestricted accumulation of books will inevitably lead to chaos, when the owner does not know anymore . Free download of Booknizer 5.0, size 10.24 Mb.

EZ_Bibliography Ehab Mostafa Bakr 

EZ_Bibliography is a handy and reliable application designed to manage and organize your Book collection into a neat bibliography.

EZ_Bibliography keeps track of and stores your Book titles into a well organized bibliotheque like storage. With the aid of the advanced search function, you can quickly locate an existing Book.

Smart Book Manager Free 2.1.0 Nizx Software 

Organize your Book collection with this simple and intuitive app.

The integrated bar code scanner search the internet for Book information.

Drop us an email with feature requests. . Freeware download of Smart Book Manager Free 2.1.0, size 3.46 Mb.

SMSWare Business SMS 2.0.6 SMSWare 

SMSWare Business SMS is a Microsoft Windows® application that allows small and medium sized businesses to communicate quickly and effectively with their staff. It is simple to install and requires little ongoing maintenance. Includes Long message support, delivery receipts and a user friendly address Book Manager. A compatible GSM modem or . Free download of SMSWare Business SMS 2.0.6, size 20.38 Mb.

Kindlean 1.0 ANS 

Kindlean is a cool add-on for your Kindle. It's a desktop app that allows to view and manage Kindle books and collections. Kindle allows to visualize your Kindle library, manage collections, search, sort Book lists, create Book ratings and edit Book metadata (title, author, publisher, publish date, ISBN) in MOBI and PDF files. You can also edit . Freeware download of Kindlean 1.0, size 5.95 Mb.

Repertoire THeUDS 

Repertoire is a handy and reliable application designed to provide a secure storage space for all your contacts and phone numbers.

Each contact is assigned a personal record that includes name, phone number, family details, as well as a picture of your choice. You can then print the records in order to create a phone Book, for . Free download of Repertoire, size 0 b.

Toshiba BookPlace 3.0.9382 TOSHIBA Corporation 

Toshiba BookPlace is a nice looking and useful application that was created in order to provide you with a simple means of finding and reading your preferred books. It also enables you to make annotations, highlight text excerpts and add notes.

With Toshiba BookPlace you can easily mark your favorite pages and review them without having . Free download of Toshiba BookPlace 3.0.9382, size 0 b.

Advanced Phonebook 2 Abaiko Software 

Tired of trying to remember phone numbers, e-mail addresses, MSN, ICQ, AOL and other personal and business contact information?Advanced Phonebook allows you to keep it all in one place. It is designed to provide quick access to any contact via the alphabetic index and contact categories. Additionally, Advanced Phonebook can search by any criteria. . Free download of Advanced Phonebook 2, size 6.88 Mb.

PersonsDatabase 1.5.2 Rooksoft 

PersonsDatabase is a practical tool that helps you store and manage the personal information of your contacts.

The information can be saved with photos and the database can be protected using a password. You can find specific entries by using the Search feature.

PersonsDatabase is a lightweight application that does not . Free download of PersonsDatabase 1.5.2, size 0 b.

Lucidor 0.9.7 Ordbrand 

Lucidor is a computer program for reading and handling e-books. Lucidor supports e-books in the EPUB file format, and catalogs in the OPDS format. Lucidor runs on the GNU/Linux, Windows and Mac OS X platforms.


+eTE Read EPUB e-books.
+eTE Organize a collection of e-books in a local bookcase.
+eTE . Free download of Lucidor 0.9.7, size 3.88 Mb.

Jbookshelf 20120411 Beta Grassi Fabrizio 

Jbookshelf was developed as an accessible and handy virtual bookcase that can help you manage and organize all your books.

The software can track any changes and shows the aspect of your libraries. Jbookshelf is a software that's been built using the Java programming language.

. Freeware download of Jbookshelf 20120411 Beta, size 0 b.

Check Book Manager 1.0 Rakesh Chellaboina 

An easy & quick way to manage your daily finances, Checkbook keeps track of your credit card charges, cash expenditures...etc.

Manage all your accounts with Checkbook HD and stay always aware of how much money is left on each of your accounts, and how it happened.

To visualize the activity of your accounts, use colorful . Free download of Check Book Manager 1.0, size 9.23 Mb.

Book Library 1.3.118 WenSoftware 

Book Library is an easy-to-use yet powerful Book collection Manager. It lets you catalog any printed materials such as books, magazines, comic books and newspapers with a MS Access database. Book Library offers a comprehensive set of database fields, it also allows you to add contents such as chapters, articles etc. to each Book, so you can record . Free download of Book Library 1.3.118, size 6.04 Mb.

Enhilex Address Book Software Pro 3.23 Enhilex 

A great address Book software, cardfile, PIM, Rolodex and contact Manager with Dymo label printing. It provides a very efficient way to store your personal information, contacts, or any other type of info in a lightweight, fast and easy to search database. Printing labels directly to your Dymo has never been easier in a cardfile program. Become . Free download of Enhilex Address Book Software Pro 3.23, size 2.62 Mb.

Personal Library Manager 3 7 thebottle 

Personal Library Manager is an application that will help you manage your Book collection.

Main features:
- Bulk ISBN lookup with cover retrieval
- Library statistics
- Search through title and author
- Filter records
- Create, backup, open, and compact databases
- Settings stored in xml so it's . Free download of Personal Library Manager 3 7, size 18.31 Mb.

Little Black Book 1.01 Information Packaging 

Little Black Book is a contact management system that allows you to store all of your fav contacts. Store all your favorite contacts in this one easy to use contact Manager. . Free download of Little Black Book 1.01, size 1.49 Mb.