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JetAnalyst 1.0 Jetanalyst 

Business analysys/documentation management tool, inspired by the book "writing Effective Use Cases" by Alistair Cockburn. Key wanted features are:managing & browsing versionable project requirements,use-cases,screen specs,docs generation,work with JIRA

JetAnalyst 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of JetAnalyst 1.0, size 0 b.


Chrysanth NETime Author 1.1 Chrysanth Software Sdn Bhd 

Chrysanth NETime Author is designed to be professional writers' best companion. Various kinds of writing projects like book, novel, personal journal or creative content writing is made easy with an assorted range of supporting functions like Media Library and Task Manager to help overcome "Writer's Block" and organize all important . Free download of Chrysanth NETime Author 1.1, size 9.37 Mb.

Book Writer 5.50 Yadu Digital, Inc. 

book Writer is for creative writers, not businesses. Manage your writing projects to write anything faster, better, easier. Work with one file in a project or many. Keep records on people, places, events, and notes to have your research right beside your writings. Import Word or Wordperfect files to escape word processing for business. book . Free download of Book Writer 5.50, size 8.50 Mb.

Writers Project Organizer 2.3 PinderSoft 

Organize your writing projects, from manuscripts, to characters to overdue submissions--ideal for novels, works of nonfiction, short stories and screenplays, from first draft to polished product.All the Organizer your writing needs...Writers Project Organizer is manuscript orientated software for writers. Writers Project Organizer will help you . Free download of Writers Project Organizer 2.3, size 2.93 Mb.

Writer's Blocks Ashley Software 

Writer's Blocks for Windows is a unique writing tool that will help you organize ideas and information so that you can write any type of complex written material easier and faster. Just enter each point or idea into our expandable, movable text blocks. Now you
can quickly arrange and organize your blocks by dragging and dropping while . Free download of Writer's Blocks, size 24.55 Mb.

Story Lite 2.2 Story Software 

Start using Story Lite, how did you write without it? Word processor, add callouts, sidebars, notes, comments. 5 star reviews. Improve writing, increase productivity. Never forget ideas or lose notes. Make comments with colors and position. Huge canvas, position many text editors. Publish, export many formats. Easy to use, simple, no learning curve . Free download of Story Lite 2.2, size 21.58 Mb.

FreeWriter Software Standard Edition 1.0.7 Lifestyle Toolbox Ltd 

Thinking of writing a masterpiece? FreeWriter software may be your perfect partner. It provides an exciting graphical approach to writing. It includes a visual 'Thoughts Canvas' to harness your creativity - helping you to deliver excellent, quality writing. The word processor contains all the powerful things you need to format and organize your . Freeware download of FreeWriter Software Standard Edition 1.0.7, size 14.09 Mb.

yWriter2 Spacejock Software 

yWriter2 – also known as Novel Builder – refers to version 2 of yWriter, a free and comprehensive tool to organize, manage, write, and edit your creative projects. It includes a number of terribly useful tools to help you keep an eye on how your book is developing, such as a storyboard, a neat viewer of summary cards, and a . Freeware download of yWriter2, size 2.71 Mb.

HouseA 1.00 Oldserpent Studio 

2 weeks free !~ 2 weeks free !~
(Now ~ 31/7/2013)

HouseA : Household Account book

#For the Next update : 1.10
- Function : Delete previous data.

- Recommended user
It is recommended for beginner household account book that you want to manage a very simple and easy money. Without broken into a . Free download of HouseA 1.00, size 24.43 Mb.

Use Case Tool 1.0 Uctool 

Tool to write use cases. An XSD is provided that defines an XML language for writing use cases. Use cases are then written easily in any (XSD-aware) XML editor.
The use case structure is inspired by Alistair Cockburn and his book "writing effective use cases".
The tool then generates a pretty web site with the use cases that is . Freeware download of Use Case Tool 1.0, size 0 b.

MotionStudio 4.0 Wisdom Software Inc. 

An easy-to-use authoring tool to create interactive animation EXE.MotionStudio 4 is an easy-to-use, all-in-one multimedia authoring tool, that combines image, sound, interactivity and animation for you to create stand-alone executable files. It is an ideal solution for creating your slide shows, interactive and animated stories, educational . Free download of MotionStudio 4.0, size 9.48 Mb.

MyNovel MyNovel.Biz 

MyNovel will help you to plan and structure your new novel, regardless of whether you are a first-time novelist or have a host of publications to your name. It will prompt your imagination. You will be surpised just how many ideas MyNovel extracts from you! It will help you to plan and diagram and be consistent about your characters, to think about . Free download of MyNovel, size 0 b.

AllMyNotes Organizer FREE Edition 2.73 Vladonai Software 

All My Notes Organizer is a daily adaptable docs manager program. Keep every bit of your various personal info, easy to reach at any time - notes, journal, thoughts, access codes, e-mails, addresses, e.g. We are unique, special, this nice application offers everyone ability of structuring data in absolutely personailzable outline hierarchy tree.

Daily Note Book 5.1 PrimaSoft PC 

Daily Note book for Windows: Are you writing a lot of different notes on a daily basis? Do you want to refer to them very quickly? Do you want to sort them by subject or by date? Or perhaps you are writing a diary? Do you want to be able to print some or all of your notes? Let Daily Notes do the work for you. It allows an unlimited number of . Free download of Daily Note Book 5.1, size 307.20 Kb.

ABC 123 Writing Coloring Book 3.0.1 SangHoon Lee 

"ABC 123 writing Coloring book" helps children to write correct letters more easily.
Simple screen, only touch and drag, large letters.
Children's favorite animal illustrations await you.
Sketches To stimulate the curiosity of children and Paints to develop the impression of a color are available.


ABC 123 Writing Coloring Book Free 3.0.1 SangHoon Lee 

ABC 123 writing Coloring book is a educational application for kids and toddlers to learn Alphabets from A to Z.
And helps our kids to write correct letters more easily.
Simple screen, only touch and drag, large letters.
Children's favorite animal illustrations await you.
Sketches To stimulate the curiosity of children and . Freeware download of ABC 123 Writing Coloring Book Free 3.0.1, size 39.32 Mb.

Hiragana 123 Writing Coloring Book Lite 2.0 SangHoon Lee 

Hiragana 123 writing Coloring book is a educational application for kids and toddlers to learn Japanese alphabet(Hiragana, Katakana) & number.

And helps our kids to write correct letters & number more easily.

Sketches To stimulate the curiosity of children and Paints to develop the impression of a color are . Freeware download of Hiragana 123 Writing Coloring Book Lite 2.0, size 40.58 Mb.

Adventures in Story Writing 1.03 J. Moore & e2icom Inc 

Adventures in Story writing is a program that allows you to create a journey circle story in just a few steps.

This circle story project is based on the picture book 'It's not Easy being a Bunny' by Marilyn Sadler. Choose forest or ocean characters and begin a wonderful writing adventure.

The first goal of this book is to . Free download of Adventures in Story Writing 1.03, size 0 b.

Candela Book 001.000 La Tipomatika 

Candela book is an OTF character that will allow you to change the regular appearance of your written documents. All you have to do is install the font onto your PC then use it when writing your texts to see how it will give them a new aspect.

To install it, you can simply right-click the file and click Install. Alternately, you can . Free download of Candela Book 001.000, size 0 b.

Handwriting Book 1.0 7color 

Handwriting gives you a tremendous, excellent experience of writing on paper, with digital power and flexibility. Take notes, keep sketches, draw something and share your ideas will be an easy thing with Handwriting book.

Features Highlight:
? Custom themes:Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Black,Blue, Purple
? Custom Cover for . Free download of Handwriting Book 1.0, size 4.30 Mb.