Boolean Search Software

Super Fax Search 1.80 

The Super Fax Search is a targeted fax number Search application. You can easily and quickly build your own business fax number lists base on one or more keywords. The Super Fax Search is designed to seach fax number matching your query. Just type your keywords, Super Fax Search will spider the Internet and extract fax number that you really need. . Free download of Super Fax Search 1.80, size 1.85 Mb.


SQLOne - Database Search Engine 3.6 AdventNet 

SQLOne is a keyword based multi-database Search engine that enables you to find the required information across multiple enterprise databases.SQLOne is much more than a database full text Search. Contrary to full text Search engines, SQLOne offers a unique feature of fetching data not just from the matching tables, but also from its related tables, . Free download of SQLOne - Database Search Engine 3.6, size 28.24 Mb.

Subject Search Pad 2.0 Kryloff Technologies, Inc. 

Subject Search Pad (SSPad) is bundle of a text editor and a file classification utility, which allow you to edit, Search in, categorize and find similar files being stored in multiple data storage formats. The current version of SSPad supports MS Word, Excel and Power Point files as well as HTML, Rich Text, PDF, MS Help, Unicode or plain text . Free download of Subject Search Pad 2.0, size 2.40 Mb.

The Sleuthhound! PDF Search 4.6.3 iSleuthhound Technologies 

The Sleuthhound PDF Search is an easy-to-use PDF Document Search Tool, which works like a Web Search Engine on your computer folders. Create 'Search Zones' with a 1-2-3 wizard. Folders with PDF files and other text file types can be included and automatically updated in Search zones. Searches can bedone by keyword(s) or by specifying the file path . Free download of The Sleuthhound! PDF Search 4.6.3, size 2.52 Mb.

Search32 8.1 Anet 

Search 32 is designed for quickly retrieving word and word combinations from text files that can be 10 GB and more in size. It has a file viewing window which highlights the found text and it allows the use of wildcards and Boolean operators for searching. Before searching you should create index files (very fast and easy) and then just type your . Free download of Search32 8.1, size 1.41 Mb.

Text Filterer 3.1 Edwardsoft 

Text Filterer is an advanced desktop full text searcher. With TF, you can instantly Search for single words, partial words, Boolean word combinations, and exact or proximity phrases within hierarchically organized collections of documents. Classic Explorer-like interface allows you to easily browse a Search result by folders, switch between found . Free download of Text Filterer 3.1, size 1.82 Mb.

Subject Search Scanner CD Edition 5.2 Kryloff Technologies, Inc. 

SSScanner CD Edition is a full-text Search utility which scans files on DVD or flash drives looking for a given word or phrase. It is capable of finding paragraphs in which your Search phrase has been altered, modified or even misspelled! The product is to be burnt and distributed on CD, DVD or flash drives along with your data files, and does not . Free download of Subject Search Scanner CD Edition 5.2, size 1.98 Mb.

Search Engine Submission Buddy 1.01 by Information Packaging 

Website promotion software that helps you to promote your website to Search engines and directories manually. Simply enter the URL you wish to promote and the program will spider your meta tags for the appropriate information, the program stays on top of your browser and allows you to quickly copy and paste the data into the Search engine . Free download of Search Engine Submission Buddy 1.01, size 966.66 Kb.

Smart Image Server 3.0 Xequte Software 

The Smart Image Server is a web version of the searching functionality within Smart Pix Manager, allowing your to provide visitors to an Internet or intranet page to perform Boolean (AND/OR) searches for images and other multimedia files within your database. TaA list of image links (optionally with thumbnails and descriptions) will be displayed . Free download of Smart Image Server 3.0, size 2.26 Mb.

Word Search Puzzles 1.0 Tracker Software 

Solve word Search puzzles on your computer, print them out for solving elsewhere or save them for finishing later. There are also options for changing colors, fonts and the circling method. You can also choose not to have the word list displayed. The shareware version includes five puzzles, the registered version 100. The program is fully . Free download of Word Search Puzzles 1.0, size 3.04 Mb.

Word Search Construction Kit 4.0d Insight Software Solutions 

Word Search Construction Kit is a great tool for educators, students, publishers, corporate trainers and puzzle enthusiasts to quickly produce professional looking puzzles. Just enter the words, select a puzzle shape and page layout, and press a button to generate the puzzle.Design your own puzzle page layout -- drop, place and size the puzzle, . Free download of Word Search Construction Kit 4.0d, size 6.29 Mb.

HTML Search and Replace 1.01 Alentum Software, Inc. 

This software allows to Search and replace within multiple html documents. It is especially useful for webmasters. The Search capability helps to Search like in a Search engine. You can use complex queries searching for words or phrases.The "+" character (word or phrase must be in documents) and "-" character (word or phrase . Free download of HTML Search and Replace 1.01, size 763.90 Kb.

Power Search Tool 1.0 Wealth Pioneers 

Radically Improve Your Search Experience!No more wasting time going through pages and pages of Search results. Find Exactly what you are searching for fast.Power Search Tool enables you to target your searches with a simple click.Generating targeted Search results directly from your browser with a simple mouse click.(SEO Tools Included) . Free download of Power Search Tool 1.0, size 328.70 Kb.

Search Engine Composer 5.8 MTop, Software Inc. 

With three steps, Search Engine Composer will help you create JavaScript, PHP and ASP Search engines for your online web site, Intranet, CD and DVD in minutes! It indexes your entire site, build an efficient Search engine. It supports indexing static html, dynamic html (e.g. ASP, PHP, CGI), xml, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Adobe PDF and RTF . Free download of Search Engine Composer 5.8, size 1.87 Mb.

10-Strike Network File Search 1.5 10-Strike Software 

Search files on network servers and computers. Search files on FTP servers. Enter the Search phrase or file masks and find the information you need. Preview Search results and open found files directly from the remote computers or copy them to your hard drive. Generate and save handy reports.For network users: Find the necessary files on your local . Free download of 10-Strike Network File Search 1.5, size 1.33 Mb.

WebSeeker 6.0 Blue Squirrel 

In a single Search, you can combine the knowledge base of several Internet Search engines pinpointing the exact information you need with WebSeeker. Whether you're looking for travel information, sport scores, news, books, scrapbooking items, music, home improvement tips, cars, clip art, software, genealogy, etc. WebSeeker makes searching the Web . Free download of WebSeeker 6.0, size 3.56 Mb.

Cronc Search Expert 1.5 Cron Computers 

Create a unique Search tool based on JavaScript for your website to make it more usable. You don't need any server-side scripts to use it. The program can index HTML, PHP, ASP, RTF, DOC, PDF and text files. You can control the page ranking: more relevant pages will appear first. Page inclusions enable you to add menu bar, company logo, java . Free download of Cronc Search Expert 1.5, size 738.30 Kb.

Zoom Search Engine Standard 5.1.1016 WrenSoft 

The Zoom Search Engine is a free package that allows web developers to add an industrial-strength custom Search to their website in a matter of minutes. It is an extremely easy-to-use application that requires no complicated server-side set-up procedures. It can also be used to create Search engines for intranets, CDs and DVDs as well.Zoom is . Free download of Zoom Search Engine Standard 5.1.1016, size 3.20 Mb.

Search My Network 1.22 Control-F Search Technologies 

Search My Network is a professional LAN and desktop Search & management program. Quickly find computers, printers, files, folders and shares on your LAN or PC. Store found items in a report, export them to many formats or manage in-place using copy, move, sort, find, delete, etc. The program includes a Search scheduler, IP Search, time / size / . Free download of Search My Network 1.22, size 1.72 Mb.

Advanced Network Search 3.5 SezamSoft 

Advanced Network Search is an advanced network Search engine for NetBios / Windows Sharing / SMB and FTP share operations. The program runs continually as a Windows service, with indexing of network structures to achieve faster LAN searches. Advanced Network Search even includes computers that are switched off. The program incorporates a built-in . Free download of Advanced Network Search 3.5, size 3.69 Mb.