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JOC Web Finder 

JOC Web Finder (JWF) is a fast and efficient tool to Search information on the web. - Enter any word, text or question, click a button and JWF will check all configured Search engines, finding web pages related to the text entered. Results are returned almost instantaneously and can be clicked immediately to view in a Web browser. - JWF saves you . Free download of JOC Web Finder, size 781.31 Kb.


Examine32 Text Search 4.70 Aquila Software 

Examine32 Text Search is a fast and versatile text Search utility. It can Search both text and binary files using either ordinary text or GREP-like regular expressions, based on the standard UNIX Search utility. The logical operators OR, AND, NOT and XOR can be used with a specified Search proximity. Files within ZIP archives can also be searched . Free download of Examine32 Text Search 4.70, size 889.86 Kb.

Search32 Pro 8.1 Anet 

Search 32 is designed for quickly retrieving word and word combinations from text files that can be 10 GB and more in size. It has a file viewing window which highlights the found text and it allows the use of wildcards and Boolean operators for searching. Before searching you should create index files (very fast and easy) and then just type your . Free download of Search32 Pro 8.1, size 1.41 Mb.

Files Search Assistant 1.3.1 AKS-Labs 

Files Search Assistant provides quick and efficient Search within text documents. With Files Search Assistant you can Search text in different file formats, for example in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) documents, MS Office files (xls, doc). Preview pane and other options make your Search efficient and rapid.Preview Pane OCo was design to save user form . Free download of Files Search Assistant 1.3.1, size 999.42 Kb.

Search Backups 2.0.4 Andreas Breitschopp 

With Search Backups you can manage your CD / DVD inventory as well as the backup copies of your data and documents.Therefore the folder and file structure is being read and saved completely. After that you can move through the whole folder and file structure of all indexed mediums in the same way as if the particular CD / DVD would be in you . Free download of Search Backups 2.0.4, size 1.11 Mb.

Accelerated File Search 1.0 Nova Epoc Systems 

Accelerated File Search is a PC program designed to Search files on the hard drives very quickly. You will never waste your time again waiting for the Windows Search to complete the Search operation. With Accelerated File Search you will be able to find files just in one second. Accelerated File Search creates copy of the filesystem table in RAM, . Free download of Accelerated File Search 1.0, size 599.04 Kb.

MBD Search Engine 2.0 MBD Soft 

MBD Search Engine is a fast full-text personal Search engine for e-libraries and document archives. MBD SE is capable to create database by local or network documents, find information in a fraction of a second and display found text immediatelly without loading source document. MBD SE is convenient for creating information retrieval system based . Free download of MBD Search Engine 2.0, size 4.96 Mb.

Search Engine Optimizer Optimiser 2.1 

Search engine optimization, optimisation - optimize optimise Search engine listing ranking placement ensure. Instantly create keyword web pages. Easy to use. Master in five minutes. Design key word web pages. Web site promotion. . Free download of Search Engine Optimizer Optimiser 2.1, size 18.84 Mb.

SoftPerfect Network Search Engine 1.1 SoftPerfect Research 

An efficient Search engine is vital if the full potential of your medium sized corporate network is to be realized. Ideally, you or your users should be able to find that important document or file almost instantly. We offer a low cost high-performance solution. Our software product is a self-contained index-based network Search engine that indexes . Free download of SoftPerfect Network Search Engine 1.1, size 3.29 Mb.

SearchSelected Search Tool 1.0 DocuMaker Communication Solutions 

Select text in a document or website and then Search for it with favorite Search engine and CTRL+SHIFT+C. No more having to copy the text, open a web browser, go to Google (or similar), paste text into Search box, and hit enter. Just highlight and press a key combo. Easy! Switch Search engines with a click of the mouse. No need to download a new . Freeware download of SearchSelected Search Tool 1.0, size 321.44 Kb.

ASP.NET Search Engine 3.1 Keyoti 

Add an ASP.NET Search engine to your website, quickly and easily.Search for ASP.NET provides a powerful index based Search engine control for ASP.NET web-sites. Search functionality can be added in minutes. Entirely designer based, no programming is required. Fully customizable through its use of templates and easy to deploy to your application; . Free download of ASP.NET Search Engine 3.1, size 32.51 Mb.

Firefox Coupon Search Toolbar 3.01 

Coupon Search Toolbar for Firefox, make sure you never miss out on a deal again and find some of the best deals around from the best retailers on the net. Coupons, discount codes and more. . Freeware download of Firefox Coupon Search Toolbar 3.01, size 85.59 Kb.

Coupon Search 1.02 

The CouponMeUp coupon Search toolbar lets you Search for coupons from our thousands of hot retail stores.
It will let you know when coupons or deals are available for a store your visiting so that you never miss a deal again.
If we don't support the store, tell us and we'll even approach them to get a coupon.

Features . Freeware download of Coupon Search 1.02, size 719.16 Kb.

Search Icon Library 2009.1 Aha-soft 

All the icons from Search Icon Library are carefully created pixel by pixel by the hand of a professional artist. They shine with a bright palette of colors, smooth and well-rounded edges. Superb in their quality, icons will help a developer to place a truly professional feel to his project's interfaces without the need to hire a designer or spend . Free download of Search Icon Library 2009.1, size 420.17 Kb.

InSight Desktop Search Pranav Kapoor 

"InSight Desktop Search" is a Search engine that keeps track of all the files in your system and makes sure that you can access your files/folders easily and quickly. It is more than just a Search engine, it’s also a music jukebox,that features ability to Search for music based on information like artist, genre, album,etc. InSight . Freeware download of InSight Desktop Search, size 2.63 Mb.

Advanced Search 2.1 Dojotech Software 

This is my little file manipulation tool. It's fairly simple, but has a few advanced features.
Search - Standard Filter-Based File Search Tool
Batch Rename - Renames All Files in a Directory (and Subfolders)
Batch Move - Moves All Files from One Directory to Another Based on a Filter . Freeware download of Advanced Search 2.1, size 588.26 Kb.

AddInternet Domain Search 4.5.2 

AddInternet Domain Search is a free software that allows you to Search for domain names available for registration as well as find out who is a domain owner by searching the global Whois database. The software features two main functions for global searches: Domain Search and Whois Search.
Domain Search allows you to Search for domains . Freeware download of AddInternet Domain Search 4.5.2, size 29.57 Mb.

Copernic Desktop Search Professional Copernic Inc. 

Find your files instantly

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, HTML, WordPerfect, text, ZIP files
Emails or attachments from Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora and Mozilla Thunderbird
Outlook Notes, Tasks and Calendar items
Over 150 other types of files like MP3, JPG, WAV, MPEG

Streamline your results

Copernic Desktop Search Home Copernic Inc. 

Copernic Desktop Search - Home Features:

-Easily Search your entire hard drive in less than a second to pinpoint the right file, email, music or picture.
-Fresh New and updated files and new emails are indexed the instant they arrive on your hard drive.
-Utilizes CPU, memory, and disk space efficiently to ensure continued . Freeware download of Copernic Desktop Search Home, size 10.01 Mb.

Rapidshare Search Tool 2.7 MP Software 

Rapidshare Search Tool is an unique desktop software which enable you to Search Share links on the Web with minimal effort. You can easily Search for mp3, movies, software or other files hosted on a share servers. Your only task is to enter your keywords, such as movie title, actress name, software title, and so on. Our software will browse through . Free download of Rapidshare Search Tool 2.7, size 1.36 Mb.