Brightspot Software

IE BrightSpot 1.2 Lincoln Beach Software 

Getting your subject matter to stand out is easier than ever with Brightspot Image Enhancer. Brightspot will take any photograph and allow you to convert it to a monocrhome or sepia style picture and then let you paint the original color back into the picture! See the screenshot below for a quick example of how it works. Using the selection . Free download of IE BrightSpot 1.2, size 4.09 Mb.


BrightSpot 1.1 Lincoln Beach Software 

Brightspot will alter your image to a specified background mode, such as B&W or Sepia tone and then allow you to paint the color back into the parts you want to appear in color. It will also allow you to cut out objects from a photo! It will save these cutouts as transparent PNG images so that you can use them in other tools to create some . Free download of BrightSpot 1.1, size 1.33 Mb.