Building Class Software

Brandschutznachweis 2017 Weise Software GmbH 

This program enables you to generate fire prevention concepts for all German states by filling check lists. Fire prevention concepts are segmented either by Building classes 1-5 or by buildings of lower or medium size depending on fire safety regulations of states. Furthermore we offer additional modules for fire prevention concepts of special . Free download of Brandschutznachweis 2017, size 305.71 Mb.


PF Brandschutz 2013 Vordruckverlag Weise GmbH 

This program enables you to generate fire prevention concepts for all German states by filling check lists. Fire prevention concepts are segmented either by Building classes 1-5 or by buildings of lower or medium size depending on fire safety regulations of states. Furthermore we offer additional modules for fire prevention concepts of special . Free download of PF Brandschutz 2013, size 313.04 Mb.

EdiLus-MS 5.1 ACCA software 

EdiLus-MS is the application indentifying the seismic hazard of all the Italian sites directly from the map. Type in your address and/or move the bookmark and you will get dynamically all the parameters of seismic hazard. In case you are interested to your current position, all the parameters will be calculated automatically...

Select or . Freeware download of EdiLus-MS 5.1, size 9.86 Mb.

Orbit42-Base: for good php class design. 1.0 

The Orbit42 Base Class is a Building block for the creation of loosely coupled classes in php. Provides MySQL interface in such a way as to allow the database type to be changed by replaceing only the base Class. . Freeware download of Orbit42-Base: for good php class design. 1.0, size 8.21 Kb.

TopBraid Composer 2. 6. 2002 TopQuadrant, Inc. 

TopBraid Composer is an enterprise-Class modeling environment for developing Semantic Web ontologies and Building semantic applications. Fully compliant with W3C standards, Composer offers comprehensive support for developing, managing and testing configurations of knowledge models and their instance knowledge bases.

TopBraid Composer . Free download of TopBraid Composer 2. 6. 2002, size 126.07 Mb.

Digital-Clay 8. 7. 1930 Digital-Clay 

Digital-Clay is a smart application engine for rapidly Building enterprise Class desktop, Web and Outlook-integrated applications.

Digital-Clay uses visual tools to create custom solutions fast without requiring code. Solutions built with Digital-Clay are dynamic solutions ensuring enterprises can easily incorporate changes and add . Free download of Digital-Clay 8. 7. 1930, size 52.34 Mb.

Java-Direct3D Wrapper 86 

A Java Class library that supports Building 3D applications. Wraps the functionality of Direct3D. . Freeware download of Java-Direct3D Wrapper 86, size 1.61 Mb.

PHP Advanced Component Library 0.3 

PACL - PHP Advanced Component Library is an advanced "java-style" PHP5 framework/Class library for easy Building robust web applications. The vision is to enable abstract and rapid development of sophisticated PHP applications in few lines of code. . Freeware download of PHP Advanced Component Library 0.3, size 29.35 Kb.

WebMDI 1.0 

WebMDI is a PHP Class that allows the Building of windowless MDI-type sub-windows to be created. Using MDI windows on a web page allows the Building of well presented forms for Internet application Development. . Freeware download of WebMDI 1.0, size 35.27 Kb.

Connectionism 0.1.1 Connectionism 

A Class library written in Objective-C++ for Building models of connectionist networks (neural networks). The Class-hierarchy is designed to be maximally general and expandable, but also to support specific types of network.

Connectionism 0.1.1 License - Academic Free License (AFL) . Freeware download of Connectionism 0.1.1, size 508.28 Kb.

DALMaker for C# 1.0 Daomaker 

A Class generator for Building a DAL and BLL in c# using SQL server and the MS Database Acess Application Block; Following the DotNetNuke 2.0 Provider Patterns

DALMaker for C# 1.0 License - Apache License V2.0 . Freeware download of DALMaker for C# 1.0, size 0 b.

JUCE for Windows 1.53 Raw Material Software ltd. 

JUCE (Jules' Utility Class Extensions) is an all-encompassing C++ Class library for developing cross-platform software.

It contains pretty much everything you're likely to need to create most applications, and is particularly well-suited for Building highly-customised GUIs, and for handling graphics and sound. . Freeware download of JUCE for Windows 1.53, size 7.62 Mb.

GymPath 1.01 Sam Alford 

GymPath is the simplest and most effective muscle Building app.

GymPath offers dozens of tailored workouts that are designed by a team of world Class coaches and professional athletes. Our workouts have a proven track record of helping people to gain muscle, increase strength, improve power and reduce body fat.
GymPath cuts through . Free download of GymPath 1.01, size 56.20 Mb.

Tap Zoo Guide Education 

Can you grow your island from a one animal zoo to a world-Class safari park?
The #1 FREE ZOO GAME on the iPhone is now available on Android.
Have fun nurturing and growing your zoo on your Android phone! You're moments away from Building and customizing your own zoo by choosing which animals to buy, and which to breed, and cross-breed.

CyberMatrix Class Scheduler 6.00 CyberMatrix Corporation, Inc. 

CyberMatrix Class Scheduler is a simple to use single or multi-user application that helps students and school administrators to quickly schedule student classes. The software can be used by schools and other institutions that must create Class schedules. Class Scheduler can be used by a single teacher or by a group of students to schedule classes. . Free download of CyberMatrix Class Scheduler 6.00, size 4.83 Mb.

Forest And Ancient Building Screensaver 1.0 NevoSoft 

See Forest and living waterfalls near ancient Building. . Free download of Forest And Ancient Building Screensaver 1.0, size 3.49 Mb.

Blur Tween Class 1.0 FlashComponents 

A simple blur tween Class. You can set the amount of both horizontal and vertical blur, the direction, the quality of the effect, the time, the easing type and easing direction. Very easy to use. The syntax is something like this :new BlurTween(target:Movieclip, direction:String, xAmount:Number, yAmount:Number, quality:Number, time:Number, . Free download of Blur Tween Class 1.0, size 499.71 Kb.

Supertime 2000 Class Timetable Software 2.0 Supersoft 

Supertime 2000 is a software to set up Class timetables on a PC. It receives placement parameters and availability of classes and resources (including teachers, labs etc.). With these, as basis it sets Class and resource timetables. Where possible, it automatically resolves availability clashes of Class and resource. Also, it counsels alterations . Free download of Supertime 2000 Class Timetable Software 2.0, size 20.39 Mb.

Class World Buddy - Pogo 2 9 Play Buddy 

Class World Buddy is an auto solitaire program designed specifically for Pogo's World Class Solitaire™ players. Do you ever find World Class Solitaire puzzles tedius? Have you ever wished you could have a friend get the badge for you? Or perhaps you're one of the many players who aren't sure they're seeing all of the . Free download of Class World Buddy - Pogo 2 9, size 1.90 Mb.

My Class Reunion 2 2 Vemar, LLC 

Planning a Class reunion? Class Reunion Program will help you plan reunions easily. My Class Reunion is a classy program that tracks names & creates letters (without word processing).

14 reports are available including mail labels, name tags with photos, lists by married or school name, those attending, who is involved with which . Free download of My Class Reunion 2 2, size 39.81 Mb.