Business Intelligence Software

Active Business Intelligence Portal DB Software Laboratory 

Active BI Portal is business intelligence software that provides an integrated solutionfor designing and deploying reports and web forms over the internet and intranet.Active BI Portal consists of two parts Active BI Portal Manager which works on Windows only
and server part which is collection of PHP scripts and can be run on Windows, UNIX . Free download of Active Business Intelligence Portal, size 7.30 Mb.


myDBR 1.0 Nocsos Ltd 

myDBR is an innovative web based reporting solution for MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server with support for latest smartphones (Android, iPhone, and Symbian). myDBR reporting solution brings unparalleled speed of authoring even the most complex reports. By automating most of the work needed on traditional reporting systems, myDBR increases productivity . Freeware download of myDBR 1.0, size 1.52 Mb.

AnalysisPortal 1.0 Kyubit 

Analysis Services OLAP Web Client with advanced web based analysis and visualization options. Only few clicks in Internet Explorer to create, visualize and share your OLAP analysis. Subscribe to your OLAP data and receive analysis charts with email or integrate analysis via URL with other web apps. Affordable price and 30-day evaluation . Free download of AnalysisPortal 1.0, size 6.13 Mb.

ActiveAnalysis 2 GrapeCity, inc. 

GrapeCity ActiveAnalysis allows you to provide complete OLAP, data visualization and business intelligence (BI) capabilities in Microsoft Silverlight, Windows Forms and ASP.NET with one powerful component. With Excel export and flexible data binding, developing rich, interactive business intelligence applications is easier than ever!Why . Free download of ActiveAnalysis 2, size 63.49 Mb.

OLAP Reporting Tool 3.1 Business Solutions 

Data for business intelligence (BI) is of little use until it is converted into the information that decision makers need. OLAP Reporting Tool for Excel facilitates business intelligence by helping management to explore and draw conclusions from huge amounts of data. The application extends the built-in OLAP features in Excel to make them easier . Free download of OLAP Reporting Tool 3.1, size 376.12 Kb.

myDBR Web Reporting 2.6.0 Taikala Ltd 

myDBR is an innovative web reporting solution for MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server with support for latest smartphones (Android, iPhone, and Symbian). myDBR reporting solution brings unparalleled speed of authoring even the most complex reports. By automating most of the work needed on traditional reporting systems, myDBR increases productivity and . Free download of myDBR Web Reporting 2.6.0, size 5.55 Mb.

Database Exporter for Outlook 3.1 AssistMyTeam 

Database Exporter for Microsoft Outlook enables you to export the contents of an Outlook folder to an external database. It is especially designed to overcome the inability of the Outlook's built-in 'Import and Export Wizard' to handle data in custom forms, by allowing you to export any kind of data, including custom fields, to a database, in a . Free download of Database Exporter for Outlook 3.1, size 6.18 Mb.

OLAPCharts for SharePoint 2010 Kyubit 

Interactive OLAP Charts for SharePoint 2010 provides SharePoint web parts for charting and visual analysis of your OLAP cube data. Easy to set up, and integrate in your existing SharePoint sites. Visualize OLAP data with analysis functionalities which supports visual drilling, slicing, isolating and drillthroughs. With available caching options, . Free download of OLAPCharts for SharePoint 2010, size 177.41 Kb.

BitNami JasperServer Stack 4.1.0-0 (windows) BitNami 

JasperServer Community Edition, the open source report server, built by the developers of JasperReports, the leading open source reporting library. It provides a Web and Web services based environment for reporting and dashboards.

Here are some key features of the BitNami Stacks Native Installers:

Easy to Install:
BitNami . Freeware download of BitNami JasperServer Stack 4.1.0-0 (windows), size 231.53 Mb.

OLAP Statistics for SharePoint 2.1 AssistMyTeam 

OLAP Statistics & Reporting for SharePoint enables you to connect to a SharePoint list, task or calendar and explore data in a multi-dimensional grid, pivot tables, filters, and graph or chart view. You can run this OLAP analysis tool on on each SharePoint list, with its own unique set of fields. You can specify any field as the measure using . Free download of OLAP Statistics for SharePoint 2.1, size 5.92 Mb.

OLAP Statistics for Outlook 3.1 AssistMyTeam 

OLAP Statistics for Microsoft Outlook enables you to select both Outlook and user-defined custom fields of interest, and then explore them in a multi-dimensional view with the capability of complex calculations, trend analysis and sophisticated data modeling, all from inside your Outlook. The OLAP Grid view provides a multi-dimensional table with . Free download of OLAP Statistics for Outlook 3.1, size 9.16 Mb.

OLAP Statistics and Reporting for Access 2.0 AssistMyTeam 

OLAP Statistics and Reporting for Access is a simple and yet powerful tool to let you configure OLAP cube from your databases, and then analyze in multi-dimensional views in grids, charts and graphs, pivoting, drill down/slice and dice and filtering. With the statistical tool's simplistic point-and-click interface ensures that you easily achieve . Free download of OLAP Statistics and Reporting for Access 2.0, size 6.36 Mb.

Planners Lab 1. 2. 2005 GRWStudios 

Successful financial planning is a critical success factor for every organization. The Planners Lab (PL) is not restricted to financial planning, but this is a primary focus. Example applications include strategic planning, financial planning, capital budgeting, balanced scorecards, engineering project investment analysis, merger and acquisition . Free download of Planners Lab 1. 2. 2005, size 6.68 Mb.

RocketTime Plus 1 30 Rocket Software 

For the savvy business traveler, it’s important to keep track of the time. Not just time synchronization, Rocket.Plus makes your computer’s time-related capabilities much more advanced.

One of the main features is Rocket.Time Plus’ multiple time zone support. The ‘My Time Zones’ page . Free download of RocketTime Plus 1 30, size 0 b.

EZU Enterprise 9.0 GeoBis International 

EZU 9.0 Enterprise is a multinational solution for Address Normalization Macro Zone Allocation and Automatic Location for one or a database of addresses written in different formats.
EZU also allows you to locate results directly on to Digital Maps down to neighborhood and block level. . Freeware download of EZU Enterprise 9.0, size 524.29 Mb.

Advanced Security Manager 11 1 Applied OLAP, Inc. 

The OlapUnderground Advanced Security Manager has the ability to port security settings between Essbase servers, save security settings for backup, and create original security settings with a user friendly interface. Using this tool, you can connect to an Essbase server in order to: create or update security settings, monitor or logoff users . Freeware download of Advanced Security Manager 11 1, size 7.97 Mb.

instantOLAP 2 7 Thomas Behrends Softwareentwicklung e.K. 

instantOLAP, the lightweight and powerful business intelligence and OLAP System!
instantOLAP is Java based and runs on nearly every platform – from Linux or Windows servers up to Mainframe systems. Use your existing hardware, scale from one server to a bigger one: instantOLAP runs everywhere you want.

Main Features:

Miner3D WEB Player 7. 2. 2007 Miner3D, Inc. 

Many web developers and project managers see web technologies as the perfect platform for application development. The Internet is the cool place for distributing and sharing live interactive visual information.

Miner3D Web Control allows you to share visual data analyses with your colleagues or customers. Miner3D scenes are easily . Freeware download of Miner3D WEB Player 7. 2. 2007, size 5.13 Mb.

BlueSky Integration Studio - 8.0.0 Relational Solutions 

BlueSky Integration Studio has been officially released! This new version is all about Performance! BlueSky Integration Studio is now even faster and more streamlined than before!Stored Procedure based updates for MS Sql Server and Oracle for super fast Update or UpdateOrInsertNew functionality and much more. . Free download of BlueSky Integration Studio - 8.0.0, size 116.73 Mb.

Pastel Desktop Search 1.0 Softline Pastel 

Search My business Online directly from your Windows 7 desktop! Perform searches for customers and suppliers without having to be logged into My business Online. To view the customer or supplier, double click the entry in the search results window. After logging in to My business Online, the relevant customer or supplier will be displayed. . Freeware download of Pastel Desktop Search 1.0, size 3.47 Mb.