Business Intelligence Software

SQL Anywhere Developer Edition 12.0.2484 Sybase Inc. 

Feature-Rich Development of Online Apps
* PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, AJAX, Java, ASP.NET, Perl, Flex and Silverlight.
* Triggers and stored procedures written in SQL, PHP, Java, .NET and Perl.
* Support for XML, Web Services and full-text search.
Pain-Free Administration & Performance
* Out-of-the-box performance . Free download of SQL Anywhere Developer Edition 12.0.2484, size 0 b.


Actuate BIRT Designer Professional 11.0.1 Actuate Corporation 

BIRT Designer Pro is a modern, 100-percent Java reporting product. This report development tool is easy to use, supports extensive customization, and is used to create reusable report components, interactive web reports and dashboards.
-Follows a web-based design metaphor
-Gives users wizards, editors and builders for easy report . Free download of Actuate BIRT Designer Professional 11.0.1, size 0 b.

BackWeb 5. 5. 5895 BackWeb Technologies Inc. 

A powerful multimedia development environment in which you can combine content created using Director, Shockwave, Java, Photoshop, and many other programs into presentations for broadcast on the Internet. The BALI Editor allows you to control almost every aspect of the presentations you create, so when your InfoPak downloads to a user's . Freeware download of BackWeb 5. 5. 5895, size 0 b.

SVGmaker 3.1.0309 Software Mechanics Pty Ltd 

Personal open standards web publishing from Office and Windows programs. Output viewable with FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and IE9 on Windows PCs, Linux PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, Symbian and all other devices with open web standards capabilities. SVGmaker has been transcoding millions of documents a month for online, government, military, . Free download of SVGmaker 3.1.0309, size 2.36 Mb.

NetDNC 6.50.0002 Memex Automation Inc. 

DNC Software for Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP and others is a 32-bit multi-threaded communications & file management system allowing simultaneous upload and download to multiple CNC controls. It includes a CNC Editor, Backplotter and many other utilities and features. DNC Software is easily connected to CAD/CAM systems over industry standard . Free download of NetDNC 6.50.0002, size 0 b.

DataDefractor SSIS Enterprise Edition Interactive Edge, LLC. 

DataDefractor SSIS is a custom SQL Server 2005/2008 Integration Services (SSIS) data flow source component designed specifically for Microsoft business intelligence developers.DataDefractor SSIS uses a standard SSIS connection manager to connect to one or more sample spreadsheets. . Free download of DataDefractor SSIS Enterprise Edition, size 4.54 Mb.

EasyDirector 1.0 AITechConsulting Ltd 

Simplifying the Management of business & Contact Relationships (CRM) for small to large businesses.

With EasyDirector®, you can be more organized, and less stressed. Its like having a personal virtual assistant! EasyDirector® provides a simplistic view to managing your business and your busisness relationships with . Free download of EasyDirector 1.0, size 288.30 Mb.

Sybase DataWindow .NET 2 50 Sybase 

DataWindow .NET is a 4GL RAD product that helps boost performance of .NET application development by rapidly building and deploying data driven applications, easily incorporating complex business rules and delivering sophisticated data presentation. DataWindow .Net includes hundreds of built-in functions, properties and declarative programming . Free download of Sybase DataWindow .NET 2 50, size 503.46 Mb.

Interactive Reporting 3 2 Interactive Reporting 

Interactive Reporting business intelligence Suite, data analysis made easy. Starting from a single page, you can analyse any aspect of your business. You can zoom from a macro level to underlying detail, allowing you to better understand your business dynamics, to increase your efficiency by making timely and correct decisions, based on accurate . Free download of Interactive Reporting 3 2, size 1.02 Kb.

RadarBI 2. 3. 2000 Radar-Soft, L.L.C. 

RadarBI is a tool kit for creating and viewing interactive dashboards with powerful analytical facilities. Make the most of RadarBI with its combination of the simple and convenient way of creating reports and the facilities for analyzing data displayed to the end user. RadarBI allows creating reports viewable both in Web and Windows environments . Free download of RadarBI 2. 3. 2000, size 48.69 Mb.

Daisy System Light EN 1 55 XCube Software SRL 

Daisy System Light is a powerful and reliable solution designed to enabe you to easily and intuitively analyze economic and financial data. Alongside the management software in use and what is now commonly called a data warehouse, or simply a multidimensional system. Daisy System Light is a sophisticated tool able to "extract" and then . Free download of Daisy System Light EN 1 55, size 11.38 Mb.

IntelliVIEW Dashboard Reporter 4.0 Synaptris 

To manage today’s dynamic business situations, business users need the ability to control the visualization and analysis of their data in real-time. Traditional reporting tools are good for static reporting, but are not interactive and cannot provide real-time business insights to users. IntelliVIEW Dashboard Reporter heralds a new era in . Free download of IntelliVIEW Dashboard Reporter 4.0, size 0 b.

DashboardPlus 1.0 Metrics Institute 

DashboardPlus is an application that adds to Excel the ability to create true executive dashboards, making it an affordable and a very flexible tool for generating appealing and dynamic managerial dashboards, without the need to have sophisticated BI systems in place. It is as far as we know, a quite unique application on the market DashboardPlus . Free download of DashboardPlus 1.0, size 8.88 Mb.

ConnectCode SparkCode Professional 2.0 ConnectCode Pte Ltd 

SparkCode Professional is an add-in for Excel that lets you create sparklines - data intense, design simple graphics that are as small as a cell - using TrueType fonts. It is a valuable tool for creating professional dashboard reports in Excel for visualizing trends and comparing vast quantities of data. With SparkCode, you will be able to create . Free download of ConnectCode SparkCode Professional 2.0, size 1.27 Mb.

ImpactEdge Professional 1 1 Neville & Rowe Ltd. 

ImpactEdge is created for the business user, as it is intuitive and easy to use. It provides a non-technical user interface and operates with point and click delivery straight out of the box, bypassing the need for specialist IT skills - and no need for a data warehouse.
It will request data from more or less any database technology as well . Free download of ImpactEdge Professional 1 1, size 514.05 Kb.

ExisStudio 1.0 Exis, LLC 

ExisStudio is a client that allows you to set up a fully functional business intelligence system that can be accessed thru a browser from anywhere with web access.
Today’s highly competitive market demands corporations to take actions that are both correct and timely. This has resulted in companies looking for business intelligence . Free download of ExisStudio 1.0, size 6.50 Mb.

ExisOne 1.0 Exis, LLC 

Today’s highly competitive market demands corporations to take actions that are both correct and timely. This has resulted in companies looking for business intelligence (BI) systems. Sadly, most find that BI costs not a small fortune and takes a long time to implement. Many give up when they do not see any light at the end of the tunnel . Free download of ExisOne 1.0, size 6.50 Mb.

Wabit for Mac OS X 1. 1. 2001 SQL Power Group Inc. 

Recognizing that end-users struggling with overly-complex BI Tools is the number one reason why business intelligence projects fail to deliver the desired ROI, the Wabit was designed to conquer this primary issue. Although there are many BI Reporting tools on the market (both proprietary and Open Source), most of these tools are fairly difficult to . Freeware download of Wabit for Mac OS X 1. 1. 2001, size 21.71 Mb.

Find it EZ Source Code Analysis 4.1.2 Find it EZ Software Corp. 

Find it EZ Source Code Analysis is the first and most comprehensive universal n-tier software source code search engine available. Find it EZ provides direct and dynamic scanning of relational databases ( schema, data and SQL code ), including support for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2 UDB, MySQL, Access and cloud databases SQL Azure or . Free download of Find it EZ Source Code Analysis 4.1.2, size 18.42 Mb.

Brevitas Business Intelligence Framework 1.0 BIT Frameworks 

Brevitas is a Microsoft .Net based business intelligence framework for windows operative system, specially designed to handle two of the biggest tasks on analyze and represent data. Extract and represent the data: our framework handles and store all the information needed to extract the data and represent it, from connection strings and queries to . Freeware download of Brevitas Business Intelligence Framework 1.0, size 63.42 Mb.