Calculate Progression Software

TimePassages 5.2.5 AstroGraph Software, Inc. 

TimePassages is a user-friendly astrology software that allows you to quickly and easily create accurate birth charts and read point-and-click interpretations.

TimePassages is especially designed for users interested in astrology who want to calculate and interpret transits, display natal midpoints and calculate Solar Arc . Free download of TimePassages 5.2.5, size 0 b.


Fibonacci Sequence Calculate New Kevin Dong 

Fibonacci Sequence calculate was developed as a small and easy-to-use instrument that acts as a fast Fibonacci sequence counter.

Fibonacci Sequence calculate is a tool built to run from the Command Line Interface. All you have to do is launch the software and input your sequence.

. Freeware download of Fibonacci Sequence Calculate New, size 0 b.

Calculate Observed Velocities New The National Radio Astronomy Observatory 

calculate Observed Velocities was built as an easy-to-use piece of software that can be used for basic Doppler frequency shift calculations.

calculate Observed Velocities was developed in Java and can run on multiple operating platforms.

. Free download of Calculate Observed Velocities New, size 0 b.

Wage Calculator Excel 20 Bizpep 

The Wage Calculator allows you to define roster schedules and will automatically calculate associated wage costs by staff, Area, and Department for each day, and the week. It uses a base wage and up to six additional wage loadings to determine the wage structure. Wage classifications, and staff can be freely added. The roster format is by . Free download of Wage Calculator Excel 20, size 208.90 Kb.

DayCount 2.O8 DaC-Soft 

DayCount is a small easy-to-use program that allows you to quickly calculate number of days( hours) between dates, and date of the day any number of days( hours) from another date. The program stores all dates you have entered, and you can select dates from a list quickly. . Free download of DayCount 2.O8, size 227.33 Kb.

Divisibility Calculator 1.0 Mustafa Bugra AKTAS 

calculate divisible of numbers and learn Divisibility Rules. . Freeware download of Divisibility Calculator 1.0, size 5.80 Kb.

Moo0 HashCode 1.10 Moo0 

Moo0 HashCode lets you easily calculate / verify so called 'hash code' you sometimes see.
It is easy to use, and you just need to select the hash code type and drop the file onto the program window. It currently supports 12 kinds of hash format. . Freeware download of Moo0 HashCode 1.10, size 3.22 Mb.

RJTDateCalc 2. 3. 2001 Jane Taubman 

The date calc program exists to assist Family Historians calculate dates from any two of the three following elements Birth Date, Event Date, Age at Event .

The program is developed in Delphi and comes in several versions, please download the correct one for your operating system, most people should use Datecalc . Freeware download of RJTDateCalc 2. 3. 2001, size 61.64 Mb.

InstaRate 1. 2. 3989 Endicia 

calculate the postage with InstaRate, which includes USPS® rates for mail and packages up to 70 lbs. Supports First Class Mail®, Priority Mail®, Express Mail®, Parcel Post®, Media Mail® and more. To print postage rates not included with our no-monthly-fee service . Freeware download of InstaRate 1. 2. 3989, size 1.65 Mb.

Arbedia Back & Lay Calculator 1 3 

ARBEDIA offers two tools to calculate the exact to invest in every sure bet. The surebet calculator will also be very useful for your usual bets. By placing one bet per each outcome with different betting strategies, the bettor can make a profit.Calculators are available only for Windows platform greater than or equal to Windows 98. . Freeware download of Arbedia Back & Lay Calculator 1 3, size 0 b.

Arbedia Surebets Calculator 2 1 

This is a free bet calculator , that calculate the chance of winning a bet . ARBEDIA offers two useful tools to calculate the exact amount to invest in every sure bet. The surebet calculator will also be very useful for your usual bets. Learn to use them and enjoy! Calculators are available only for Windows platform greater than or equal to Windows . Freeware download of Arbedia Surebets Calculator 2 1, size 0 b.

Reliable Subnet Calculator 1.0 Advanced Reliable Software, Inc. 

Reliable Subnet Calculator is a networking utility that allows users to quickly calculate subnet mask for a given IP address range. Necessity to accurately calculate subnet mask can be a very tedious task for individuals lacking thorough understanding of IP addressing, subnetting and other networking concepts. Reliable Subnet Calculator is . Free download of Reliable Subnet Calculator 1.0, size 356.35 Kb.

Prime Factor Calculator 1.0 Mustafa Bugra AKTAS 

calculate prime factors of any numbers . Freeware download of Prime Factor Calculator 1.0, size 5.13 Kb.

Daily Interest Calculator 3 1 Harry Hollander 

calculate accumulated daily interest, remaining balance and number of interest days on a loan or deposit over a selectable period. Selectable compounding period. Selectable calculation method, Equivalent Interest Rate Calculator included for determining effective rates and daily interest factors, nice printouts with or without your own banner, help . Freeware download of Daily Interest Calculator 3 1, size 808.96 Kb.

Preloader / Progression Bar 1 Flash Components 

A nice progression bar showing graphically and with text the percentage completed of some operation. Just call the "setPercent" method to adjust the bar to the right status. Very easy to use. . Free download of Preloader / Progression Bar 1, size 102.40 Kb.

GTU SPI Calculator x64 0.9.4 Gajjar Tejas 

GTU SPI Calculator x64 is a handy and reliable application designed to calculate your current semester performance in the Gujarat Technological University (GTU) India. In basic of your performance in examination, assignments, practical exam is awarded a grade. These grade are described by the letters like AA, AB, BB, BC etc, and a numerical . Freeware download of GTU SPI Calculator x64 0.9.4, size 556.03 Kb.

Texas Holdem Helpem Calculator HoldemHelpem 

calculate Texas Holdem odds, opponent profiling, and heads up display, no need for manual input. HoldemHelpem gives you the pocket rank of your starting hand, pot odds, how many hands can beat your current hand, odds to win or tie, draw odds, as well as keep track of your opponents actions including a heads up display (HUD) all hands free in real . Free download of Texas Holdem Helpem Calculator, size 5.57 Mb.

An EclipsePlug-in to calculate CKmetrics 1.0.0 

"An Eclipse Plug-in to calculate CK Metrics".Functionality: This particular Eclipse Plug-in helps you to calculate the Chidamber and Kemerer(CK)Metrics for any given software(the Plug-in is designed for .java files only). . Freeware download of An EclipsePlug-in to calculate CKmetrics 1.0.0, size 21.56 Kb.

MathCad-Calculate-OND-86 86 Calc-ond-86 

calculate OND-86 by MathCad

MathCad-calculate-OND-86 86 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of MathCad-Calculate-OND-86 86, size 0 b.

StepMania BPM Changes 0.2.3 Beta Robbi-985 

StepMania BPM Changes is a lightweight and useful software that allows you to calculate the non-stop BPM changes.

All you have to do is tap a key every time the music starts playing. The software will create a new #BPMS section for your StepMania file.

. Free download of StepMania BPM Changes 0.2.3 Beta, size 0 b.