Calculator Emulator Software

Emu71 1.02 Christoph Giebelink 

Emu71 is a calculator emulator based on the HP-71B calculator that enables you to access the calculator interface on your desktop. It allows you to use KML scripts in order to load the ROM image and configure the keyboard shortcuts.

You can personalize the calculator feed back and the macro speed to suit your preferences or to simulate . Free download of Emu71 1.02, size 0 b.


Canola 0.7 

Canon Canola 1614P programmable calculator emulator. . Freeware download of Canola 0.7, size 1.57 Mb.

HP49g+ Calculator Emulator 1.0 X49gp 

emulator of the newer Hewlett Packard Handheld calculator Models with ARM CPU (HP49g+ HP50).

HP49g+ calculator emulator 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of HP49g+ Calculator Emulator 1.0, size 0 b.

Emu28 1.26 Christoph Giebelink 

The Emu28 application was designed to be an emulator for the Clamshell series calculators HP18C and HP28C. You will need a calculator ROm in order to use the emulator on your computer.

It is based on the sources of the famous HP calculator emulator Emu48 and allows you to run a virtual calculator on your desktop.

. Free download of Emu28 1.26, size 0 b.

RAW41 New HrastProgrammer 

RAW41 is a compact program designed to manage HP-41E programs and to load them into an emulator. It features a command line interface which enables the user to enter the arguments required for loading the HP-41E programs.

This utility is useful for loading multiple programs into a RM41 file that is required by the calculator emulator.

WP34s 3.2 Walter Bonin, Paul Dale & Marcus von Cube 

WP34s provides you with an easy to use emulation tool for the WP 34S HP calculator, displaying an exact virtual copy of the device and enabling you to perform basic and complex mathematical operations.

WP34s can calculate additions, multiplications, subtractions, divisions, extract square roots and calculate powers or trigonometrical . Freeware download of WP34s 3.2, size 0 b.

HP82240B Printer 1.04 Christoph Giebelink 

HP82240B Printer is a compact tool designed to simulate the Hewlett Packard HP 82240B Infrared Printer. It can load data from Hewlett Packard calculator emulators and extract the text in order to print it.

You can use the application with Emu28, Emu42 and Emu48 emulators in order to grab the data, display it in text mode and print it or . Free download of HP82240B Printer 1.04, size 0 b.

Emu42 1.16 Christoph Giebelink 

Emu42 is a practical application that allows you to emulate the interface and calculation abilities of the HP14B, HP17B, HP17BII, HP27S, HP32SII and HP42S Pioneer calculators. It allows you to load a ROM image extracted from the real calculator in order to use it on your desktop.

The application supports input from the computer keyboard . Free download of Emu42 1.16, size 0 b.

HP Emulator 32 

HP emulator is an emulator for the HP 48GX calculator. . Freeware download of HP Emulator 32, size 393.38 Kb.

11C Scientific Calculator 1.61 Vicinno Soft LLC 

11C Scientific calculator is the most accurate and precise emulator of the HP 11C RPN scientific programmable calculator available for iPhone and iPod touch. It uses the same RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) entry system and supports the same mathematical functions as the HP 11C Scientific calculator.

**** Features ****
Hyperbolic and . Free download of 11C Scientific Calculator 1.61, size 5.35 Mb.

EPx-11C scientific calculator 1.50 Elvis Pfutzenreuter 

EPx-11C is a full-featured emulator of the beloved HP-11C calculator. It is feature-complete (including programming and subroutines) and faithful to the original device. . Free download of EPx-11C scientific calculator 1.50, size 1.89 Mb.

Desktop Calculator - DesktopCalc 2.1 Institute of Mathematics and Statistics 

DesktopCalc is an enhanced, easy-to-use and powerful scientific calculator with an expression editor, printing operation, result history list and integrated help. Desktop calculator gives students, teachers, scientists and engineers the power to find values for even the most complex equation set.DesktopCalc uses Advanced DAL (Dynamic Algebraic . Free download of Desktop Calculator - DesktopCalc 2.1, size 2.00 Mb.

fx-9860G Slim Manager PLUS CASIO COMPUTER CO.,LTD. 

The emulator makes it possible to mimic fx-9860G calculator operation using your computers mouse and keyboard.Enable to record emulator key operations.Enable to record emulator key operations.Enable to display the calculator screen image on your computer when you connect your calculator to your computer with the USB cable. . Free download of fx-9860G Slim Manager PLUS, size 14.15 Mb.

CalcEm: TI-82/83 emulator for Windows 051 

CalcEm was the emulator that started it all. It was the first emulator for Texas Instruments calculators with public source code.CalcEm is capable of emulating Texas Instruments calculator models 82 and 83. . Freeware download of CalcEm: TI-82/83 emulator for Windows 051, size 57.74 Kb.

Tilem - TI Linux Emulator 0.973 

An emulator for the Z80 series of Texas Instruments graphing calculators. It emulates all current Z80 calculator models except the TI-81, and features a debugger, external file loading, and full flash support, including flash app loading. . Freeware download of Tilem - TI Linux Emulator 0.973, size 463.18 Kb.

Fx702p 1.0 Fx702p 

A fully-featured Casio Fx702p emulator including the calculator mode, a full basic implementation and a original debugger as well as some sample programs.

Fx702p 1.0 License - BSD License . Freeware download of Fx702p 1.0, size 5.69 Mb.

GnuTI 1.0 Gnuti 

A complete emulator for TI calculators, and in the future advanced debugging abilities for the serious calculator programmer, and possibly HP calculator support, All in a cross-platform, highly portable codebase.

GnuTI 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of GnuTI 1.0, size 1.24 Mb.

HP50g 1.3.2 TheWinterStorm (Marek Zima) 

HP50G is an emulator for the famous HP50g scientific calculator with its original skin. Carry your favorite calculator along with you every day and use it together with your favorite library!

Full emulation of the HP50g calculator. (You should refer to original HP50g user guide to learn how to use it.)
. Free download of HP50g 1.3.2, size 24.54 Mb.

Ace Currency Calculator 1.3.1 Currencyworld 

Ace Currency calculator is a convenient and simple software application that uses the power of the Internet to help you get the currency rates for over 150 world’s currencies, both hard and soft, accepted in 219 countries and territories. The currency exchange rates are determined at the close of the trading sessions and are updated daily . Free download of Ace Currency Calculator 1.3.1, size 1.46 Mb.

Atomic WebPage Size Calculator 1.01 Information Packaging 

Atomic WebPage Size calculator is a Webpage size and download speed calculator. Use it to ensure that visitors to your website are not waiting too long to download your pages. If they are, then they are most likely leaving before they read anything or buy anything from your site. Use it to calculate the size of your webpages and report on the . Free download of Atomic WebPage Size Calculator 1.01, size 966.66 Kb.