Call Not Number Phone Software

Voice2Phone Auto Dialer 1. 8. 2010 Voice2Phone 

Voice2Phone Auto Dialer is a software Phone broadcast system which helps you Call in every Phone Number of your list using a VoIP service provider, Skype Connect, hardware or Software PBX including Asterisk IP PBX. If a Number answers, Auto Dialer replays a predefined audio message to the line. Of course, it is capable of recording the response . Free download of Voice2Phone Auto Dialer 1. 8. 2010, size 1.17 Mb.


GTL WhizCall 1.3 Global Telelinks Inc 

WhizCall iPhone App is a smart Phone Call back service that allows you to trigger an international Call at the quarter of your current international Call cost.

Register your WhizCall Call Back service account with the default Call back Number where you wish to accept an international Call triggered from your smart Phone app.

CFC - Free International Calls and SMS Texting via Internet 3.1 

An Incredibly Convenient Tool for Free SMS and Calls!

CallsFreeCalls is a fantastic application allowing you to Call any Number independently of its location. It is a completely free VoIP (Voice over the Internet Protocol) messenger and free SMS online service available for everyone.

We offer you a unique proposition to try . Freeware download of CFC - Free International Calls and SMS Texting via Internet 3.1, size 35.34 Mb.

4MyCab FL 1.16 National Taxi Services 

4MyCab iPhone application and the associated 4MyCab (469222) SMS short code (for texting) are used by customers to book their cab for immediate or future service with participating cab companies thus eliminating the need to Call on the Phone. This app is provided to you by the same people who run the Call centers for these cab companies so you are . Freeware download of 4MyCab FL 1.16, size 2.41 Mb.

HTScanner App 1.0.0 HT Media Ltd. 

HT Scanner-Enables you to scan Quick Response codes. The QR codes may contain information in the form of SMS,Call to Number,Email to multiple id's,Location trace, Business cards,Contest Coupons.

How HT Scanner is different from other QR readers:-
1) HT Scanner have Location trace ability,on the basis of Longitude & Latitude.

LanDial 1.03 Full Circuit Ltd 

This program can be set to Call divert Number before dialing DUN and Call a cancel Number after so it works in UK etc. Also allows control of DUN dial / hangup over LAN with companion program LanMsg. . Freeware download of LanDial 1.03, size 332.80 Kb.

speakingface 1.0 Speakingface 

Gnome/GTK animated floating face, always on top/on all desktops, voice synthesizer by espeak (by system() Call, Not libs), STDIN text entry, in reply to: Kinda office-assistant - for gnome.

Choose 2 images of yours, png format, Standard entry by stdin (you feed with text, /var/logs, . Freeware download of speakingface 1.0, size 0 b.

yaphobia 1.0 Yaphobia 

The web application offers to import Call protocols of Phone calls and lists of billed calls from different telephone providers. They can be matched to existing Call protocol entries to generate cross-provider Phone bills.

yaphobia 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of yaphobia 1.0, size 0 b.

Baby Monitor and Microphone Spier 1.7 Albert Pascual 

This app will monitor the sound on a room and when is over the settings you decide, the iPhone will Call the Number you have selected.
You can use it to monitor a baby and know when he or she wakes up, or you can spy in a room and when somebody starts talking will Call you so you can hear the conversation. . Free download of Baby Monitor and Microphone Spier 1.7, size 4.09 Mb.

Bad Date Rescue 1.0.1 eHarmony, Inc. 

Bad Date Rescue, brought to you by eHarmony, the #1 trusted online dating site, allows users to fake an incoming Call to their iPhone in order to break up a bad date. You can either schedule the Call or prompt a Call to your Phone in 3 seconds, 1 minute or 5 minutes, then its Bad Date Rescue to the rescue!

Schedule a Call from:
- . Freeware download of Bad Date Rescue 1.0.1, size 21.60 Mb.

Hear My Baby 1.0 Studio Sutara LLC 

Monitor your baby using a WiFi network.
* Get alerts if the battery runs low on the device next to your baby.
* Missed Call alerts for Phone near your baby.
* Connect using two devices on your homes wireless network.

Additional Features


* Talk to your baby and soothe them back to sleep . Freeware download of Hear My Baby 1.0, size 2.52 Mb.

Lite Outbound Manager 0.4.1.alpha 

PHP based Web-App amied at managing Call-centers Outbound campaigns. Customizable Call results and Phone interview using external XML file. . Freeware download of Lite Outbound Manager 0.4.1.alpha, size 93.01 Kb.

FireCaller 1.0 Firecaller 

The FireCaller extension for Firefox integrates Call functionality into your browser. Phone numbers on web pages are automatically detected. When right-clicked, the FireCaller option in the context menu initiates a Phone Call from your Phone.

FireCaller 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL); GNU Library or Lesser General Public . Freeware download of FireCaller 1.0, size 0 b.

SAM Reports 1 2 Vickit, Inc. 

Windows desktop application for Asterisk business intelligence (BI) and reporting. Call duration, Number of calls, agents, clients, trunks, waiting to be correlated so hidden patterns can be revealed. Just Drag & Drop. That simple. Voila! . Free download of SAM Reports 1 2, size 12.52 Mb.

Synqit 1 13 SkypeSync Team 

If you are a heavy user of Skype for PC to Phone calls, you want all your Phone numbers that are stored in different sources to be copied into Skype. Manual copying is boring; embedded Skype import does Not import Phone numbers.
The Synqit was designed to save your time by importing Phone numbers from your mobile (cell) phones, GMail Contacts . Free download of Synqit 1 13, size 1.57 Mb.

Bluetooth PC Dialer 2.0 Bluetooth Shareware 

Today there do Not exist any efficient way of making a Phone Call to a Number Not stored in the mobile Phone. Bluetooth PC Dialer has been developed to solve this issue. With Bluetooth PC Dialer a Phone Call is never more then one click away independent of where the Number is located. DialItNow is both a stand-alone application and an Outlook plug . Free download of Bluetooth PC Dialer 2.0, size 2.57 Mb.

DialItNow! 1.2 Bluetooth Shareware 

Today there do Not exist any efficient way of making a Phone Call to a Number Not stored in the mobile Phone. DialItNow! has been developed to solve this issue. With DialItNow! a Phone Call is never more then one click away independent of where the Number is located. DialItNow is both a stand-alone application and an Outlook plug in. With the . Free download of DialItNow! 1.2, size 4.10 Mb.

Phone Number Tracer 1.1.1 Phone Number Tracer 

Find out the geographical location of any US or Canada Phone Number. Just type in any Phone Number and we'll tell you which city, state, and country the Phone is located in. We'll also give all the possible zip codes that are located in the area. The software also shows you where the Phone Number resides using Google Maps.

Our Phone . Freeware download of Phone Number Tracer 1.1.1, size 11.16 Mb.

Phone Number Extractor 2.0 Technocom 

Phone Number Extractor v2.0 is an essential software to extract Phone Numbers(Base Phone, Land Line Number, Mobile Phones) from many different file formats such as txt, doc, pdf, xls, ppt and saved web pages in a short time of matter. it can also Extract Phone Numbers From Zip Files, Extract Phone Numbers From MS-Word Files, Extract Phone Numbers . Free download of Phone Number Extractor 2.0, size 2.35 Mb.

SideNotesIM 1 9 BlueNote Software, LLC. 

With SideNotesIM you can Send a quick message announcing a Phone Call or a customer arrival with the click of a button.
It installs in minutes and is immediately usable. The program configures itself and finds other users on the network using peer to peer networking technology without any network administration or IT department assistance.

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