Cave Jumper iPhone Software

104.7 The Cave - Pure Classic Rock 1.0 Mersoft 

Mobile \ Music

Take Springfield's Pure Classic Rock with you everywhere you go with 104.7 The Cave mobile App. . Freeware download of 104.7 The Cave - Pure Classic Rock 1.0, size 4.72 Mb.


Baby Pony Cave Adventure Free 1.0 Zen Capital Pty Ltd 

Mobile \ Games

Join the baby pony on a magical rainbow underground exploration! See if you can pass the cave dwellers and find the treasure! Can you make it back home safely?

* Beautiful hand crafted environments!
* Pickups, platforms, monsters and more!

DOWNLOAD AND ENJOY IT TODAY! . Freeware download of Baby Pony Cave Adventure Free 1.0, size 19.50 Mb.

Baby Pony Cave Adventure HD Full Version 1.0 Zen Capital Pty Ltd 

Mobile \ Games

Join the baby pony on a magical rainbow underground exploration! See if you can pass the cave dwellers and find the treasure! Can you make it back home safely?

* Beautiful hand crafted environments!
* Pickups, platforms, monsters and more!

DOWNLOAD AND ENJOY IT TODAY! . Free download of Baby Pony Cave Adventure HD Full Version 1.0, size 19.50 Mb.

Cave 18 1.0 AppsVision 

Mobile \ Food & Drink

L'application " CAVE 18 " vous offre la possibilite de consulter tous nos produits (carte, photos) mais aussi de recevoir nos dernieres news et flyers sous forme de notifications Push.

Caracteristiques de l'application :

- La presentation et coordonnees
- boissons et tarifs
- Paiement en ligne
- Les . Freeware download of Cave 18 1.0, size 18.77 Mb.

Cave Adventures 1.0.0 Patrik Hammarstrom 

Mobile \ Games

Cave Adventures is a "retro styled" platform game that takes place underground! Help the caveguy to advance deeper and deeper into the cave while avoiding traps and collect treasures! This game features one world with four levels (also a hidden bonus level!) and if you buy the game, you will be able to receive any future updates which . Free download of Cave Adventures 1.0.0, size 8.28 Mb.

Cave aux enigmes 1.15 Sylvain Dangin 

Mobile \ Games

La cave aux enigmes est un "recueil" d'enigmes (plus de 600) classees par themes et difficultes. Releverez vous le defi ?

Ideal pour une reflexion quotidienne en famille, avec des amis ou en solitaire, des que vous avez un moment de libre.

A venir :
- Plus d'enigmes
- Amelioration de l'interface . Freeware download of Cave aux enigmes 1.15, size 4.61 Mb.

Cave Bird 1.0 Thumbstorm 

Mobile \ Games

"Ug ug" the cave bird loves flying around in caves and trying to get as far as possible. Just tap the screen to flap the wings and send the bird flying upward with realistic physics. It's an endless game that'll make you want to beat your personal best score time and again. . Freeware download of Cave Bird 1.0, size 26.42 Mb.

Cave Bowling 1.12 Donut Games 

Mobile \ Games


Warp back in time and join our forefathers in an exciting PHYSICS game of Cave Bowling!

Simply set aim with your finger to send the bowling ball flying through rocky landscapes filled with crazy obstacles and prehistoric animals.

Can you strike the pins and collect all bones without knocking down the . Free download of Cave Bowling 1.12, size 8.91 Mb.

Cave Clues 1.0 Jeff Dolphin 

Mobile \ Games

... You awake in a strange, dark cave ... can you find your way out?

Follow the clues. The exit is there.

. Freeware download of Cave Clues 1.0, size 1.26 Mb.

Cave Diver TAP 1.61 Ventura Science BV 

Mobile \ Games

No silly story, no hats, no coins, no annoying grind - Cave Diver TAP is a pure arcade experience that pits your patience and reflexes against a soothing, gorgeous ocean of pixel glory.

Survive as long as you can in the increasingly more difficult depths, and reach a score to be proud of! If after tapping a few birds you thought you knew . Freeware download of Cave Diver TAP 1.61, size 35.86 Mb.

Cave Diving Dave 1.0 William Renn 

Mobile \ Games

Dave is a cave diving master, but has he met his match? Help Dave navigate the deep, dark cavern in search of untold riches that are rumored to be at the bottom! It's a long journey ahead for only the most driven cave divers! Can you reach the bottom floor? How low can you go?

Tilt your iOS device to move from side to side and avoid the . Freeware download of Cave Diving Dave 1.0, size 10.80 Mb.

Cave du Rhodan 1.3 Nomad Systems S rl 

Mobile \ Lifestyle

The Cave du Rhodan application is the first iPhone App of a Swiss winemaker. It shows a large variety of products and describes its different wines.

You can easily order your favorite wines with the online shop at any time.

With the news feature, you are always informed on what is going on around Salgesch and the innovative . Freeware download of Cave du Rhodan 1.3, size 11.85 Mb.

Cave Escape 1.0 SolverLabs 

Mobile \ Games

Finally you have found the Holy Grail! But how far can you escape?

Zombies, Werewolves, Orcs and Bats are going to stop you and return the Holy Grail back to the secret Cave!

Swipe to jump and slide.

Tilt to collect rubies and choose your path between caves and canyons.

Tap to shoot.

Watch . Free download of Cave Escape 1.0, size 50.54 Mb.

Cave Escape: New Beginnings 3.0.0 Evan Godfrey 

Mobile \ Games

Cave Escape is about a little ninja trying to survive in a relentless cave. . Free download of Cave Escape: New Beginnings 3.0.0, size 7.97 Mb.

Cave Flap 1.0 Tyler Totman 

Mobile \ Games

Help navigate the little bird through the cave's tunnel system and get points!
Make him fly by tapping the screen. . Free download of Cave Flap 1.0, size 5.45 Mb.

Cave Flyer 1.0 GearSprout 

Mobile \ Games

? Fly, glide, and avoid dangerous obstacles in Cave Flyer! ?

Guide your glider through the subterranean paths while avoiding obstacles being thrown your way. Collect point spheres for an extra boost to your score.

A steadily increasing difficulty ensures that you'll always have a challenge ahead of you - or immediately select . Free download of Cave Flyer 1.0, size 5.56 Mb.

Cave Flyer! 1.0.1 Podrick Payne 

Mobile \ Games

You're trapped at the bottom of a crystal cave...
And the only way out is up!

Strap on some wings and head for the surface, but beware of the dangers above!

Fly through crystal formations, and dodge from left to right as fiendish monsters attempt to block your path.

Compete with fellow flyers through Game . Freeware download of Cave Flyer! 1.0.1, size 4.82 Mb.

Cave Hunter 1.0 Michael Briscoe 

Mobile \ Games

Guide Nixie the Bat through a seemingly never ending labyrinth, while hunting for food, and collecting bat booty! Cave Hunter is a procedurally generated maze system, that is different every time you play! With unlimited levels, the deeper you go, the more complex each maze becomes!

- Simple Controls! The Bat will follow . Freeware download of Cave Hunter 1.0, size 26.74 Mb.

Cave Johnson 2.0 David Shelechi 

Mobile \ Entertainment


Dedicated to your all time favorite character from Portal 2: Cave Johnson! With a smooth, sleek, and fast design in mind, you can find virtually and and all kinds of information, pictures, and video's about cave and his history - For FREE!

Application Features:

- . Freeware download of Cave Johnson 2.0, size 1.68 Mb.

Cave Man Run- Adventure of Jungle 1.0 Mohan Rathore 

Mobile \ Games

Sick of living a modern life? Get back into medieval times & experience a life in cave & forest.

Aim of game is to take away cave man to complete various levels but watch out for various obstacles.

Collect coins & unlock various items.
. Freeware download of Cave Man Run- Adventure of Jungle 1.0, size 34.18 Mb.

Cave Mice 1.0.1 Appicus 

Mobile \ Games

Navigate mouse Theseus Tilsit on his dangerous mission into an abyss to retrieve cheese rations which his family and community need to survive. Evade sharp obstacles and also attacks from evil cave dwellers. Defend yourself by throwing chunks of cheese at your enemies. The ideal game On The Go.


Mouse Theseus Tilsit . Free download of Cave Mice 1.0.1, size 37.64 Mb.

CAVE RESCUE 1.0 Quikding LLC 

Mobile \ Games

Everything in the village was peaceful until the monster Queem Dokey has captured everyone. "Brave The Cave" and rescue the pals!

Save 100 friends in a procedurally-generated world that's different each and every time you play! Using RANDIA technology.

There are many arcade games to play within the world - find them . Freeware download of CAVE RESCUE 1.0, size 51.49 Mb.

Cave Run 3D 1.0 Joel Santos 

Mobile \ Games

? Endless gameplay
? Multiple obstacles
? Multiple game modes
? Multiple Chars
? Power Ups
? Store
? Easy pick up and play gameplay
? Stunning graphics and silky smooth animation
? Much more coming soon...

Cave Run is a endless runner similar to the awesome game Temple Run. In order . Freeware download of Cave Run 3D 1.0, size 20.76 Mb.

Cave Runner 3D 1.2 Daniel Newman 

Mobile \ Games

* Featured by Apple! *
+||+ Experience the latest and greatest in Platforming Games! +||+

Cave Runner 3D is a awesome running platform game where you have to escape a crumbling cave.
Along the way you can collect gems to increase your score, but be mindful of everything which aims to stop you from ever reaching the exit . Free download of Cave Runner 3D 1.2, size 47.19 Mb.

Cave Shooter 2 1.4 

Mobile \ Games

News 11th oct 2012: Cave shooter 2 (version 2.0) is on its way and is going to be a huge amazing update the biggest yet. here are some of the things you can look forward to

- Waves of enemies to shoot and destroy as you fly through the caves.
- Weapon power ups of all shapes and sizes
- Ship upgrades

So watch out all . Free download of Cave Shooter 2 1.4, size 235.93 Mb.

Cave Shooter HD 1.5 

Mobile \ Games

Cave Shooter HD is finally here with epic sized levels in a gripping cant put down classic arcade shoot em up with a twist.

Cave Shooter HD is not only a side scrolling shoot em up but also has you hurtling along shooting your way through tough and challenging caves at stunning breakneck speeds.

Cave after cave you have to . Freeware download of Cave Shooter HD 1.5, size 6.08 Mb.

Cave Spelunker Free 1.2 Inner Four, Inc. 

Mobile \ Entertainment

You just recently finished reading a book about cave exploring, also know as "Spelunking" by the pros. After putting the book down you get this crazy idea about exploring some of the local caves in your area. This was your first mistake. A mistake that you hope you will be able to regret. Your second mistake was not reading the last . Freeware download of Cave Spelunker Free 1.2, size 1.36 Mb.

Cave Spider 1.0.2 Andrew Willeitner 

Mobile \ Games

Cave Spider is an 8-bit style game, where you help guide Sam the Spider through challenging levels full of bad bugs, lead by their evil leader Virus.


~30 challenging levels with more to come in future updates

~amazing level music

~choose your color of spider

Cave Squid 1.0 Gremlin Software 

Mobile \ Games

You are CAVE SQUID! Defend your cave from an invasion of Little Green Men who have come to steal your eggs.

Tap claws to eat LGMs. Don't let your claw hit the floor, or it will be stunned for 3 seconds! The game ends when all eggs have been stolen, but Cave Squid lays a new egg every 100 points.

Enjoy the THIRD release from . Freeware download of Cave Squid 1.0, size 16.25 Mb.

Cave Vine 1.1 Alexander Young 

Mobile \ Games

Cave Vine is a uniquely addictive mix between fast-paced, arcade-style action and Zen tranquility.

In Cave Vine, you fight your way to the top of a seemingly endless cave as a growing vine. Winding your way between rocks and through power ups to an ever-higher score, youll find an engaging balance of challenge and reward.