Celestial Software

Envisage 1.0 Meade Instruments Corp. 

Envisage is the Meade's Deep Sky Imager (DSI) series camera control and basic image processing software.
Main features:
- Multiple Imager Operation (A 2Ghz machine with 512 MB of memory can easily run 3 DSI’s)
- Change Stretch on Completed Images (When an image is completed you can now alter the histogram stretch . Freeware download of Envisage 1.0, size 1.25 Mb.


MagVar Pangolin Communications 

MagVar computes and displays magnetic variation for anywhere in the world between 60 deg. N and 80 deg. S. This version is functionaly identical to the applet displayed in Almanac On-Line but written as a stand alone program to run on your own computer. . Freeware download of MagVar, size 61.52 Mb.

Mystic Gateways The Celestial Quest Big Fish Games 

Follow Edwin through Mystic Gateways! After unlocking ancient portals, Edwin sets off on an adventure and asks you to follow! Travel across the globe and find fellow members of the mysterious Shadow Vanguard. Each member will help you collect the valuable relics necessary to open each gate. Solve perplexing puzzles and find helpful items in Mystic . Free download of Mystic Gateways The Celestial Quest, size 0 b.

SkyGazer 4.5.2005 Carina Software 

SkyGazer is an exciting introduction to the fascinating world of astronomy. It is an ideal companion for anyone first exploring the wonders of the night sky - the casual stargazer, novice astronomer, or classroom teacher. Learn the names of the bright stars and watch the changing positions of the planets. Experience the seasonal cycle of the . Free download of SkyGazer 4.5.2005, size 157.29 Mb.

WinStars 2.0.79 R3 1.0 Franck RICHARD 

Who has not been dazzled and intrigued when lifting his gaze to the celestial vault on a clear, dark night? WinStars is the spectacle of those distant lights racks both our brains and our eyes. Is this star farther away than that one, or is it simply less luminous? Is that little blot, barely visible over there, a nebula, a star cluster or a . Freeware download of WinStars 2.0.79 R3 1.0, size 30.30 Mb.

AstroNav 1.1.6 NavSoft.Com 

Using the same standards of accuracy as published tables but with a catalogue extending beyond Barnard's Star; it can be used as a sight calculator, a definative astronomical reference or simply to print daily Nautical Almanac pages.

Multiple sights can be plotted/ combined while allowing for changes in course and/ or speed. Once an . Free download of AstroNav 1.1.6, size 8.87 Mb.

Earth Orbit Model 1.0 Todd Timberlake 

The EJS Earth Orbit model illustrates the Copernican theory of Earth's orbit around the sun. The top window shows a view from outside the celestial sphere. The simulation shows the moving Earth along with its axis or rotation and the line of sight from Earth, through Sun, to the celestial Sphere. The end of the arrow indicates where, on the . Freeware download of Earth Orbit Model 1.0, size 1.36 Mb.

Raidiux 1.0 Blockdot, Inc. 

You are the pilot of a celestial Suicider, the newest weapon of the elite Deep Space Raidiux Starfighter Squadron. Your mission is to protect colonial miners who extract ore from the mineral-rich regions. This is a difficult task, as numerous races across the universe vie for control of the area. . Freeware download of Raidiux 1.0, size 12.37 Mb.

Constellations for Windows The Game Equation 

Can you spot the North Star or the Big Dipper? Explore the galaxy and hunt for cool constellations. Choose between two distinct game modes to suit your favorite playing style. Set out to explore this starry terrain in relaxed time or in 'Chase' for a faster pace. Use unique power-ups to gain an advantage, and steer clear of obstacles that may . Free download of Constellations for Windows, size 975.17 Kb.

Spheres of Eudoxus Model 1.0 Wolfgang Christian 

Spheres of Eudoxus model simulates the system devised by the Ancient Greek astronomer Eudoxus to model the motion of the planets. The model consists of four nested concentric spheres. The axis of each sphere is attached to the surface of the next sphere out. The planet itself is located on the surface of the innermost sphere. The outermost sphere . Freeware download of Spheres of Eudoxus Model 1.0, size 1.31 Mb.

Virtual Celestial Globe 1.0.4 Francesco Piazza 

A simple java 3d virtual celestial globe.
Rotate the globe, magnify it, select the level of detail to show stars and constellations.
Source code available to veryone to modify it.No Open GL. Star catalogue from Wikipedia. . Freeware download of Virtual Celestial Globe 1.0.4, size 361.00 Kb.