Change Folder Icons Software

Change Folder Icons 8.6 Nesoft 

Change Folder Icons is an award-winning tool for Windows that allows you to easily find thousands of bright Icons on your computer that you can use as Folder Icons.Program features:- Change the icon of a Folder simply and quickly by pressing the right mouse button on it and selecting "Change Folder Icon"- search for Icons on your computer . Free download of Change Folder Icons 8.6, size 2.60 Mb.


How to change folder icon 1 4 ArcticLine Software 

How to Change Folder icon? Use this handy shell extension that enables you to quickly Change Folder Icons to indicate a priority level or project status, or you can use it to mark a Folder with a special icon or color of your choice. Right-click on any Folder and select the icon or color to be used from the newly added menu option. It is one of . Freeware download of How to change folder icon 1 4, size 1.01 Mb.

Where to download free folder icons 1.0 ArcticLine Software 

Custom-designed and free Folder Icons! - WINDOWS NAVIGATION MADE EASIER! The majority of those whose work involves the computer can tell you that many folders in one directory can be a problem, especially when it comes to searching for a particular Folder in a hurry. Why? The answer is simple - you cannot tell the folders apart because they all . Free download of Where to download free folder icons 1.0, size 855.04 Kb.

Everyday Folder Icons for Vista 1.0 ArcticLine Software 

60+ AMAZING PROFESSIONAL VISTA Folder Icons - WINDOWS NAVIGATION MADE EASIER!The majority of those whose work involves the computer can tell you that many folders in one directory can be a problem, especially when it comes to searching for a particular Folder in a hurry. Why? The answer is simple - you cannot tell the folders apart because they all . Free download of Everyday Folder Icons for Vista 1.0, size 855.84 Kb.

Different Folder Icons 2.0 IconoMan 

Different Folder Icons is a collection of royalty-free stock Icons for use in commercial and personal products, including software applications, websites, blogs, and presentations. Icons are carefully created pixel by pixel by the hand of a professional artist. They shine with a bright palette of colors, smooth and well-rounded edges. Superb in . Free download of Different Folder Icons 2.0, size 9.34 Mb.

Folder Marker Home - Changes Folder Icons 2.1 ArcticLine Software 

Folder Marker Home is a powerful helper specially designed for home work. It enables you to quickly Change Folder color or mark folders to indicate priority (high, normal, low), level of project completeness (done, half-done, planned) by work status (approved, rejected, pending) and type of information stored in Folder (work, important, temp and . Free download of Folder Marker Home - Changes Folder Icons 2.1, size 1.63 Mb.

FolderIcons 1 23 CyLog Software 

FolderIcons is an MS Windows customizing tool, that helps you Change the Icons of your file system's folders. It works by simply adding a desktop.ini file in a Folder, then changes the Folder's attributes, as described in Microsoft's Customizing Folders with Desktop.ini MSDN article. . Freeware download of FolderIcons 1 23, size 36.32 Mb.

Folder iChanger 2.1 Mohaned Bondoq 

Folder iChanger is a handy and reliable utility designed to enable you to Change the Icons of your folders.

Besides folders, the application can also process hard drives and flash removable devices. It provides an icon collection that you can choose from, but you can select your own Icons as well.

. Free download of Folder iChanger 2.1, size 0 b.

Dr. Folder YL Computing, Inc 

Dr. Folder lets you mark folders with color-coded and image-coded Icons in one mouse click, making folders easy to find. You can Change the icon from the context menu of the selected Folder, or from the program using its simple interface and tools. With Dr. Folder, you can replace the icon of a single Folder, or Change the icon of multiple folders . Free download of Dr. Folder, size 5.99 Mb.

Microangelo On Display 6.10.70 Impact Software 

Easily Change Icons displayed by Windows 7, Vista, and XP. Simply right-click on the icon and select "Appearance" from the popup menu. One elegant dialog allows you to Change Icons anywhere on your computer. If you can't configure a custom icon with On Display, it can't be done. Folder, shortcut, shell or system Icons, On Display can . Free download of Microangelo On Display 6.10.70, size 8.36 Mb.

Folder High light 2 4 eRiverSoft 

FolderHighlight is a small but powerful tool that changes the visual appearance of the folders in your PC. With FolderHighlight you can quickly Change the color of any Folder.

Even though Windows already allows you to customize Folder Icons for this purpose, FolderHighlight is a much easier to use as it integrates into the Explorer . Free download of Folder High light 2 4, size 1.64 Mb.

Folder Background Changer 1.0 Vivek Muthal 

Change Folder background easily,by right clicking, if not want Folder background then possible to reset also, also do a all Folder reset which background are changed through this software. . Freeware download of Folder Background Changer 1.0, size 476.16 Kb.

Folder Marker - Changes Folder Icons 1 4 ArcticLine Software 

Folder Marker is one of those little utilities that once you have it you wonder how you ever did with out it. It lets you mark your Windows Explorer folders in a couple of different ways, either using the context menu (right click) or by starting the Folder Marker program and browsing. It enables you to quickly Change Folder Icons to indicate a . Freeware download of Folder Marker - Changes Folder Icons 1 4, size 1.01 Mb.

Folder Collection 1 Horizon Software Co. 

Folder Collection74 Unique Graphic UnitSoftware Developer, Web Developer and Professionals for world most enhanced high quality Folder icon CollectionsFolder Collection gives application developers access to a large variety of Folder Icons, well above what is provided by the operating system and moreVista , Xp Style296 Bmp Unit444 Gif Unit444 Png . Free download of Folder Collection 1, size 737.28 Kb.

IconPackager 3 Stardock Systems 

The world's best, easiest way to Change the Icons on Microsoft Windows! IconPackager is a program that allows users to Change nearly all of their Windows Icons at once by applying "packages" of Icons. A package of Icons contains Icons to replace most of the common Icons on your Windows PC. What makes IconPackager special is that unlike . Free download of IconPackager 3, size 3.08 Mb.

Desktop Icons 2.0 AiBox 

AiBox Desktop Icon - Changing Folder Icons will not only make your windows system look better, but more importantly, will also increase your work efficiency because Desktop Icon will take you much less time to find a specific Folder than before. As a bonus, we even added a huge collection of carefully designed hi-color Folder Icons for you to . Free download of Desktop Icons 2.0, size 2.00 Mb.

SD WinHider 2.0 SysDevSoftware 

With SD WinHider you may show, hide and manage any window or system tray icon apperance, control windows transperency, set or Change windows Icons, titles and so on.Software allows to free your desktop space for more windows, Change windows attributes to fit specific use, hide not required or rarely used tray Icons.The software allows: . Free download of SD WinHider 2.0, size 715.78 Kb.

Professional Vista Software Icons 1.0 ArtistsValley,Inc. 

Professional Vista Software Collection v1.0 is a pristine looking Stock Icon collection. With a total icon count of 4699 Icons, and Icons ranging from Document Icons, Folder Icons, Media Icons, Web Directory and Internet related Icons.Perfectly Hand crafted Icons of all sizes (16x16 Icons, 24x24 Icons, 32x32 Icons, 48x48 Icons, 72x72, 128x128 Icons . Free download of Professional Vista Software Icons 1.0, size 22.59 Mb.

LabelsWin Lite 1.0 Gleb Dolgich t/a Proggle 

LabelsWin Lite is a unique tool that allows you to create colorful labels for Folder Icons. This application was developed for Windows Explorer and makes your interface more attractive and handy and your work more pleasant. This program is fully integrated with Windows Explorer.

It is very easy to use and can be used at home or office . Freeware download of LabelsWin Lite 1.0, size 1.24 Mb.

VLC Icon Changer 2.1 Klikis 

VLC Icon Changer is a handy and easy-to-use application that enables you to Change the Icons of the files that are associated with VLC media player.

Now, you can use this small and open source software to Change all the Icons used by VLC.

. Freeware download of VLC Icon Changer 2.1, size 0 b.

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