Channels Software

TV 4.0 

Now you can watch over thousand live worldwide channels (1300+) on your PC, free of charge.
TV is an extremely easy to use application and anyone can find their own favorite stations on TV.
Music, news, educational, sports & shopping channels are sorted in a very easy to find way,
together with TV in English, Spanish, German, . Freeware download of TV 4.0, size 3.89 Mb.


AudioCommander 4.0 Mystik Media 

Powerful, fast, and highly configurable solution for both interface and command-line conversion of nearly all conceivable audio formats. Settings are provided for bitrate, frequency, channels, and more. Convert from CD, MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, AAC, AC3, AIFF, AU, VOX, RAW, PCM, ADPCM, A-LAW, u-LAW, MP2, FLAC, ALAC, AMR, M4A, MP4, WavPack, etc. to MP3, . Free download of AudioCommander 4.0, size 4.69 Mb.

PLUS 1D:Bar Nesting 6.0 Nirvana Technologies 

PLUS 1D is a Bar Nesting optimization software, which helps reduce the waste in cutting any 1D (linear) material like pipe, bar, sections, flanges, angles, beams, tubes, channels, frames, extrusions etc. It automatically generates the optimum cutting plans once the part list, and the available stock has been entered. It has a simple user interface . Free download of PLUS 1D:Bar Nesting 6.0, size 14.22 Mb.

Minituner 3.0 

The Minituner is a program that offers access to various radio stations to listen on your computer through streaming. He has a catalog of streaming links where you simply select the radio station you want to listen and done without much difficulty. The program comes with hundreds of radio stations from all the world, just select and listen. . Freeware download of Minituner 3.0, size 3.80 Mb.

Dishnetwork Deals 1.0 Dishnetwork Deals 

Dishnetwork Deals Dish Satellite TV. Dish Network Discounts. Dish Network TV Deals! Dish Network Television Deals and Free Offers! DISH Network installation and service nationwide. Satellite TV systems from Profressional Dealers. Free Dishnet receivers and DVR systems. Satelite Television, DISH, Digital TV, Broadband Internet, HD and DirectTV free . Freeware download of Dishnetwork Deals 1.0, size 1.56 Mb.

PureRadio 3.0.103 inKline Global, Inc. 

The Ultimate Internet radio player that lets listen in to thousands of stations from all over the world, simply by hitting "Play". Whether you're looking for live mixes by top DJs, news or chat hosts, PureRadio offers the most comprehensive collection of radio stations at your fingertips! New Record feature lets you save your . Freeware download of PureRadio 3.0.103, size 0 b.

Easy WebTV & Radio 2 5 Digit-A Software UK 

This is the best internet, television and radio software in the world.
With this software you can play hundreds of games with easy webTV and radio built in games function,from old school classics to brand new titles.This easy webTV and radio deliver outstanding streaming television, radio and other media is now directly to your PC or Laptop. . Free download of Easy WebTV & Radio 2 5, size 0 b.

DelFeoTV 1.0.0004 DelFeoSoft 

DelFeoTV is a program that allows you to tune in to online TV channels and radio stations. The Internet offers you thousands of sites with free streaming media. With the help of any web browser, you are able to view and listen to content from all over the world. However, remembering all those URLs and keying them in every time you want to access . Freeware download of DelFeoTV 1.0.0004, size 4.79 Mb.

Starplugs-Vocoder 1 1 Starplugs 

The quality of a vocoder is defined by its filter-banks. The Starplugs Vocoder uses 32 of pd’s quantum-filter to create two banks of outstanding analysis- and synthesis-filter. Using “handmade” calibrated filter-banks the Starplugs Vocoder reaches the unbelievable warm and rich sound of the very best analogue Vocoder. . Free download of Starplugs-Vocoder 1 1, size 3.93 Mb.

Starplugs-Cyclone-Phaser 1 1 Starplugs 

The Starplugs Cyclone-Phaser is a double stage 5.1 phaser. The phasing effect will rotate in your complete surround bus , group or master section. You are able to set different rotation- and phasing-styles for each phaser-stage.
The rotationspeed of phaser-stage 1 and 2 is set by the sync–selector. Bar measures are midiclock-synced . Free download of Starplugs-Cyclone-Phaser 1 1, size 3.25 Mb.

Starplugs-MoonClass Synthesizer 1 1 Starplugs 

Create colossal sounds with pd’s unbelievable fat and living sounding CLUSTER OSCILLATOR. The CO splits partials of the displayed ground wave and gives this partial to different time slots. As a result you’ll hear the sound of tons of slightly detuned oscillators controlled by the detune knob.Turning a single knob can create . Free download of Starplugs-MoonClass Synthesizer 1 1, size 4.13 Mb.

Starplugs-Hammer 1 1 Starplugs 

The Starplugs Hammer is the equal drum partner for electronic music production. Its highly specialized analogue modeling sound base gives you the chance to bend your drum sounds in “brutal” measures. “Earthquake” the audience with the lowest pressure Bass Drum. Get higher HiHats and a smashing Snare that will . Free download of Starplugs-Hammer 1 1, size 5.48 Mb.

Starplugs-Cyclone-Pan 1.0 Starplugs 

The Starplugs Cyclone-Pan is designed to auto-rotate a stereo or mono signal in a 5.1 group, bus or master. Your are able to set different rotation types and syncs for your left and right input-channel. Starplugs-Cyclone-Pan works on Windows XP or higher. . Free download of Starplugs-Cyclone-Pan 1.0, size 3.07 Mb.

Starplugs-SiXternalizer 1.0 Starplugs 

With "Starplugs-SiXternalizer" you can create virtual rooms far beyond your 5.1 setup. The "depth–value" function, reduces mid-signals of the input signal. With this plug-in you can distance your material and get a wider reverb, easily. The "width–value" function, increases the virtual stereo-base. . Free download of Starplugs-SiXternalizer 1.0, size 2.86 Mb.

Starplugs-SuperSizer Mono 1.0 Starplugs 

With SuperSizer Mono you can get a single knob that really pumps up your volume without unwanted effects. SuperSizer Mono stands for: no pumping, no ducking, no fades, no delay and no attack times. With this tool you will get: volume as much as possible, optimal output level, an optimized mix – not a new one, great sound and more punch . Free download of Starplugs-SuperSizer Mono 1.0, size 2.58 Mb.

Starplugs-SuperSizer Surround 1.0 Starplugs 

This plug-in offers a smooth compression without sound compromises in 5.1 surround.
SuperSizer Surround stands for: no pumping, no ducking, no fades, no delay and no attack times. With this plug-in you can get: volume as much as possible, optimal output level, an optimized mix – not a new one, great sound and more punch then ever. . Free download of Starplugs-SuperSizer Surround 1.0, size 2.72 Mb.

CCAD inc. Steel Shapes 4 1 CCAD inc. 

Steel Shapes is a program for AutoCAD that draws End, Side and Top views of common structural steel shapes (members), conforming to AISC Steel Construction Manual, 13th edition.
Features include:
-Imperial or Metric sizes
-Inch, Feet, Millimeter or Centimeter measurements
-End, Side and Top views
-Top, Middle or Bottom . Free download of CCAD inc. Steel Shapes 4 1, size 33.56 Mb.

JLC's Internet TV 2 2 Microsoft 

JLC's Internet TV is a FREE program for watching and browsing thousands of TV channels freely available on the internet. It's probably the biggest and most up to date database of channels ever, and users are able to submit, rate and flag channels. And with the new flagging and rating system you'll easily see which channels works and . Freeware download of JLC's Internet TV 2 2, size 13.38 Mb.

ChrisTV PVR Standard 5 63 Chris P.C. srl 

ChrisTV PVR Standard (Personal Video Recorder) Software is designed to control analog TV Cards, Graphic Cards with Video Input (VIVO), Combo Cards (Graphic Card and TV Card) that have WDM Drivers(Windows Driver Model) compatible with DirectShow specifications.
Timeshifting feature
Improved support for Windows Vista
. Free download of ChrisTV PVR Standard 5 63, size 0 b.

TVSoft 0.3 LipoCodes 

Welcome to TVSoft. From now on, you can watch hundreds of satellite channels directly on your computer. The service is free and will stay free! The supported languages are: French, English, Spanish, Italian & German. Enjoy! . Freeware download of TVSoft 0.3, size 752.64 Kb.