Chars Software

Paradox Find and Replace Software 7.0 Sobolsoft 

Replace content in Paradox tables. Specify one or more tables in which to make replacements. . Free download of Paradox Find and Replace Software 7.0, size 27.07 Mb.


MS Word ASCII Conversion Chart Creator Software 7.0 Sobolsoft 

This software offers a solution for users who want to create a chart of all 256 ASCII characters (including: p > n q ° ?) in MS Word. Four columns designate the decimal number, the hexadecimal number, the binary number, and the corresponding symbol. The easy to read document can be created in either portrait or landscape orientation. This . Free download of MS Word ASCII Conversion Chart Creator Software 7.0, size 1.74 Mb.

Count Number Of Occurrences and Instances Of Text In Multiple Files Software 7.0 Sobolsoft 

This software offers a solution for users who want to count the number of times specific text appears in multiple files. Simply drag and drop the files you want to look in, add the text or text sets you want to find and click 'Start' to return counts. There is a feature to save results as a text, Excel file or copy results to the clipboard. . Free download of Count Number Of Occurrences and Instances Of Text In Multiple Files Software 7.0, size 1.75 Mb.

Split Words Without Spaces Into Words With Spaces Software 7.0 Sobolsoft 

Split run-on strings of words into multiple words. For example, thisisthetext becomes this is the text. . Free download of Split Words Without Spaces Into Words With Spaces Software 7.0, size 781.31 Kb.

WinWGet Portable Rare Ideas, LLC 

WinWGet Portable is an easy to use download manager with lots of great features:

* Threaded jobs
* Monitor Clipboard for URL's (or new URLs only)
* Resume for Downloads
* Jobs export into HTML file
* Predefined user-agents (IE, Mozilla, Opera, Flashget, etc.)
* Support for asp/php redirection and http . Free download of WinWGet Portable, size 1.74 Mb.

FahProgress 0.08 Beta Stefan Kramperth 

This small program has only one purpose: Display the actual progress of your folding@home clients in your network. Nothing more, nothing less. Actually I wrote this Tool primarily for myself to monitor those clients which not automatically upload their results. (Ask before fetching/sending work no/yes)" in config set to "yes").It can . Freeware download of FahProgress 0.08 Beta, size 73.40 Kb.

Mihov stevec crk 3.0 Miha Psenica 

Mihov letter and word counter is a simple program for counting characters and lines of text. Just enter (or copy and paste) the text into the program and it will show the number of characters in text and number of lines if the text spans over several lines.

You can also drag&drop text files onto the program to count the characters . Freeware download of Mihov stevec crk 3.0, size 125.83 Kb.

UnicodeCharsFinder 1.0 yang szwe 

UnicodeCharsFinder is a little application designed to help you remove all comments and highlight the Chars that are not ASCII. . Free download of UnicodeCharsFinder 1.0, size 31.46 Kb.

ButtonBar Component 1.00 Priyatna Codes 

ButtonBar is a free Visual Component Library (VCL) for Delphi. It is a button bar that takes a list of strings as its captions and accepts an imagelist as its glyphs. It shows the currently selected button in down state. It can show buttons horizontally or vertically. It is an alternative to toolbar or speed buttons.

I forgot the reason . Freeware download of ButtonBar Component 1.00, size 251.66 Kb.

NiceGrid Component 2.20 Priyatna Codes 

NiceGrid is a free Delphi component that aimed to be a standard string Grid replacement. It is written from scratch, not descended from TStringGrid. The main reason why I write this component is to have a grid component that nice and smooth. Here's some feature of NiceGrid:

* Headers can be merged and or multilined.
* Smooth . Freeware download of NiceGrid Component 2.20, size 754.97 Kb.

EncDec Library 1.0 Priyatna Codes 

EncDec is a free Delphi unit to encode and decode string. It doesn't uses any sophisticated industry standard
encryption method, it simply mimics Base64 encoding with a configurable key. This unit is useful when you want to obscure a text and store it also as a string. I use this unit to store a string encoded in an INI file.
* function . Freeware download of EncDec Library 1.0, size 230.69 Kb.

tMORE 1.0.1 

Tweet more than 140 Chars at once with tMORE!

So much to say, so little space on Twitter? Boost your Twitter Tweets with tMORE and escape the 140 characters limitation of Twitter!

How does it work?

The Text Editor of the tMORE app will be saved as an embedded picture in your Twitter Tweet. This allows you to use . Freeware download of tMORE 1.0.1, size 775.17 Kb.