Chart Activex Software

TeeChart ActiveX 2012 Steema Software 

Feature Summary:
- 32-bit /64-bit activex components for Visual Studio .Net, Visual Basic, Delphi, Visual Studio 6, IIS / ASP
- Powerbuilder and many other Windows COM aware programming environments
- Data aware - Direct access to ADO data sources
- Direct access to URL addressable Charts
- Extended ASP support with . Free download of TeeChart ActiveX 2012, size 37.00 Mb.


Graphic-Chart ActiveX Components 3.000 Dragonfly Automation Software 

activex components provide you reusabe, flexible, reliable, robust and stable software UI(User Interface) solution. Of course, if you have any development environment which supports activex or OLE design (i.e., Visual Basic, Visual C++, C#, VBA, C++ Builder, Delphi and so on), you can apply all these activex controls in your own application. All . Free download of Graphic-Chart ActiveX Components 3.000, size 7.65 Mb.

TeeChart Pro ActiveX 2018 Steema Software 

TeeChart activex includes 60+ chart types in 2D, 3D to visualize data. From the common Line, Bar, Area, Pie chart to the field-specific charts like Candle OHLC, Point and Figure, Volume, High-Low,BoxPlot,etc
It provides a large selection Financial and Statistical Indicators that perform calculations ranging from basic mean; Mode Function, . Free download of TeeChart Pro ActiveX 2018, size 67.78 Mb.

Nevron 3DChart for ActiveX 7.1 Nevron 

Nevron 3DChart for activex is a powerful charting tool using the OpenGL 3D engine to display 2D and 3D business, scientific and presentation charts. It supports all basic charting types with lots of different style and logic variations. All chart type combinations can be simultaneously displayed. 3DChart has four vertical axes plus one category and . Free download of Nevron 3DChart for ActiveX 7.1, size 29.49 Mb.

ActiveGanttVB Scheduler Component 2.6.2 The Source Code Store LLC 

Add Scheduling capabilities to your application. An ActiveGantt control displays all types of data that can be presented in a Gantt Schedule format. An ActiveGantt control can be typically used to display appointments, tasks or other kinds of programmed activities. This component makes it easy to build rosters, TV/movie scheduling, classroom . Free download of ActiveGanttVB Scheduler Component 2.6.2, size 4.85 Mb.

GraphInquire ActiveX 1.0 Sensalgo Soft 

The GraphInquire activex provides a Microsoft chart element with special functionality to inquire the exact form of a series by zoom in, zoom out and scrolling and to display several series interactively by actions of the user. The series can be automatically scaled over a period of time. Weekdays and legal holidays are displayed as well as a . Free download of GraphInquire ActiveX 1.0, size 3.69 Mb.

ActiveGanttVC Scheduler ActiveX Control 2. 8. 2007 The Source Code Store LLC 

Add Gantt chart and scheduling capabilities to your C++, Visual Basic 6 or MS Access application. ActiveGanttVC can be used with practically any development environment that supports hosting and scripting activex controls. Use ActiveGanttVC to build Gantt Charts, rosters, equipment/location rental, TV/Movie scheduling, and many other applications. . Free download of ActiveGanttVC Scheduler ActiveX Control 2. 8. 2007, size 29.10 Mb.

ChartPro Wrapper 1 3 noyantis limited 

ChartPro Wrapper template for the Codejock chart Pro activex control enables Clarion developers to quickly add the power of the control to their applications in a matter of minutes. Thisr product boasts full support for all recent versions of Clarion, ABC and Legacy compatability, and an easy to use Template and Class interface.

The . Free download of ChartPro Wrapper 1 3, size 3.61 Mb.

Web Chart Creator 3 Ankord Development Group 

Web chart Creator is your tool for fast creation of dynamic 3D charts for the Internet/Intranet projects using databases of any type. The charts are created with a simple visual editor. It has a friendly and intuitive interface designed for both beginners and advanced users. To publish a chart you have to copy the CGI-program and several files to . Free download of Web Chart Creator 3, size 2.16 Mb.

Manco.Chart for .NET 4.4 Manco Software 

Manco.chart for .NET is a powerful charting component used to create attractive 3D and 2D charts for desktop applications and web pages using .NET technologies. Wide variety of chart types: 40 major chart types are supported, such as the traditional bar, line, and pie series, financial bars, Japanese candlesticks and others. Different chart types . Free download of Manco.Chart for .NET 4.4, size 6.62 Mb.

AAA Easy Grid Control ActiveX 3.51 Easy Grid ActiveX Control Team 

Description: AAA EasyGrid activex has exceedingly powerful functions, much more powerful than other grid or report OCXes, such as FlexGrid, Crystal Report, Formual One, Spread and so on. AAA EasyGrid activex can do form control such as edit, input, print, print preview, connect to multi-databases and whatever! Key Features: Powerful functions, . Free download of AAA Easy Grid Control ActiveX 3.51, size 1.00 Mb.

.Net Chart Control 3.5.1 .Net Charting Software 

chart Control .NET is the perfect solution to add the most advanced, feature rich charts to Windows Forms and ASP.NET applications. Over 40 major 2D / 3D charts are available, such as traditional area, bar, column, line and pie charts, financial bars and Japanese candlesticks, Kagi and Renko charts and others. Flexible areas filling, scaling, . Free download of .Net Chart Control 3.5.1, size 5.09 Mb.

TeeChart Pro Activex Control 2010. Steema Software SL 

The TeeChart Pro activex charting component library offers hundreds of Graph styles in 2D and 3D, 33 mathematical and statistical Functions for you to choose from together with an unlimited number of axes and 14 toolbox components.The Charting Control can be efficiently used to create multi task dashboards. . Free download of TeeChart Pro Activex Control 2010., size 26.22 Mb.

PSI-Chart 1.0 Poly Software International, Inc. 

PSI-chart is an Active X chart component for creating and designing scientific and engineering chart applications with Visual Basic, Visual C++, C#, or other language compilers which support the COM model. With PSI-chart, you can develop your own professional charting application in minutes. . Free download of PSI-Chart 1.0, size 14.66 Mb.

Visual Graph ActiveX Component 11 TriSun Software Inc. 

Visual Graph is a standard activex component for developing graphics-related applications of various industries, such as power, coal, chemical, automation monitor, simulation, graphical modeling, graphical topology analysis, vector drawing, tables, geographic information system (GIS), workflow, etc., very wide range of applications, particularly . Free download of Visual Graph ActiveX Component 11, size 6.98 Mb.

Sonic Progress Bar ActiveX Control 2.0.0 SWJ Soft 

Sonic Progress Bar activex Control replaces your old boring progress bars with extremely stylish and customizable control. The new activex control can be used as a progress bar or as a busy bar. The possible applications and uses of the control can be from a simple progress bar to a component of a highly attractive bar chart. The limitation is only . Free download of Sonic Progress Bar ActiveX Control 2.0.0, size 2.13 Mb.

FlexCell Grid Control for ActiveX 6.2.4 FlexCell Technologies 

FlexCell Grid Control for activex is a handy software component designed to help users edit and generate complex report forms, interfaces and charts.

FlexCell Grid Control for activex provides comprehensive functions such as Print, Print Preview, chart, Merge Cell, Virtual Grid, Sort, Import (from) and Export (to) XML, Export to Excel . Free download of FlexCell Grid Control for ActiveX 6.2.4, size 0 b.

Gantt Control ActiveX Edition 2012 1.00.0000 Vordruckverlag Weise GmbH 

Gantt Control activex Edition is a professional component designed to allow programmers to implement task scheduling in their applications.

Gantt Control activex Edition proves itself useful in task and project management and projects that involve employee scheduling.

With the assistance of this control, you will be able to . Free download of Gantt Control ActiveX Edition 2012 1.00.0000, size 0 b.

Easy Chart 3D GEO 1.1 GeoBrush International 

Easy chart 3D GEO is easy to use wizard-like graphical reporting tool for effortless generation of complex business, management, financial and ad-hoc geographical pie charts (cylinder and cube shapes also available) of professional quality. Charts are generated on a top of a 3D geographical maps. Geographical Maps that are available: USA by states, . Free download of Easy Chart 3D GEO 1.1, size 8.50 Mb.

Java Chart Designer 4 ELTIMA Software GmbH 

Java chart Designer is a powerful charting Java application that empowers you with all necessary tools to create charts for professionally looking presentations, business and scientific reports that can be easily integrated into website as Java applet, Java applications or saved as JPEG images. A user-friendly interface, great number of visual . Free download of Java Chart Designer 4, size 2.92 Mb.