Check Text For Plagiarism Software

Plagiarism Finder 2.0.3 NBridge 

Plagiarism Finder it's a desktop application that allows you to Check For Plagiarism. Universal algorithm allows checking a large Text in a short time. Just try it and see For yourself.

Plagiarism Finder works on any Windows version and allows you to Check Text in files:
Microsoft Word Documents (*.doc, *.docx)
PDF documents . Free download of Plagiarism Finder 2.0.3, size 3.81 Mb.


Visual Studio Spell Checker Eric Woodruff 

Visual Studio Spell Checker is a handy and reliable VS assistant designed to spell Check Text, comments and strings.

The application performs this action interactively, as you type, indicating the mistakes so that you can correct them on spot.

. Free download of Visual Studio Spell Checker, size 0 b.

Text Comparer Beta Jan Keymeulen 

Text Comparer is a small software that was originally designed to find quotations in Byzantine anthology.

You can now use Text Comparer to compare two Text file and detect Plagiarism. All you have to do is load your Text file and start the comparison process.

Text Comparer is developed in the Java programming language.

TextMaster Split File 2 1 EXNP Inc. 

software tool For splitting fixed or delimited Text files into specified number of Text files with the same structure. Features include defining number of files to split into based on number of lines each file should contain or fixed number of files regardless of the size. Each file can have header carried over if so required.
Destination . Freeware download of TextMaster Split File 2 1, size 372.74 Kb.

dingsda Andreas Horlacher 

dingsda is a lightweight extension For Google Chrome that enables you to quickly translate a piece of Text to another language. You can set your native language as your base language and choose four other languages that you will translate into. The languages can be changed anytime and there are a lot of options available. The Text can be taken . Freeware download of dingsda, size 419.84 Kb.

Lite Spell Checker 1.1 Build 43 Vadim Malyarchuk 

Lite Spell Checker is a small, simple, easy to use application specially designed to offer you a spell checker software For the programmers, web developers, proofreaders and other people who need to deal with a large number of source files and documents.

The program performs search in the multiple files simultaneously, and shows you the . Free download of Lite Spell Checker 1.1 Build 43, size 0 b.

EasyTutor 8.3.34 Dolphin Computer Access Ltd 

EasyTutor is a truly revolutionary software solution For anyone with Dyslexia or who has difficulties writing, reading and spelling. By harnessing the power of the inbuilt speech output facility, computer users can write, read, view and Check Text alongside a human sounding voice.

Research has shown that students with literacy problems . Free download of EasyTutor 8.3.34, size 0 b.

SmartBoardXP 3.11 Oakley Data Services 

You need how many clicks to paste!!? with your current Clipboard Extender? If it's SmartBoardXP the answer is almost certainly a lot fewer! SmartBoardXP won't get in the way by taking over large areas of your screen like other clipboard extenders either! SmartBoardXP will save you lots of time, For very little money! SmartBoardXP captures . Free download of SmartBoardXP 3.11, size 2.64 Mb.

WhiteSmoke English Writing 2010.01.22 WhiteSmoke, Inc. 

Could your writing use a little help? Whether you write For business or pleasure it is quite possible that your writing could benefit from the amazing new English writing software known as WhiteSmoke 2011. You've probably heard of similar programs and been completely unimpressed.

This is not the same old writing software you've seen in . Free download of WhiteSmoke English Writing 2010.01.22, size 20.70 Mb.

WhiteSmoke WritingSoftware 2011.21 WhiteSmoke, Inc. 

Could your writing use a little help? Whether you write For business or pleasure it is quite possible that your writing could benefit from the amazing English writing software known as WhiteSmoke Writing Software. You've probably heard of similar programs and been completely unimpressed.
This is not the same old writing software you've seen . Free download of WhiteSmoke WritingSoftware 2011.21, size 20.17 Mb.

TextMasterSplitAndJoin 3.0.25 EXNP Inc. 

TextMaster Split And Join is a file cutter and joiner clearly designed to be used in conjunction with your e-mail client. The idea behind this tool is that you can divide your big files into smaller pieces so that you can then attach them to an e-mail (or a series of e-mails) directly from this application. It is capable of interacting with your . Free download of TextMasterSplitAndJoin 3.0.25, size 2.07 Mb.

Document.Editor 2015 Semagsoft Inc 

Document.Editor is an open source multitab VB.Net/WPF Ribbon UI based word processor For Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1.

Includes support For opening FlowDocument, Docx(Text only), Html and plain/rich Text formats and support For saving FlowDocument, Docx(Text only), Html and plain/rich Text formats.

Multiple tab . Freeware download of Document.Editor 2015, size 3.45 Mb.

MKhoster Document Plagiarism Checker 1.0 

MKhoster document Plagiarism is an easy web application that enable you to Check Plagiarism in a Text document, Just upload your Text file and start Check now. . Freeware download of MKhoster Document Plagiarism Checker 1.0, size 749.30 Kb.

Write Source 5.2.6 Alcoda Software 

Write Source is a highly configurable and centralized (entire suite available from Tray Icon & SmartBar) word utility spell Check, thesaurus, dictionary, Text editor utility and optimized word repository. New: Compatibility Mode enhances spell checking Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express. SmartBar provides Desktop visibility For . Free download of Write Source 5.2.6, size 9.95 Mb.

Desktop Plagiarism Checker 1.11 Plagiarisma.Net 

Avoid getting blamed by the search engines. Stop getting condemned by your school. Read, understand and synthesize your origin facts. Use the anti-plagiat software called Desktop Plagiarism Checker to Check the singleness of your content. No need to carry on because Desktop Plagiarism Checker is a plagiat scanner that will help you avoid the . Freeware download of Desktop Plagiarism Checker 1.11, size 4.42 Mb.

Plagiarism Checker X 6.0.8 Plagiarism Checker X, LLC 

Whether you are a student, a teacher, a blogger, or a website owner; Plagiarism Checker X can help you deal with all duplication concerns. It is a handy tool created to help you search and locate similar or identical content inside Text documents and web pages. Browsing through 16 billion indexed pages in Google and Bing, it brings a detailed PDF . Freeware download of Plagiarism Checker X 6.0.8, size 11.79 Mb.

PCL2Text - PCL to Text Custom Scripting 8.795 Page Technology Marketing Inc. 

PCLTool SDK Option V - PCL to Text Custom Scripting For Text and Check Image Extraction from Legacy PCL. PCLTool SDK can extract Text from applications that generate legacy or complex PCL print streams. It can quickly de-construct old style mainframe-generated bank statements with cancelled Check images into Text and individual TIFF images of each . Free download of PCL2Text - PCL to Text Custom Scripting 8.795, size 19.13 Mb.

Plagiarism-Detector 4.0.01 SkyLine Studios 

Many people all over the world require a solution to Check whether the textual material they have is an original one. This problem is the result of the World Wide Web spreading its digital information powers.

When You ask a person to make a creative report You can never be absolutely sure if they will not copy-paste it from some . Free download of Plagiarism-Detector 4.0.01, size 0 b.

2TextsCompare 16 SkyLine, Inc. 

"2 Text Compare" - is a Plagiarism Detection software to quickly compare two Documents and quickly find all shared parts. "2 Text Compare" is a powerful Plagiarism checker! It uses advanced TF-IDF Text comparer that is able to detect obfuscated Plagiarism! On of he most difficult tasks in file comparison is - document . Free download of 2TextsCompare 16, size 30.93 Mb.

S-Ultra Power Spell Checker 1.00 Siam Computer 

S-Ultra Power Spell Checker is a handy and reliable application designed to perform a quick, yet in-depth spell Check of any Text.

S-Ultra Power Spell Checker is able to process Text from clipboard or inside any other Text processor. In addition, you can create spell Check rules to math your exact needs.

. Free download of S-Ultra Power Spell Checker 1.00, size 0 b.