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LearnQuick - Piano Teacher 1.1 Sovamo, LLC 

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LearnQuick - Piano Teacher is an invaluable tool for piano loversespecially if you are learning to play.

See and play chords, practice scales, analyze chord progressions, or just play around on the keys. Jump around between the sections and learn at your own pace.


Virtual Keyboard
View Up to . Free download of LearnQuick - Piano Teacher 1.1, size 5.66 Mb.


Baby's First Piano 1.0 Z Enterprises 

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Listen to music and not cries!

Babys First Piano is exactly what it sounds like a virtual toy piano for your baby or toddler to play with! Its perfect as an on-the-go distraction for your little one while in the car or in line at the bank.

The colorful notes are perfect at drawing your babys attention, and they even appear to . Free download of Baby's First Piano 1.0, size 734.00 Kb.

Chirpy's Piano 1.0 22Moo 

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Chirpy's Piano is a fun Multi-Touch virtual piano for the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad.


? Multi-Touch - play 2 or 3 finger chords
? Full slide - slide up or down
? Rich colorful animations
? High quality sound
? Special main menu function - tap both top buttons to return to main menu . Free download of Chirpy's Piano 1.0, size 13.84 Mb.

Progression - Chord Progression & Song Builder for Song Writing 1.0.5 SimonsApps 

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Progression helps you create new chord progressions while you're on the go and away from any instruments. You can listen to your chord progression on Piano, Bass and Drums to give it an authentic feel.

Progression offers two modes for creating chord progressions. Firstly, there is 'Song Mode'. This allows you to build up your song, . Free download of Progression - Chord Progression & Song Builder for Song Writing 1.0.5, size 4.93 Mb.

12-String Guitar HD 1.2 H2indie LLC 

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12-String Guitar HD is a virtual guitar app for the iPad. This virtual guitar app comes with some benefits that the real one doesn't have such as easy chord selection, auto-strumming, and easy string picking. It's a lot easier to play than a real guitar. You don't need to remember all the chords and where all your fingers should go for playing a . Free download of 12-String Guitar HD 1.2, size 17.62 Mb.

Chord Cafe, Piano 1.1 Pinch Village 

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Get chords that sound great on piano. It's instant songwriting: just tap a letter and play the resulting chords. Get different chords by tapping the same letter, a different letter, or the sharp symbol. Over 400 unique progressions available. Minimalistic design is easy to read, easy to use, and ages well. Write your next song at the Chord Cafe. . Free download of Chord Cafe, Piano 1.1, size 104.86 Kb.

Chordology 1.2 Greg Raine 

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Chordology is a multi-instrument chord and scale dictionary allowing you to have access to 1000's of chords everywhere you go.

-Includes chords and scales for 4 different instruments: Piano, guitar, banjo and ukulele.
-Thousands of chords, scales and variations.
-Beautiful interface makes browsing chords effortless.
-Uses . Free download of Chordology 1.2, size 6.40 Mb.

ChordTool 1.0 XSensis 

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With ChordTool you can easily generate original and unique piano chord progressions for your compositions. Visualize, edit and play any chord progression from any scale and all popular chord types.

ChordTool features:

- Generate random progression from the following Chord Types:
- Major Chords
- Minor Chords
- . Free download of ChordTool 1.0, size 9.54 Mb.

HD Piano | Chord Picker | Learn Piano & Piano Chords 3.7 Sean Vosen 

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Do you want to see and hear how to play the most important piano chords used in thousands of songs? Do you want to watch step-by-step piano lessons for your favorite piano songs in full HD? This is the app for youthe official app of, designed for absolute beginners.

Did you know that you can play hundreds of famous songs with . Free download of HD Piano | Chord Picker | Learn Piano & Piano Chords 3.7, size 11.64 Mb.

Auto Chord 1.1 mark carlotto 

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Auto Chord automatically detects chord changes in live or pre-recorded music and sends control signals (pitch, velocity, and volume) to attached MIDI devices such as synths and recording devices (e.g., Garage Band, Pro Tools, etc.). It can be used for live performance (e.g., to generate a "pad" accompaniment to an instrumental part such . Free download of Auto Chord 1.1, size 209.72 Kb.

Autochords - Chords songwriting app for guitar, keyboard and piano 1.1.3 Alex Robinson 

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Autochords is the ultimate songwriting cheat sheet. It's the easiest songwriting app and shows you how to play chords on guitar and piano.

Just pick a progression style and a key that you're comfortable playing in, and Autochords will show you what to play for your Main Progression.

It also suggests "Alternative . Freeware download of Autochords - Chords songwriting app for guitar, keyboard and piano 1.1.3, size 8.07 Mb.

Cat Piano Free HD 1.3 ObjectGraph LLC 

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***#1 in Category Ranking in Japan!!!***
***#2 in Total Ranking in Japan!!!***

Play a piano with cute kitten voices. Enjoy & have fun!

Fart Piano is one of the most famous Piano Apps and it was listed top 10 in the category ranking! What's new in iPad . Freeware download of Cat Piano Free HD 1.3, size 16.67 Mb.

Cat Piano Free - Play a piano with kitten voice 1.6 ObjectGraph LLC 

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This is free cat piano!
Play a piano with cute kitten voices. Enjoy & have fun!

*** Breaking NEWS!!!! ***
*** Top 10 in Music Category (JP) ***

The cat in the splash screen, Mopetti, is in 2010 version of "Neco Mekuri" calendar in Japan!

- Multi Touch
- 12 notes

Chord Board - Slide Rule 1.2 Houdah Software 

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The Chord Board is a slide rule that displays the notes necessary to form chords.

More than a chord dictionary ~ a means of reference for musicians, singers, songwriters, choirs, composers and arrangers ~ and a convenient teaching/learning tool used by teachers and students of music at all levels.

The multi-coloured chart is a . Free download of Chord Board - Slide Rule 1.2, size 17.62 Mb.

Chord Flash Cards Pro 2.01 Digital Music Doctor LLC 

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Chord Flash Cards helps you improve your chops playing chords as a performer on either a guitar or a keyboard. The name of the chord is displayed at a specified interval. Then after a specified wait time, the answer is displayed in three formats: (1) The spelling of the chord, (2) the guitar fingering of the chord, and (3) the piano fingering of . Free download of Chord Flash Cards Pro 2.01, size 838.86 Kb.

Chord Machine 1.0 Shane Chapman 

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How Chord Machine Works
There are seven chords in every major or minor key called the diatonic chords. These chords sound great together in almost any order and they are the foundation of all great pop and rock songs of the last century. Chord Machine uses these chords as well as first and second inversions, major seventh chords, minor seventh . Free download of Chord Machine 1.0, size 10.17 Mb.

Chord&Scale Finder CHORD BOY 1.0.6 pocke, Inc 

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Keyboard Chords & Scales & Synthesizer & Arpeggiator
TOP 2 Paid Music iPhone App in Japan [August 2012]

?Enjoy learning, composing, and checking keyboard chords and scales with this Chord Boy as a . Free download of Chord&Scale Finder CHORD BOY 1.0.6, size 9.44 Mb.

0riginal piano 1.0.3 Enkhtuvshin Gunchinsuren 

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This is the more than simple piano. It will become you Professional Pianist.
How to use:
1. Select note(melody) from settings. Next back to home.
2. Select start button.
3. Shake your device.
4. Next tap anywhere. You will show magic.

. .
1. .
2. .
3. .
4. . :)

1000 Piano Music Scores - The Ultimate Music Score Collection for Pianist 1.2 Pocket Software 

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*** Now with OVER 1000 SCORES in the latest update! ***
1000 Piano score sheets in a single app! 1000 Piano Music Scores is the most comprehensive and CHEAPEST music score in the App Store! We have a large and comprehensive selection of composers and their famous work in this app, carefully selected by music professions. The selection is so . Free download of 1000 Piano Music Scores - The Ultimate Music Score Collection for Pianist 1.2, size 598.74 Mb.

100 Red Piano Tiles - Force your 2 tap on the white and DO NOT step in the red! 1.0 Gloryvee Cordero 

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Do you love tap games? This is the most addictive game in the market. This game challenges you to think hard and respond faster and faster by avoiding the RED piano tiles NOT like the rest of games! . Freeware download of 100 Red Piano Tiles - Force your 2 tap on the white and DO NOT step in the red! 1.0, size 6.08 Mb.