Church Software

SKWEcuadorScreenSaver 1 Sophtware Kode Werks 

SKWEcuadorScreenSaver displays twenty full screen images of beautiful Ecuador, South America. Quito, Ecuador's capital city, is located along the equator. Ecuador is packed full of breath taking sites, ranging from green rain forests, steep Andes mountains with volcanoes, and wonderful beaches along the coast. In the city of Quito, both modern and . Free download of SKWEcuadorScreenSaver 1, size 4.87 Mb.


Score Chart 2.4 DVM Software 

Score Chart is presentation software for chord charts in a live band setting.Create songlists from the database, transpose and add songs 'on the fly'.Import and convert charts from text files.It has a metronome function that will sound a click track or count-in for stage monitors when a song is selected.It includes as Guitar TAB library.You can . Free download of Score Chart 2.4, size 430.00 Kb.

Tithe 6 ChurchWare.Com 

Tithe ver 6 is a powerful contribution tracking system. Tithe was first created in 1988 and version 6 represents the fifth major rewrite of the program. This version was developed in Microsoft Visual Studio and uses the .Net Framework. It includes an end user reporting tool that allows you to customize reports. This version does not require MSSQL . Free download of Tithe 6, size 39.15 Mb.

Spiritual Solutions 04-24-12D BAAC, Inc. 

BAAC offers Membership/Event/Finance Database Manager for any Religious Organization. In House MS Access Database that can be shared in a network environment with multipel users and link data to an existing website. User can integrate the data to a variety of website pages. Pages can be Member Directories, Leadership Page of . Free download of Spiritual Solutions 04-24-12D, size 6.59 Mb.

eCapture Optimizer 2.0 CheetahDocs 

eCapture Optimizer cleans up your SQL Databases after running several eDiscovery projects. This utility should be ran every once in a while, when you detect that IPRO eCapture is running slowly. To utilize this utility you must a licensed copy of IPRO eCapture Version 3 - 5. CheetahDocs is litigation support provider specializing in electronic . Freeware download of eCapture Optimizer 2.0, size 411.65 Kb.

Ministry Assistant 1.42 ChurchAssist Technologies 

Ministry Assistant is a church management software package aimed especially at churches with a small group program. It offers many of the features you would expect from church management software, such as tracking membership, visitors, activities, equipping, pastoral care, meetings, library items, and contributions. In addition, the program also . Free download of Ministry Assistant 1.42, size 2.73 Mb.

Bible Pro 14.9 Bible Software 

BiblePro includes 1.75 million verse links, 250,000 commentaries, 43 bibles, more than 100 maps, and an interface with free updates for life. BiblePro uses the same buttons, tools, look, and feel of Microsoft Word and Outlook to make it as easy as possible to learn how to use. The search finds any verse intelligently. Results are linked to . Freeware download of Bible Pro 14.9, size 539.65 Kb.

The Mixture Sum- 1 The Reluctant Prophet 

501c3 church corporate church problems & answers revealed by a reluctant prophet. The pages of this eBook reveal a plan was put in place, and implemented for over 70 years now, to coop the churches of America into service to the United States corporate Democracy government and negate the churches power to effect change and restrain evil in the . Freeware download of The Mixture Sum- 1, size 547.84 Kb.

Song Sheet .1 4 DSBsoft 

Song Sheet allows you to create lyric sheets with chord fingering diagrams. Now with auto transpose and the ability to read chordpro files The built in text editor includes numerous tools: font colors, shading behind text (for highlighting special lyric lines) bold/italic/underline with a single button click, font dialog box to change font style . Free download of Song Sheet .1 4, size 2.05 Mb.

Joel 2:28 Dreams and Visions Logbook 1.51 Freedom Software 

The Joel 2:28 Dreams and Visions Logbook is a software program designed to help you learn to hear God's voice through your dreams and visions. Unlike most dream journeling software currently available, the Joel 2:28 Logbook is written by Christians, for Christians to help you discover and develop this precious line of communications with The Lord. . Free download of Joel 2:28 Dreams and Visions Logbook 1.51, size 7.93 Mb.

Church Secretary Professional Edition 2.0 Dennis Baggott and Sons 

church Secretary Pro is comprehensive yet easy to learn and features context senstive help wth 'help' buttons on almost every screen. Dozens of reports allow for emailing or exporting data in a variety of formats. In addition to recording membership, attendance, contribution and visitation records, church library inventory and a prayer request . Free download of Church Secretary Professional Edition 2.0, size 15.47 Mb.

Easy Membership Website 3.8.7 

You can run As Many Membership Plans As You Want. Supports Payment via PayPal and uses PayPal IPN and fully automated PayPal subscription payments with daily, weekly, monthly or yearly subscription lengths + one-time payments for lifetime plans, or one-time payment products.

Each membership plan has its own separate protected . Free download of Easy Membership Website 3.8.7, size 1.02 Kb.

SongBeamer 4 20 Sebastian Zierer 

SongBeamer is a program to create presentations, intended to be used by churches. The program can display, on your monitor or a projector, slides containing lyrics of a song or scripture passages over a nice background. The presentations generated by SongBeamer can even include videos, music, speech or play fragments of a DVD (you will need some . Free download of SongBeamer 4 20, size 11.66 Mb.

OrganAssist 2. 5. 2011 

OrganAssist has been designed from the ground up to allow full portability of recorded music across all instruments. To achieve this OrganAssist contains a Virtual Organ that is capable of generating MIDI data in real time. This Virtual Organ has to be capable of generating this data regardless of the make or model of the organ.

The . Freeware download of OrganAssist 2. 5. 2011, size 5.20 Mb.

PresentationMANAGER 1.0.103 PresentationPro 

Presentation Manager - Praise and Worship Software for church Projection
Presentation software that offers the ease and features you are looking for to streamline and simplify your worship projection.
Included song and Bible database.
Text over video.
Play DVD segments and flash media files. . Free download of PresentationMANAGER 1.0.103, size 64.80 Mb.

Screen Monkey 3. 6. 2021 Oarw 

ScreenMonkey is an application that arose out of a problem. The problem was how to provide a seamless multimedia show through the use of the Second Monitor output that is on many modern PCs. If you have ever tried to do this then you will know that it is very difficult to avoid windows appearing somewhere. While dragging a window across and . Freeware download of Screen Monkey 3. 6. 2021, size 26.20 Mb.

Church Windows 14 10 Computer Helper Publishing 

church Windows software provides an easy way to track the church congregation, its happenings and its giving. Available in its classic form or under one of nine denominational versions, church Windows efficiently handles the church receipts and disbursements, its budget and its employee payroll.

Available as individual modules or as an . Free download of Church Windows 14 10, size 152.12 Mb.

Faith Visitation Manager 2 6 RCL Software 

Faith Visitation Manager is an interesting software with many features.

Main features:

- Track important dates for each prospect.
- Assign prospect to a team for next visit.
- Maintain results of each visit.
- Schedule date for the next visit.
- Unlimited number of ministry members.
- Track . Free download of Faith Visitation Manager 2 6, size 10.39 Mb.

print2fundraise 3 2 OnPix Pty Ltd 

The print2fundraise service allows fundraising all-year-round - even during school holidays - and it is easier, more convenient and cheaper* than traditional methods of ordering photos. Every time you print your photos from your home computer using "print2fundraise" you are fundraising! . Freeware download of print2fundraise 3 2, size 7.29 Mb.

Personal Ancestral File 5. 2. 2018 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 

Personal Ancestral File is a genealogy program developed to help you collect, store and organize family history records and information. It is an exquisite tool to build a detailed family tree.

One of the most important features in this application is its ease of use. The interface is well-organized and simple. It has been translated . Freeware download of Personal Ancestral File 5. 2. 2018, size 0 b.