Classes Software

ABC Kid Genius 2.16 PHASE II Pty. Ltd. 

Teach children the Alphabet, Numbers, Counting, Reading and Spelling using sound, pictures and video clips. Using the recognition method babies and toddlers learn by watching auto rotating lessons. kids as young as 18mths can learn to use the keyboard. Children progress and learn to type the alphabet. Story reading shows the child how words are . Free download of ABC Kid Genius 2.16, size 22.33 Mb.


ManagePLUS for QuickBooks 2.01 Flagship Technologies, Inc. 

ManagePLUS is a management information/reporting add-on for QuickBooks, emphasizing cost- and profit-center reporting for Classes, plus special quantity handling and reporting features:- Detailed Class breakdowns in the P&L.- Enhanced quantity reporting gives you per-unit revenue&cost information.- Supports DUAL quantities: your QuickBooks . Free download of ManagePLUS for QuickBooks 2.01, size 8.98 Mb.

PhpClassView 0.3.6 Uwe Hunfeld 

PhpClassView is a standalone classbrowser and documentation-tool for PHP-Classes.PhpClassView creates and displays documentations for php-Classes on the fly from appropriate source files.
It also can be used to generate static documentations in HTML-format for classbased PHP-projects.
It comes along with a build-in filebrowser, supports . Freeware download of PhpClassView 0.3.6, size 6.98 Mb.

TQVault 2.30.4 bman654 

Trade items between your characters or store the items offline in your private vault.

Main features:
- View the inventory of all your characters using in-game graphics
- Re-arrange the inventory of all your characters
- Move items from one character to another
- Move items from your character into a vault, . Freeware download of TQVault 2.30.4, size 4.66 Mb.

ZBrush 4 2 Pixologic, Inc. 

With this program you can sculpt and create amazing characters. When you open the program can select between eight options to start our project they are: Load a ZBrush tool, Import an OBJ File, Other, Poly Sphere, Demo Head, Demo Soldier, Super Average Men, Dog and Rinho. . Free download of ZBrush 4 2, size 24.03 Mb.

TimeTable Manager 2 1 Jack Valmadre 

The timetable manager calculates the best possible timetable you can choose each semester in school.There's also a swish drag-drop interface for making manual adjustments.It helps you organize your time more efficiently , so you don't miss your Classes. . Freeware download of TimeTable Manager 2 1, size 37.46 Mb.

SQLite Protection 1.0 Jonatas Freitas de Vargas 

SQLite database, but to make security for db is a complicated task, after much research it was found the component SQLite3.dll, with it we can makes security, with all these barriers to make a safe sqlite database, it was decided to develop a program with a graphical interface and make things easier, list of features it:
- All versions of the . Freeware download of SQLite Protection 1.0, size 49.61 Mb.

Icetips Utilities 1 1 Icetips Creative Inc. 

These super-helpful Classes, methods and templates will save you loads of time, make your job as a Clarion programmer easier, and maybe even make you look smarter! They handle all kinds of things you have either wished for or cursed about - and maybe even some things you never thought of, but will love once you see them.
- . Freeware download of Icetips Utilities 1 1, size 13.25 Mb.

MSErrors ErrorFixer MS-Errors 

Clean and clear registry is an essential condition of your operating system’s stable performance. Unfortunately a lot of mistakes and useless dump can appear in it with the lapse of time. MSErrors ErrorFixer is a small application for finding and fixing such mistakes in your registry. It scans the registry and gives you the detailed . Free download of MSErrors ErrorFixer, size 0 b.

JNBridgePro 6.0 JNBridge 

Is a Java and .NET interoperability tool that allows you to access your entire object-oriented API from the other side, in the same process or across a network.

JNBridgePro removes the complexity of cross-platform interop, so you can generate solutions within a day, instead of weeks.

JNBridgePro creates the . Free download of JNBridgePro 6.0, size 6.10 Mb.

West Wind Html Help Builder 4 57 West Wind Technologies 

A visual IDE that mimicks the HTML Help Engine. Geared for both end user and developer documentation with special features for component and class documentation. Structured environment focuses on content. Environment is fully customizable with HTML templates, HTML scripting support, custom topic types. Includes Wizards for generating content for . Free download of West Wind Html Help Builder 4 57, size 9.68 Mb.

Becker CPA Review Course Final Review 4 2 Becker CPA Review Course 

Becker Professional Education's Final Review is the only intensive, last minute, on-demand product available in the market. It complements your CPA Exam Review course, and it's designed to help you focus your study time during the final days leading up to your exam day.

Final review helps you build confidence and condition . Free download of Becker CPA Review Course Final Review 4 2, size 0 b.

Large Education Icons 2011.1 

It is obvious, that education had always been the best possible investment. And, so are the educational tools. Weather you are designing an application for schedule management, a school web-site, or just customizing your desktop to help you learn, a bright and stylish set of Large Education Icons is the right thing for you. This set is specially . Free download of Large Education Icons 2011.1, size 3.08 Mb.

FileTimes 1 9 Canadian Mind Products 

Java class library to get/set file and directory times: Create/LastModified/LastAccessed. For Windows only. Create time is when the file was first written. Modified time (sometimes called lastModified) is when the file was last written. Accessed time is when the file was last read or written. Checking its date, looking at its attributes or checking . Freeware download of FileTimes 1 9, size 218.11 Kb.

HunkIO 1 7 Canadian Mind Products 

Java Classes to include in your own programs. They let you read or write a file in one fell swoop into RAM. It also includes createTempFile method that is more convenient to use than Sun's File.createTempFile. It also includes PrintWriterPlus that converts linefeeds to platform specific line feeds even when they are embedded in data. Why the three . Freeware download of HunkIO 1 7, size 109.57 Kb.

Volser 1 2 Canadian Mind Products 

Gets the 4-byte 32-bit binary volume serial number of a Windows disk drive assigned when it is formatted to provide and almost unique id. Don't confuse this with the volser(, the string name, or the manufacturer's disk serial number assigned to a hard drive at the factory. Uses JNI and C++ native code. Consists of java and JNI you include in your . Freeware download of Volser 1 2, size 119.81 Kb.

VB.NET Documentation Tool 7. 9. 2005 Winnersh Triangle Web Solutions Limited 

The VB.NET Documentation Tool creates comprehensive documentation for .NET Framework projects developed in VB.NET and their associated SQL Server/Microsoft Access databases. Most types of project (Windows Forms, ASP.NET, etc.) are supported. C# code is also supported. Reports are created in standard HTML, Microsoft HTML Help and plain text formats. . Free download of VB.NET Documentation Tool 7. 9. 2005, size 3.05 Mb.

Common15 1 7 Canadian Mind Products 

common utility Classes that work under Swing Java 1.5+.It contains a more efficient version of the StringTools and Localise than come with common11 package. It also includes StringSearch to search forward and backwards for multiple targets. . Freeware download of Common15 1 7, size 741.38 Kb.

Common11 2 8 Canadian Mind Products 

common utility Classes that work under Java 1.1 without using Arraylists or Swing. Class library. Requires Java version 1.1 or later. BigDate: simplified date handling when you want dates without times. CMPAboutBox: a proper about box that provides useful information. ImageInfo: information about a GIF, png, jpg. ImageViewer: component to display . Freeware download of Common11 2 8, size 413.70 Kb.

Common13 1 3 Canadian Mind Products 

common utility Classes that work under Swing Java 1.3+ Includes: CMPAboutJBox: a proper about box for Swing apps/JApplets that provides useful information. HybridJ : converts Swing Applet into an Application . Freeware download of Common13 1 3, size 552.96 Kb.