Clean Up Har iPhone Software

4X4 Zombie Killer 1.1 Daniel Newman 

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This is the Zombie Response Team

responding to a call for assistance. Theyre coming out of the woods and theyre heading into the towns. Its time to load up the truck and clean up the streets. Choose your Jeep, jump in and get truckin to take back the roads from the Zombie hordes. Youve got a mean truck, youve got missiles too and youre . Freeware download of 4X4 Zombie Killer 1.1, size 24.64 Mb.


52 Pickup Free 1.01 Tiny Bite Games 

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Remember 52 Pickup, the card game that was actually a practical joke? Well now it's a real game, where the goal is to clean up the cards as quickly as you can. You can compete for best time with people all over the world in any of 28 game variations.

Clean up the cards by flicking or dragging them onto a green tray. Some game types have . Freeware download of 52 Pickup Free 1.01, size 2.52 Mb.

Cell Splat 1.0 Photon Creations 

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Cell Splat is now free!

An explosion in the Photon Labs has let loose all the dangerous experimental cells. As a lab assistant, it's your job now to clean up the mess by getting rid of the cells.

Cell Splat is an arcade game where you must tap the cells that match the target cell on the top . Freeware download of Cell Splat 1.0, size 1.89 Mb.

Chalkspiration 1.03 JixiPix Software 

Mobile \ Photo & Video

Create chalkboard art without the dusty clean up

Creating chalkboard art is crazy and fun. Call it old school but chalkboard art is making a comeback. Its everywhere these days and the more we see it, the more we swoon. The swooshes, the light shading and the dusty backgrounds are just a few elements that makes this media enchanting to . Free download of Chalkspiration 1.03, size 89.97 Mb.

Eco Stars Lite 1.0 Bro and Sis LLC 

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Join the Eco Stars to clean up the beach! Collect recycling and garbage and place them in the proper bin. Teaches kids about recycling and keeping our beaches clean. . Freeware download of Eco Stars Lite 1.0, size 16.46 Mb.

ElectroMaster 3.00 xionchannel 

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Knock off your enemies with blitz!
Clean up a swarm of bastards!

Its easy to play.
Keep on touching to store power and release for firing.
You can change the direction of firing by touching or dragging when firing.
The more power you store, the longer you can fire. Keep it up!

It is compatible with . Freeware download of ElectroMaster 3.00, size 7.86 Mb.

Gumboot Glory 1.1 DairyNZ Limited 

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Clean, green New Zealand is under attack from nasty, unwanted pests.

Help Rosie clean up the country, by using her number 8 wire powered, gumboot flinging, Cowtapult, to give pests like Possums, Stoats, Rabbits, Thistles, Beetles, Weevils, and other hidden enemies the boot.

Unlock a range of gumboots, each with different, . Freeware download of Gumboot Glory 1.1, size 18.14 Mb.

Habit Heroes 2.1.0 Disney 

Mobile \ Entertainment

The Habit Heroes mobile app is a comic book that chronicles the adventures of the healthy Habit Heroes as they clean up health hazards around the globe. Each comic book issue unlocks an interactive tool that helps foster healthy habitsphysical activity, nutrition, hydration and relaxationin your everyday life. With Issue #1 available now and Issues . Freeware download of Habit Heroes 2.1.0, size 131.07 Mb.

Home Cleanup Game 1.0 Ahmet Gurbuz 

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Are you girls ready for an amazing challenge?
In one of the best house cleaning games there is, Home Cleaning Game,
Help your mom to get excited about helping you tidy up the house.
Its time to clean up the mess in your world famous Home,
Your mom has been working all day.
She needs to clean up the mash in the little . Freeware download of Home Cleanup Game 1.0, size 14.05 Mb.

Honey Maze 1.0.2 Caprino Filmsenter AS 

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Lambert with his sweet tooth has a craving for honey. Luckily there are several pots of honey to be found hidden while cleaning in the garden. But can you safely nagivate the maze and avoid the bees?

* Clean up all the twigs to progress to the next maze.
* Play it safe to get as far as possible, or grab the honey and risk getting . Free download of Honey Maze 1.0.2, size 26.21 Mb.

Puppy Jumper 1.1 

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Special Limited Time Pricing!

You can see a video of the game in action at

Puppy Jumper is a visually stunning 3-D animated game!

Help Ollie the dog clean up Puppyville by recycling bottles and cans. Make sure Ollie jumps over the puppies as he races through the town on his skateboard.

Small People House, Decoration Games 1.0.0 BWEB SARL 

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Play with the little toys, mini-sets and accessories and create your world with various configurations. Help Lina to clean up the house and make her home a comfortable place to live! . Freeware download of Small People House, Decoration Games 1.0.0, size 16.67 Mb.

Azawhistle Kids Everything Has a Home: Tejas & Lollipop's Great Clean Up! 1.2 Leslie Hendry 

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* Reached #3 in iPad Book Apps!
* Best app Ive downloaded for my kids. -- appPicker
* This learning app takes the drudgery out of cleaning and turns it into a fun task. -- CrazyMikesApps
* Visual feast and nice addition to your story apps collection. -- Apps 4 Kids
* This fun and interactive app is not only a good story, but one . Free download of Azawhistle Kids Everything Has a Home: Tejas & Lollipop's Great Clean Up! 1.2, size 220.20 Mb.

Baby Room Makeover - Extreme Edition! 1.3 Kids Fun Club by TabTale 

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> Its Makeover Time! These adorable babies want your help to renovate 4 rooms - bedroom, living room, kitchen & garden!
> Clean & repair with tools - mop the floor, mow the grass, pick up leaves & much more!
> Choose from different activities like pooltime,fun puzzles, painting and eating in the kitchen for endless . Freeware download of Baby Room Makeover - Extreme Edition! 1.3, size 55.89 Mb.

Puppy's Birthday Party - Care, Dress Up & Play! 1.2 Kids Fun Club by TabTale 

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~> Plan your puppys birthday! Care, dress up, open gifts - lots to do!
~> Arts & Craft activities Inside! Paint BDay banners, make paper doll puppy decorations, loads of fun!
~> This Party has it All! Play host for all your puppys friends, and make it special for your top dog!

The puppies youll learn to love are . Freeware download of Puppy's Birthday Party - Care, Dress Up & Play! 1.2, size 46.03 Mb.

Celebrity Surgery! 1.0 Doctor Games Inc 

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Oh My Lady Gaga! What will all the Beliebers do with a sick Justin

Each of these celebrities have something that needs an ER doctor ASAP!

Scrub in and Put on the rubber gloves and enter the ER room to start treating each celebrity!

Open up a belly and put it back together again!
Stitch up the mess!
Clean . Freeware download of Celebrity Surgery! 1.0, size 42.68 Mb.

H&F Report It 1.0 bbits 

Mobile \ Lifestyle

Report environmental crime and issues easily to your local authority and have them resolved worldwide!

Get Involved

Thousands of people are using the Love Clean Streets Network to report problems to Local Authorities, why not get involved in helping to clean up your local area. From abandoned cars to water leaks let us know . Freeware download of H&F Report It 1.0, size 2.20 Mb.

History Avengers 1.0 Peep Software 

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Ever wanted to travel back in time and change history? Well now you can. In this fun app you will travel back in time and try to find the items that don't belong in the early beginnings of America. Become the History Avenger of America and clean up her past by keeping things like radios and satellites out of the past before things like electricity . Freeware download of History Avengers 1.0, size 15.52 Mb.

Touch Burst HD 1.2 I-Imagine Interactive 

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Burst your way through this addictive fast paced arcade game. Touch Burst comes complete with 3 unique bubble bursting games:

* Clean Burst
* Number Burst
* Add Burst

In Clean Burst you will need to pop all the clean bubbles and avoid the dirty ones. Use the soap to clean up the screen and score points, or shake the . Free download of Touch Burst HD 1.2, size 12.90 Mb.

Zoo Keeper - Care For Animals & Explore The Wildlife 2.0 Kids Fun Club by TabTale 

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~~> Play Zoo Keeper and Care for Animals in Zoos Around the World!
~~> Feed & Play with Exotic Zoo Animals and Keep them Clean & Happy
~~> Safari, Arctic, Jungle, Fantasy & More - Awesome Graphics & Amazing Sound Effects!

Want to run a zoo? Well, its your lucky day! Play zoo keeper at 4 zoos . Freeware download of Zoo Keeper - Care For Animals & Explore The Wildlife 2.0, size 51.38 Mb.

1-Click Flashlight: Fast, Simple, and now with Brightness Control 6.3 LLC 

Mobile \ Utilities

1-Click Flashlight has been downloaded 600,000 times and used more than 6 million times by consumers! This essential application has also been used by victims of the tsunami and earthquake in Japan and Hurricane Sandy & Irene.

NEW! We added a built-in dimmer so users can now adjust the screen brightness easily from within the app. . Freeware download of 1-Click Flashlight: Fast, Simple, and now with Brightness Control 6.3, size 8.28 Mb.

528 Radio 1.1 

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528 Frequency Radio streams 528Hz frequency "Medicinal Music" 24/7/365 for people who want the "good vibration" of LOVE, need healing, and appreciate the "healing power of LOVE/528" that resonates at the heart of everything, including rainbows, sunshine, green grass, your "heart chakra," and the air we . Freeware download of 528 Radio 1.1, size 3.36 Mb.

52 Weight Loss Missions 1.0 Happiness Strategies 

Mobile \ Health & Fitness

When it comes to losing weight, it's not what you know it's WHAT YOU DO.

52 Weight Loss Missions helps you take action and do the things that bring weight-loss success. Forget struggle, perfectionism and willpower. This is a better, saner way.

The 52 Weight Loss Missions are smart, achievable and motivating. They give you . Free download of 52 Weight Loss Missions 1.0, size 4.30 Mb.

ABC Alphabet by Little Sorter 1.0 

Mobile \ Education

Simply Amazing!

Approved by parents, teachers, and toddlers.

Warning: Your toddler will keep begging for your iPhone or iPad after they try this app.

The only FULLY customizable app of its kind!

Endorsed by tens of thousands of satisfied parents, teachers, and toddlers the world over.

Little . Freeware download of ABC Alphabet by Little Sorter 1.0, size 7.03 Mb.

AvgNite Cam : Average+Night Camera 1.2.1 EyeTap Soft 

Mobile \ Photo & Video

Camera app for long exposure and night photography
** An Average Camera with enhanced low light performance **
** A Night Camera with less noise in photo due to averaging **

** Featured in the Popular Photography Magazine (Pop Photo), August 2013 issue **

(iOS 7 tested)

AvgNite Cam is a long exposure and . Free download of AvgNite Cam : Average+Night Camera 1.2.1, size 1.78 Mb.

Baby Art - draw beautiful artwork 1.1 Commanigy 

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Baby Art is the perfect way to get your little one interested in the wonders of art. This app is designed to hold your baby's interest and stimulate artistic creativity. How?

Everything about the drawing portion of the app is automated, so your little artist just needs to touch the screen and see designs come into place. It's frustration . Free download of Baby Art - draw beautiful artwork 1.1, size 13.63 Mb.

Baby Arts & Crafts - Care, Play, Paint and Create Your Memory Book 1.7 Kids Fun Club by TabTale 

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~~> Have fun with Arts & Crafts, care for your puppies, help around the house, plan birthdays, and care for the babies!
~~> Dozens of coloring pages and stickers that you can add to your babys page!
~~> Cherish the best moments with your babies! Learn all about them as you play!

We are celebrating the release of . Freeware download of Baby Arts & Crafts - Care, Play, Paint and Create Your Memory Book 1.7, size 47.40 Mb.

Baby Dentist Office 1.0 Gluten Free Games 

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The Baby Dentist Office is packed full of babies who have ruined their teeth with too much candy! Now they need the best baby dentist in town! Use your dental supplies to whiten teeth, remove plaque, and repair cracks caused by a sugar overdose!

Get Baby Dentist Office today while it's 50% OFF for a very limited time!

Game . Free download of Baby Dentist Office 1.0, size 31.14 Mb.

Baby Dream House - Care, Play and Party at Home! 1.2 Kids Fun Club by TabTale 

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~~> Its the baby dream house! Explore 9 amazing rooms while you take care of babies!
~~> You can play in the garden, bake cakes in the kitchen and even take a shower!
~~> Check out all the rooms like the Bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, and living room! Theres so much to do!

Have a fun playtime in all 9 amazing rooms . Freeware download of Baby Dream House - Care, Play and Party at Home! 1.2, size 51.17 Mb.

Baby Game - Little Shape Sorter 1.4 

Mobile \ Education

A great first app for any baby or toddler!

Approved by parents, teachers, and toddlers.

Warning: Your toddler will keep begging for your iPhone or iPad after they try this app.

The only FULLY customizable app of its kind!

Endorsed by tens of thousands of satisfied parents, teachers, and toddlers the world . Free download of Baby Game - Little Shape Sorter 1.4, size 9.12 Mb.