Clock Desktop Digital Software

Digital Clock and Digital Countdown Ticker 1.0 

Digital Clock and Digital Countdown Ticker is a simple Windows application that allows both to count down the time from the set date as well as to monitor the current date and time. Countdown Picker window can be freely placed on the Desktop. Unlocked version allows you to change the background color and set any color of digits, also allows you to . Free download of Digital Clock and Digital Countdown Ticker 1.0, size 663.51 Kb.


UniClock 1.0 Screen Clock Software 

Collection various time-date utilites for Desktop. Collection includes: original Digital Desktop Clock,
Desktop calendar, countdown Clock for Windows. Digital Clock displays the current time.
Desktop calendar provides information about the date in a convenient form.
Countdown Clock - counts time up to the specified you event.

Premium Clock 2.31 UpClock Software 

Premium Clock features an analog Clock, a Digital Clock, a fully customized tray Clock, a customized Desktop, an atomic Clock, an alarm scheduler, and a calendar. Once you start using Premium Clock, you'll know exactly what time it is. Analog Clock, Digital Clock and calendar can stay always on top or disappear when you move the mouse cursor over . Free download of Premium Clock 2.31, size 2.42 Mb.

Voice Digital Clock and Countdown Timer 1.3 

Voice Digital Clock and Digital Countdown Timer is a simple Windows application that allows both to count down the time from the set date as well as to monitor the current date and time. Countdown Timer window can be freely placed on the Desktop. It says current time. Unlocked version allows you to change the background color and set any color of . Free download of Voice Digital Clock and Countdown Timer 1.3, size 2.11 Mb.

CrossGL Surface Clock 1.00 MicroInvention Ltd. 

Surface computing Clock Desktop gadget with 360° UI. You can freely rotate and scale the Clock. Move mouse over one of the gadget corners to reveal the scaling and rotation controls. You can also enable nice background animations and adjust level of gadget transparency. Whole gadget is one single exe file. You don't have to install it, just put . Freeware download of CrossGL Surface Clock 1.00, size 616.45 Kb.

DeskSeal Desktop PLUS 3.5.0 E-Lock Technologies 

E-Lock DeskSeal PLUS is a standards-based Desktop Digital Signing and Encryption solution. It is the wizard-based utility which enables even the novice users to sign and encrypt the files of any format with ease without any prior training required. Digitally signing the documents with DeskSeal will speed up the business process, reduce the . Free download of DeskSeal Desktop PLUS 3.5.0, size 2.96 Mb.

Bob-clock 0.1 

Hardware description and software for the Bob-Clock, a Digital implementation of an analog Clock using 60 bi-color LEDs for displaying the time. The hardware is based on an Atmel AVR ATmega324. . Freeware download of Bob-clock 0.1, size 187.51 Kb.

Hours Learning 1.1 Joaquin Leal System Zaragoza 

App for children learn time. Analog Clock and Digital Clock.
Easy interface for children. Four languages. . Free download of Hours Learning 1.1, size 314.57 Kb.

Round Clock 2005 3.0 Proxima Software 

Atomic alarm Clock with Digital or round interface. As event reminder it lets you conveniently manage your important dates and times. Supports user-selected skin Clock skins in BMP, GIF, JPG, WMF formats, sends e-mail notifications and plays sounds.

Includes features:
Desktop Clock
- Classic-style floating and resizable . Free download of Round Clock 2005 3.0, size 614.40 Kb.

ClockWallpaper FreeStone Group 

Did you ever think of nice-looking Clock on your Desktop? ClockWallpaper - Clock and Wallpaper for Desktop. You always can see current time, and if necessary alarm system will prevent you from forgetting time.ClockWallpaper uses possibilities of modern videocards, and releases resources if you will be going to play in games. . Free download of ClockWallpaper, size 544.77 Kb.

Birthday Calendar Reminder Appointment 3.6 Vax Technology 

Birthday Calendar Reminder can remind you of appointment, email, birthday, appointment, bill, medication and etc. It has outlook like interface and has daily, weekday, weekly, monthly view to ease managing your events, this reminder service also provides standard event occurring once and recurrent event occurring many times.When some events . Free download of Birthday Calendar Reminder Appointment 3.6, size 2.02 Mb.

GLClock 1.2 Dmitry Dubovitsky 

GLClock is a very fast (optimized) screensaver. With using OpenGL tehnology! It can show date, analog Clock and... Digital Clock! It support skins. Now you can create own skins. Enjoy! . Free download of GLClock 1.2, size 140.29 Kb.

Digital Clock GT-7 1 1 style-7 

Digital Clock GT-7 is a Desktop gadget that displays your current time: The time will be updated every second. The date is not viewable. One of the nice features of this gadget is the ability to enable or disable the flashing delimiter. In addition, you are free to choose your favorite color among the many available font colors. It's also . Freeware download of Digital Clock GT-7 1 1, size 30.94 Mb.

Clicky Digital Clock 1 3 Benjamin Simpson 

Clicky Digital Clock is a small and simple Desktop Clock that allows you to watch the time and set reminders while you work on your computer.
You can easily customize the Clock by changing text and Background color, selecting window transparency and enabling daylight saving time. . Freeware download of Clicky Digital Clock 1 3, size 324.61 Kb.

DS Clock 64-bit 2. 6. 2002 Duality Software 

DS Clock is a FREE Digital Desktop Clock that displays variable date and time information built from the format string.
The program allows you to fully customize its look and feel.
You can select any combination of date, time, and time zones, insert any text, pick custom colors and fonts, set custom sound to play at the top of the hour, . Freeware download of DS Clock 64-bit 2. 6. 2002, size 1.73 Mb.

Transparent Clock-7 1.0 style-7 

"Transparent Clock-7" is original Digital Desktop Clock with transparent background. Settings: color of digits, always on top, AM/ PM mode, autorun, big size, drop shadow. . Freeware download of Transparent Clock-7 1.0, size 331.55 Kb.

Font Clock-7 1.0 style-7 

"Font Clock-7" is Digital Desktop Clock with transparent background. You can use any font for display the current time, change color, size and styles. Additional settings: always on top, autorun, drop shadow. . Freeware download of Font Clock-7 1.0, size 329.63 Kb.

Tiny Clock Dylan Turnbull 

Tiny Clock provides you with a modern-looking Digital Clock for your Desktop that also displays the current date and weather information.

Users can easily change the background transparency and lock the Clock position on the screen. The weather information depends on the user-defined ZIP code.

. Freeware download of Tiny Clock, size 0 b.

Chameleon Clock 3.6 Softshape 

Skinnable Digital Clock that replaces Windows tray Clock (and thus does not take any Desktop space.) Enjoy customizing your Clock's look using Winamp skins and bitmaps - there are more than 3000 of them available. Chameleon Clock always keeps exact time by synchronizing your Clock with Internet Time Servers. Need a reminder to make a call, go to a . Free download of Chameleon Clock 3.6, size 1.80 Mb.

Extra Clock 1 21 Aleksei Taranov 

Desktop Clock with alarm. Main features: - Clock type: analog, Digital, both. - Clock background (images) - Clock style (different colors) - alarm (wav,mp3) - set opacity, colors - zoom - show date - calendar . Freeware download of Extra Clock 1 21, size 2.09 Mb.