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MaxiVista - Multi Monitor Software 4.0.10 Bartels Media GmbH 

Multi Monitor Software

MaxiVista turns any spare Desktop, Laptop or Netbook PC into a dual monitor for your primary computer. No extra multi monitor hardware is required. Simply extend program windows across multiple screens as if it were one big monitor. Increase your productivity by using multiple monitors.

KVM Switch


AKVIS MultiBrush 5.0 AKVIS 

AKVIS MultiBrush helps artists, photographers and home users to perform portrait enhancement, retouch image flows and remove unwanted objects from digital pictures. Available as a stand-alone product or a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop, AKVIS MultiBrush removes wrinkles, scars, scratches, and enhances imperfect skin on portraits in the most natural . Free download of AKVIS MultiBrush 5.0, size 26.30 Mb.

Handy Backup Professional 6.7.1 Novosoft Handy Backup 

Handy Backup Professional is an automatic backup software ideally suited for IT-professionals and advanced computer users. The utility is designed for operation under Windows Vista/2003/XP and 2008/2003 Server and proudly carries Microsoft's "Compatible with Windows 7", "Certified for Windows Vista" and other logos. Features . Free download of Handy Backup Professional 6.7.1, size 14.87 Mb.

Solid State Doctor LC Technology International, Inc. 

The SSD Utility Suite is an essential tool to provide performance enhancement, SMART monitoring and data security for Solid State drives. This utility suite is a proactive support tool, giving you the ability to make informed decisions regarding your data – whether to back it up because of an impending failure, erase/wipe it securely or optimize . Free download of Solid State Doctor, size 7.97 Mb.

Peak Limiter 1 53 X-Ways Software Technology AG 

Softly compresses single peaks exceeding a user-defined level in such a way that the result cannot be distinguished from the original by the human ear. This permits rising the main volume of the sound file considerably without causing clipping or distortion! Peak Limiter enhances single sound samples, fully arranged music recordings and digitized . Freeware download of Peak Limiter 1 53, size 11.71 Mb.

SeqVerter GeneStudio, Inc. 

SeqVerter is a free sequence file format conversion utility by GeneStudio, Inc. SeqVerter encapsulates a small subset of the features offered by the GeneStudio™ Pro suite of programs. While the standalone SeqVerter is a simple dialog-based utility, the free SeqVerter component of the GeneStudio Pro suite adds sophisticated viewers and . Freeware download of SeqVerter, size 12.94 Mb.

Compaq Client Manager 1. 3. 1934 HP-CompaQ 

HP Client Manager provides centralized hardware management for HP and Compaq business desktops, notebooks, and workstations from a Web browser.

It lays the foundation of the Altiris infrastructure to provide HP- and Compaq-specific information that complements other Altiris solutions to fully address system lifecycle management needs. . Freeware download of Compaq Client Manager 1. 3. 1934, size 2.34 Mb.

DIY DataRecovery DiskPatch 3.5.300 DIY 

DiskPatch is a professional data recovery utility that recovers data by repairing corrupt disk structures, like the partition tables, 'in-place'.

DiskPatch is designed to tackle the most common issues that prevent you from accessing your data: a corrupt MBR (Master Boot Record), corrupt partition tables, accidentally deleted . Free download of DIY DataRecovery DiskPatch 3.5.300, size 8.59 Mb.

Bvckup Yaletown Software Design Inc. 

It is simply a folder cloning utility. Point it at a pair of folders and it will make sure the second folder is always exactly like the first one.

Bvckup's default mode of operation is to constantly monitor for changes. Once the changes are detected, it propagates them to the destination. This makes Bvckup a real-time backup . Free download of Bvckup, size 48.88 Mb.

Caddais SyncOnDemand 2 7 Caddais Software 

SyncOnDemand offers Real-time synchronization of files between local directories, different drives, or across a local network to other computers or over the internet to or from an FTP site.

In addition to realtime monitoring of files, SyncOnDemand gives includes a flexible scheduler that allows you to create profiles that synchronize . Free download of Caddais SyncOnDemand 2 7, size 2.00 Mb.

RAM Cheat 1 22 X-Ways Software Technology AG 

Find out how to cheat in your favorite game. Universal game trainer. RAM Cheat finds memory addresses where a game maintains certain variables, such as the number of lives, ammunition, funds, energy, etc. This is achieved by multiple examination of the program's virtual memory space. You only have to specify the current value of the variable . Free download of RAM Cheat 1 22, size 10.08 Mb.

GeneStudio GeneStudio, Inc. 

GeneStudio™ Pro is a modern suite of molecular biology applications for the Windows platform built on sequence format conversion engine, SeqVerter™. All manipulations with sequences of different formats are thus seamless and transparent for the user. In addition, GeneStudio™ Pro is very well integrated with the . Free download of GeneStudio, size 13.90 Mb.

Gene Inspector Textco BioSoftware, Inc. 

The Gene Inspector (GI) software program is a unique combination of a versatile electronic laboratory notebook, a comprehensive DNA and protein sequence analysis package, and a powerful illustration tool. The combination of an electronic research notebook with navigation and drawing tools, and sophisticated DNA and protein analyses, provides the . Free download of Gene Inspector, size 4.72 Mb.

Clone DVD Movies 1 6 Clone DVD Movies software 

Clone your DVD collection saving the original brilliant picture quality. This DVD cloning utility can clone protected DVD movies, any data DVD, audio CD and data CD. It clones DVDs and CDs providing you with true 1:1 clones. Make DVD and CD backup easily, the DVD clone program has an intuitive, clear interface, it's easy to start and easy to use. . Free download of Clone DVD Movies 1 6, size 1.73 Mb.

Handy Backup Home Professional 7.0.14 Novosoft Handy Backup 

Handy Backup Home Professional is one of the market's most powerful software solutions for disk imaging, folder sync, and file backup of individual PCs. The utility is oriented toward managing the copy-and-restore data protection of literally computer everything: from individual files to disk partitions, operating system, and even the entire hard . Free download of Handy Backup Home Professional 7.0.14, size 18.11 Mb.

Data Exchange Manager Free 1. 6. 2025 SaaS Technologies Inc 

Data Exchange Manager is an example of tomorrow's technology today. With this tool database administration is a breeze. Transfer data from any data source to another. Use our custom designed templates to increase speed for any Database platforms. The most innovative and valuable feature would be our scheduler, which allows users to schedule their . Freeware download of Data Exchange Manager Free 1. 6. 2025, size 1.96 Mb.

Handy Backup for Android 1 7 Novosoft Handy Backup 

Handy Backup for Android lets you back up contacts, SMS, files and settings of your Android-powered mobile devices to SDCard or Online Backup server. Contacts are saved in VCard format and can be later imported to Outlook or other messaging software . Freeware download of Handy Backup for Android 1 7, size 1.34 Mb.

Sagelight 48-bit Image Editor Trial 3. 1. 2002 19th Parallel, LLC 

Free 30-day Trial. Remember when enhancing your images was supposed to be fun? Sagelight helps you get the best out of your picture by removing the typical hassles in traditional image editing, and you don't have to be a professional to get professional results. Sagelight is becoming known as an alternative to the standard & traditional image . Free download of Sagelight 48-bit Image Editor Trial 3. 1. 2002, size 13.69 Mb.

Handy Backup Home Professional 64bit 7.1.2 Novosoft Handy Backup 

Handy Backup Professional 64bit is a smart automatic backup utility for home and enterprise. The solution is developed for advanced users (e.g. working with MS SQL and FoxPro ODBC-compatible databases) and everyone knowing the awesomeness of backing up the complete OS (for handy recovery after a major Windows crash or hard disk drive cloning . Free download of Handy Backup Home Professional 64bit 7.1.2, size 25.37 Mb.

Paragon Drive Backup (Personal Edition) 7.0 Paragon Technologie GMBH 

Protect your system and data against disasters! Drive Backup is complete and easy solution for hard disk backup, image, upgrade and cloning. Create complete backup of your hard disk or separate partition(s) without leaving Windows. Quickly restore operating system with all installed and configured applications, valuable documents and files in any . Free download of Paragon Drive Backup (Personal Edition) 7.0, size 16.92 Mb.