Cloud Secure Software

Cloud Secure 1.0.7 

Cloud Secure can password-protect Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive and Box on your PC along with the usual online login security. It lets you keep Cloud folders locked with a password, so no one can access them on your desktop. This is quite concerning as these folders are easily accessible to prying eyes and can cause data loss and data . Free download of Cloud Secure 1.0.7, size 5.04 Mb.


Cloud Online Backup 4 5 Cloud Online Backup 

Cloudonlinebackup is the fast easy and Secure solution for online backup. It keeps all transfers Secure and encrypted, runs in the background and makes sure that data loss is no danger. Previous versions of the files are kept and can be easily restored from the online backup. The files can be accessed at all times by a webinterface. . Free download of Cloud Online Backup 4 5, size 11.23 Mb.

Mega-Backup 1.0 KRKsoft 

Mega-Backup is a smart automatic backup software for Windows that will periodically archive all your documents, project files, pictures, music or video files into your MEGA.CO.NZ account in a zip format so you can restore them at any time on any computer. Data backup is executed daily so you never loose your important work! . Free download of Mega-Backup 1.0, size 2.73 Mb.

Panda Internet Security 2013 17.00 Panda Security 

Want protection for yourself and your family on the Internet? Panda Internet Security 2013 provides you with the most advanced protection.

Lets you use the Internet for everything, like shopping and banking online, with total peace of mind.
Allows you to surf the Web privately and securely.
Your children will navigate safely . Free download of Panda Internet Security 2013 17.00, size 917.50 Kb.

Panda Global Protection 2013 6.00 Panda Security 

Want to enjoy total security?
Panda Global Protection 2013 has everything you need to protect your PC, your data and your family against all kinds of threats.

Enjoy your online world with complete peace of mind.
Your children will navigate safely on the Internet with the Parental Control.
Use and manage additional . Free download of Panda Global Protection 2013 6.00, size 913.41 Kb.

Secured Cloud Drive 1.0 

Secured Cloud Drive is a useful application that allows you to synchronize folders between multiple computers by using a Secure environment. The program intends to provide you with military grade encryption in order to protect the private information from being accessed by other users.

You can use the program to select the folders that . Free download of Secured Cloud Drive 1.0, size 0 b.

eBLVD Remote Desktop 7.6 

eBLVD enables fast, easy and Secure remote access over the Cloud to a computer or server from any web browser. You can view and control desktops remotely from anywhere within a few seconds with a simple click of your mouse. How it works: You or your designate download a small file from the web site and watch the installation start . Free download of eBLVD Remote Desktop 7.6, size 332.80 Kb.

eBLVD Support Center and HelpDesk 7.5 

eBLVD is an easy, fast, and Secure Cloud-based help desk and remote support system. Support professionals can resolve technical issues online with our easy-to-use trouble ticket system, remote diagnostics, remote screen sharing and remote control solution. Designed for single or multi-agent support organizations, eBLVD offers advanced . Free download of eBLVD Support Center and HelpDesk 7.5, size 332.80 Kb.

CloudI: A Cloud as an Interface 0.2.0rc2 

CloudI is a private Cloud computing framework for efficient, Secure, and internal data processing. For scaling previously unscalable source code with efficient fault-tolerant execution of C/C++, Erlang, Java, Python, or Ruby services. . Freeware download of CloudI: A Cloud as an Interface 0.2.0rc2, size 4.21 Mb.

Tresorit 0.8.60 Tresorit Kft. 

Tresorit is an easy to use, Cloud-based, Secure file synchronizing software designed to share confidential data. Simply turn any folder to a Tresor and place a file into it and they will automatically sync with every computers connected to the same account. At encryption is performed before the data gets uploaded to the Cloud, therefore users do . Freeware download of Tresorit 0.8.60, size 9.12 Mb.

get2Clouds 0.9.41 Beta NOS Microsystems Ltd. 

get2Clouds is a handy and reliable application designed to backup your files to the Cloud in a Secure manner.

get2Clouds encrypts your data and protects your rights over intellectual property. When you share files, an email is automatically sent to the recipient with a Secure download link.

In addition, get2Clouds integrates . Free download of get2Clouds 0.9.41 Beta, size 0 b.

CX Sync 6.0.0 CX, Inc. 

CX is a new kind of Cloud experience that takes content to the next level with a range of unique features: Secure storage, real-time syncing, public and private sharing, interactive group collaboration, and intelligent discovery. Easily organize your content, access it on the go, share it with friends or publish it online +oOeCOCL you decide what . Free download of CX Sync 6.0.0, size 3.25 Mb.

Safe Machine for Windows 1.0.5 April Software, LLC 

Safe Machine is a free to use, extremely Secure Online Data Storage solution that gives you the freedom to save your files on your preferred location on the Cloud (your FTP server, your Web Folder, Amazon servers, etc...). Unlike other online storage solutions, your computer encrypts and decrypts locally your files using military-grade algorithms. . Free download of Safe Machine for Windows 1.0.5, size 58.16 Mb.

Envault Cloud 1.0 Envault Corporation Oy 

Envault Corporation offers Secure data Cloud service with easy and Secure file sharing.
Envault Cloud application allows authenticated access to the Cloud storage, with the ability to view and share your protected data from the Cloud. The files in the Cloud can also be accessed and uploaded via any web browser, and via Envault Client Software . Freeware download of Envault Cloud 1.0, size 2.73 Mb.

My Dental Files - Secure Dental Records 1.2 RecordLinc 

MyDentalFiles is a Secure way for you to access your dental records, communicate with your dentist, and find a new dentist from the largest database of dental professionals in the world.

- Access and store your dental records in the Cloud
- Fill-out your dental forms once and never fill them out again at the dentists office
- . Free download of My Dental Files - Secure Dental Records 1.2, size 4.72 Mb.

Xopero Cloud Personal XOPERO SOFTWARE S.A. 

Data security keeps you awake at night? Well, we have a perfect solution.
Xopero Cloud Personal is a simple backup software that allows you to quickly and easily protect the data stored on your computer.
You can decide which resources need to be protected: files and folders (e.g. Desktop and My Documents), mailbox or your collections of . Free download of Xopero Cloud Personal, size 25.24 Mb.

Cloud Notes 1. 1. 2001 Criticaltick 

The Cloud Notes sidebar gadget will allow you to store, access and share sticky notes.
· Use your existing Google Account for notes access and storage.
· Secure HTTPS connections to Google.
· Double click to refresh document.
· Support most languages.
Advanced Key features:

Cloud Connector for Office 365 3.3 Layer 2 GmbH 

The Cloud Connector for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and Office 365 takes your local line-of-business data to your Cloud-based or any other hosted SharePoint- easy to connect, Secure and always up-to-date. It has been developed especially to solve the specific challenges of remote hosted disconnected systems in the Cloud without any direct access to . Free download of Cloud Connector for Office 365 3.3, size 100.00 Kb.

Abacre Cloud Hotel Management System 1.0 Abacre Limited 

Abacre Cloud Hotel Management System is 100% free Cloud hotel/motel management system consisting of two main parts: classical software for Windows working with database located in the Cloud and web-based part representing hotel's web site. It is a complete solution, beginning with reservations and check in/check out, and ending with billing and tax . Freeware download of Abacre Cloud Hotel Management System 1.0, size 5.66 Mb.

Abacre Cloud Restaurant Point of Sale 1.0 Abacre Limited 

Abacre Cloud Restaurant Point of Sale is 100% free restaurant management system consisting of two main parts: classical software for Windows working with database located in the Cloud and web-based part representing restaurant's web site. It is a complete solution, beginning with taking orders from patrons, and ending with billing and tax reports. . Freeware download of Abacre Cloud Restaurant Point of Sale 1.0, size 5.75 Mb.