Color Graphics Software

Hardwood Solitaire III 1.1 B33 Hardwood Solitaire 

A revolutionary collection of solitaire card games with engaging full-Color Graphics, original music, intriguing sound effects, and captivating 3D game play. Capitalizing on advances in todays video cards and computer processing speeds, Hardwood Solitaire III delivers all of the fun and challenge of traditional solitaire games, while significantly . Free download of Hardwood Solitaire III 1.1 B33, size 6.36 Mb.


Polyphonic ringtones 1.0.6 Home 

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ArcaMania 2 2.3 300ad 

Brick-busting classic arkanoid clone with more than 100 great levels in 3 full graphic scenarios, over 30 bonuses, advanced aiming with your pad, monsters, a lot of bricks in Hi-Color Graphics, efects and sounds. Destroy all bricks while keeping the ball on the screen. Some bricks will give you over 30 special bonuses such as long pad, short pad, . Free download of ArcaMania 2 2.3, size 6.02 Mb.

Hong Kong Mahjong 6 3 Nine Dragons Software 

Mahjong is an addictive game with colorful Graphics, Beautiful full Color Graphics with big screen 800x600, 1024x768, or 1280x1024 resolution. There are diverse sound effects, appropriate music and great variety of options. The game is terrific. The realism is fantastic, quite an addictive game. . Free download of Hong Kong Mahjong 6 3, size 4.39 Mb.

A320 Displays and Panels 1.1.0 William Fisher 

A320 Displays and Panels provides a description of every A320 cockpit instrument, control panel, and display. A unique menu driven format with Color Graphics and index pages make it extremely easy to find information. This product is designed for professional pilots who are preparing to transition to the A320. . Free download of A320 Displays and Panels 1.1.0, size 112.20 Mb.

HypnoBall 1.3 DENIS ANOKHIN 

For professional therapists and hypnotist.

Animated tool for fixing the attention, dive into hypnotic sleep through overload of visual receptors.

Three rotation mode, adjustable brightness and Color. Graphics are not blinking (run on modern tablets).

Suitable for application techniques, involving . Freeware download of HypnoBall 1.3, size 3.88 Mb.

HypnoBall Pro 1.3 DENIS ANOKHIN 

For professional therapists and hypnotist. No ad, no limits.

Animated tool for fixing the attention, dive into hypnotic sleep through overload of visual receptors.

Three rotation mode, adjustable brightness and Color. Graphics are not blinking (run on modern tablets).

Suitable for application . Free download of HypnoBall Pro 1.3, size 4.40 Mb.

Ice Engine 1.0 Ice-engine 

Ice Engine is an 8-bit Color graphical API for java. It offers easy to use functions for creating indexed Color Graphics. Virtual "framebuffers" allow direct read/write access to screen data. No external libraries are used, so it should be portable to most operating systems.

Multi Low resolution Graphics (320x200 ~ 800x600), Full . Freeware download of Ice Engine 1.0, size 0 b.

AquaPuzzle Pentic 4.3 

AquaPuzzle Pentic is an amazing multilevel puzzle game in fullscreen mode. High Color Graphics, excellent sound and fascinating gameplay contribute to the pleasant atmosphere of the game which is aimed at the recreation for mind and eye. Find the ideal strategy and gather up all the levels of this fascinating multilevel mosaic. You can change . Free download of AquaPuzzle Pentic 4.3, size 1.99 Mb.

Pirate Poker Piddlepup Games 

Play six classic videopoker games with a pirate theme. Features four hand configurations, six card decks, spirited sounds and vibrant Color Graphics. Don’t lose, or you may have to walk to plank! Beautiful full Color Graphics,spirited sounds and relaxing music! . Free download of Pirate Poker, size 22.43 Mb.

WinBowl 3 22 Small System Software 

A Shareware bowling game for Windows 3.1+. Some of the features of WinBowl are: 256 Color Graphics. 3D style bowling alley scene. Sound effects available if you have a Sound Card, including user-configurable sounds for events like strikes, spares, etc. Up to 4 players can play at one time.Players can be any combination of human or computerplayers. . Free download of WinBowl 3 22, size 0 b.

Asymptopia Flash Card System 2.0 

by Charles B. Cosse:Modern C++/Motif GUI LaTex flashcard creation, management and viewing. Timer-based run mgr makes flashcards popup at user-def'd intrvls. Supports Color, Graphics and any legal LaTeX. Powerful, simple interface. . Freeware download of Asymptopia Flash Card System 2.0, size 1.21 Mb.

Bioinformatics Learning Tutorial 1.0 

Interactive tutorials for undergrad genetics students illustrating DNA replication, transcription, and translation. Original Color Graphics and animations.*Source requires Qt libraries*Windows version @: . Freeware download of Bioinformatics Learning Tutorial 1.0, size 1.10 Mb.

DirectX 9.0c Redistributable November 2008 9.0c Microsoft Corporation. 

Microsoft DirectX is a group of technologies designed to make Windows-based computers an ideal platform for running and displaying applications rich in multimedia elements such as full-Color Graphics, video, 3D animation, and rich audio. DirectX 9.0c includes support for Pixel Shader and Vertex Shader 3.0, along with many new features across all . Freeware download of DirectX 9.0c Redistributable November 2008 9.0c, size 90.44 Mb.

Warpath: 21st Century 2.03 Synthetic Reality 

Warpath is a game for one to four players. You interact in real-time as you rush to conquer the known universe. To achieve your goal, you must convince the planets of the galaxy to follow your "path".

You will accomplish this by basically buying love, and blasting those who refuse to love you. It's an action game, it's a . Freeware download of Warpath: 21st Century 2.03, size 1.16 Mb.

2XL Supercross HD 1.0.3 2XL Games, Inc. 

"2XL Supercross" just got better! With stunning Graphics at iPad and Retina display resolutions, up to 4 player multiplayer and by using Apple's composite AV cable, you can now play on an external display!

Bury the competition as you ride like a pro! Discover secret jump combinations within each track as you master the physics . Free download of 2XL Supercross HD 1.0.3, size 201.33 Mb.

Rolling Marbles 1.02 Tibo Software 

Rolling Marbles is a highly original and addictive action/logic game for one or two players. The idea of Rolling Marbles is to burst out Color marbles by their grouping with the help of various rotators. It sounds a little like Tetris, but Rolling Marbles is much more varied and much less repetitive and predictable. Puzzle lovers will find Rolling . Free download of Rolling Marbles 1.02, size 2.75 Mb.

Bubble Strike 2001 4.00 Sontrex Software 

Bubble Strike is a remake of the classic lines game. The rules are simple:there are a board with the different balls, you need to align the balls ofsame type into straight line and they will disappear. After each move threenew balls are added to the game board, when the board is full of balls thegame is over. But in this game I tried to collect the . Free download of Bubble Strike 2001 4.00, size 1.80 Mb.

PDF to AFP Converter 3.0 IPDS Printing Solutions Inc 

Convert PDF to AFP (IBM MO:DCA, IOCA and PTOCA) documents in batch on Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2008/2003. Unlike other software solutions that simply rasterize the PDF document to full-page TIFF images, PDF to AFP Converter maintains all document objects such as vector Graphics, searchable . Free download of PDF to AFP Converter 3.0, size 1.32 Mb.

Raising Dead 1.7 Gelios Software 

The dead have come back and you've got to defeat them. Moving through cities or catacombs, you seek a variety of weapons, ammo, keys and other things and try to rescue the world from the dead. The game has a small violence and easy controls by a mouse or keyboard. It uses nice Hi-Color Graphics with the screen resolution up to 1024x768. The Auto . Free download of Raising Dead 1.7, size 3.91 Mb.