Completion Software

JetBrains RubyMine 2.0.2 JetBrains s.r.o 

Ruby and Rails IDE with the full stack of essential developer tools, all tightly integrated into a convenient and smart development environment.

JetBrains RubyMine IDE provides a comprehensive Ruby code editor aware of dynamic language specifics and delivers smart coding assistance, intelligent code refactoring and code analysis . Free download of JetBrains RubyMine 2.0.2, size 80.58 Mb.


DensiCalc 3.00 Cabot 

DensiCalc™ 3.00, utilises surface density readings to calculate:
1) The average fluid density over the length of the wellbore.
2) The average density of the fluid in the riser (if offshore).
3) The bottom hole pressure exerted by the entire fluid column.
4) The pressure exerted at the sea floor level by the brine . Freeware download of DensiCalc 3.00, size 4.01 Mb.

Vrode Script Editor 6.9.2 VrodeSoft 

Vrode Script Editor is an easy-to-use, lightweight and effective editor for JavaScript, Python, VBScript, HTML and
CSS files with code completion, syntax highlighting, code navigation, context-sensitive help and debugging support.
Here are some features of Vrode Script Editor:
-Project support(PhoneGap,Cordova).
-Running and . Free download of Vrode Script Editor 6.9.2, size 7.67 Mb.

SideKick for jEdit 1.4 SideKick Team 

SideKick for jEdit provides users with a useful and reliable framework designed to automatically complete code scripts.

SideKick for jEdit seamlessly integrates within jEdit and helps you to navigate through assets, view the completion pop-up window or search the current asset for occurrences of selection.

. Freeware download of SideKick for jEdit 1.4, size 0 b.

Completion for jEdit 0.3 Dion Amago 

completion for jEdit is a simple and useful plugin that perfectly integrates within jEdit that helps you to register code completion hints.

With the help of completion for jEdit you have the possibility to access templates in order to automatically insert scripts for HaXeSidekick, SuperAbbreves, CtagsInterface and TextAutocomplete . Freeware download of Completion for jEdit 0.3, size 0 b.

Dicom Portable 1.1.1 John T. Haller 

Specially developed as an Open Source word completion software, Dicom Portable is designed to make it easier to type words with fewer keystrokes.

Dicom Portable is built to run in the system tray and offers word options after a configurable number of keystrokes have been pressed.

It can also be adapted with your own word . Freeware download of Dicom Portable 1.1.1, size 0 b.

OpenSBI Edit Lite Windows Safer Networking Limited 

Using a text editor to create detection databases would be error prone and complicated, so we've deciced a code editor for just this special purpose. This editor supports syntax highlighting, code completion and context sensitive help.

Still, writing everything by hand is a lot of trouble, so we went ahead and created some import . Freeware download of OpenSBI Edit Lite Windows, size 3.93 Mb.

O&O SpeedCheck O&O Software GmbH 

With O&O SpeedCheck you can simulate your Windows system in a fragmented and defragmented state. No data is written in the simulation, it simply reads test data from the hard disk. After completion of the simulation you will be shown a comparison of the two test times, and the possible increase in speed available to you. . Free download of O&O SpeedCheck, size 3.02 Mb.

dBeamer (formerly DataTransporter) Instavia Software, Inc. 

dBeamerTM is a powerful data delivery virtualization tool that allows the user to operate on data in a way that was never before possible.

It allows the user to make copies of files, folders and database from one location to another, through an operation called BEAM, and instantly make available the destination copies for access by . Freeware download of dBeamer (formerly DataTransporter), size 15.36 Mb.

Inforad Manager 3.6.2 Inforad 

the Inforad Manager Software it will automatically register your units secure serial number that is built inside the units memory youd-deOaore new Inforad. On completion of downloading the Inforad Manager Software and the automatic registration your Inforad unit has finished you are free to request updates as required. . Freeware download of Inforad Manager 3.6.2, size 5.36 Mb.

Model Creator 1.0 Nirosh 

Model Creator was developed to be a little tool that will create a set of classes that generate a set of C# class files which map into the database tables.

They will have the class name same as the table name and they will have a set of properties that are same as the table attributes.
. Free download of Model Creator 1.0, size 3.24 Mb.

Compress MDB 1.0 Multiicon 

This utility will help you to compress, compact and repair MicrosoftdlT« AccessdlT« database. Its a very easy to use.

Steps for use ::
1. You have to just paste your all .mdb files in same folder, which software .exe file located.
2. Start software, it will show all your .mdb files in list.
3. Now press compress . Free download of Compress MDB 1.0, size 7.31 Mb.

Take Command Console LE 13.0 JP Software 

A powerful replacement for CMD.EXE, the Windows command processor.

If you are frustrated by the limitations of the Windows command prompt, TCC/LE is the one tool you truly need. By adding thousands of features that Microsoft omitted, TCC/LE makes the command line easy to use, giving you more power and flexibility than you ever . Free download of Take Command Console LE 13.0, size 6.07 Mb.

Agena for Windows 1.9.3 

Agena offers various flow control facilities such as

* if/then/elif/else conditions,
* case of/else conditions similar to C's switch/case statements,
* is OperaTor to return alternative values,
* numerical for/from/to/by loops where start, stop, and step values are optional,
* combined numerical for/while loops,

Easy Task Reports with Outlook and WordProcessingML 1.0 Microsoft Coporation 

This download contains sample files for use with the MSDN OfficeTalk column "Easy Task Reports with Outlook and WordProcessingML." To view the article, click the link in the Related Resources box.

Export Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 task data to XML and use this as a source for reports in Microsoft Office Word 2003. Use . Freeware download of Easy Task Reports with Outlook and WordProcessingML 1.0, size 125.83 Kb.

ICMP library for Java/Windows 1.4.0 Verax Systems 

Verax ICMP library for Java/Windows is a high-performance, asynchronous and 100% JNI (Java Native Interface) implementation of the ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) ping for Microsoft Windows, independent of any third party libraries.

The problem

Java 5 introduced the InetAddress class for ICMP ping messages however . Free download of ICMP library for Java/Windows 1.4.0, size 566.23 Kb.

Parrot for Windows 5.1.0 Parrot Foundation 

Parrot is a virtual machine designed to efficiently compile and execute bytecode for dynamic languages. Parrot currently hosts a variety of language implementations in various stages of completion, including Tcl, javascript, Ruby, Lua, Scheme, PHP, Python, Perl 6, APL, and a .NET bytecode translator. Parrot is not about parrots, though we are . Freeware download of Parrot for Windows 5.1.0, size 8.92 Mb.

The Mighty Maestro 2.0 ORB Education 

Interactive and engaging, The Mighty Maestro is a great way to learn the basics of Music Theory. Your kids will love it!

A variety of enjoyable activities, games and races are used to introduce and reinforce theoretical concepts such as values, time signatures, notes (in treble or bass clef), dynamics and key signatures. Opening with . Free download of The Mighty Maestro 2.0, size 42.84 Mb.

SpeedCrunch Portable Ariya Hidayat 

SpeedCrunch Portable is an advanced but very intuitive algebraic calculator packaged as a portable app so you add up some quick sums or process advanced calculations wherever you go. You can place it on your USB flash drive, iPod, portable hard drive or a CD and use it on any computer, without leaving any personal information behind.

3D-Knifflis 1.0 GameHouse 

Relax and uncover amazing 3D landscapes when you solve the spectacular puzzle challenges of 3D Knifflis.

Explore fascinating sites around the world as you play a captivating mix of puzzle classics including Match 3, Sudoku, and Mahjongg. Each game is carefully crafted to provide an enjoyable moment in time with innovative designs and a . Free download of 3D-Knifflis 1.0, size 1.51 Mb.

Completion Web Results

IMDb: The Making of 'Silent Running'

Documentary that includes interviews with the film's cast and crew, who share their experiences of working on the set and discuss the efforts that went into bringing the project to completion.

Guerrilla Filmmaking 101: Motivation

First in a series of articles to guide independent filmmakers without studio backing to a successful completion of their film.

Edward German

Biography notes his completion of a Sullivan operetta and includes a large photograph.

Puccini's La Boheme Libretto

Complete English translation of the opera with each act listed separately, aria translations, synopsis, plus the composer's thoughts upon completion and a list of choruses and protagonists.

SuperConductor - MicroSound International

Free classical music in unique proprietary format (a kind of highly souped-up MIDI); requires free Win95 plug-in (download requires completion of personal data form). Related papers by Dr. Manfred...

Jabaccreations Freelance Cartoon Services

Cartoon illustrations created and designed for you from concept to completion. For websites, logos, magazines, newspapers, and brochures.

Ketchell, John

Semi-abstract paintings of motorcars from the last six decades. John offers a commission service from consultation through to completion.