Console Application Software

Command22 ActiveX Touch22 Software & Consulting 

All COM objects included into the Command22 package are used for running the Console Application or MS DOS commands from inside your Application without bringing up the command prompt (MS DOS) window and providing your Application with methods to control the child process input and output.Command22 COM objects work with Visual Basic, Visual C++ and . Free download of Command22 ActiveX, size 626.69 Kb.


Image Comparer Command Line 1.1 Bolide Software 

Console Application for the purpose of finding similar or duplicate images. Runs on any win32 system and returns image pairs with the similarity percentage. Can process files, folders or lists of image files. Usage: >ic.exe [first object] [second object] [options] The comparison object can be a single image file, a text file with the image file . Free download of Image Comparer Command Line 1.1, size 275.46 Kb.

Delete Tree NetworkDLS 

A quick and easy 32-bit Console Application that deletes an entire directory structure and all files that it contains. Very useful in batch files.
. Freeware download of Delete Tree, size 41.94 Kb.

Console Mail Sender Beta Anton Smirnov 

Sendind emails through Console Application with parameters

* from - ""Display Name<>"" or jast
* to - ""Display Name<>"" or jast
* reply - ""Display Name<>"" or jast . Freeware download of Console Mail Sender Beta, size 8.39 Kb.

CombineFiles NetworkDLS 

A simple windows Console Application that will allow you to easily combine multiple files into one. The Application allows you to skip lines, create and append text or binary files. Simple, fast and stable!
. Freeware download of CombineFiles, size 41.94 Kb.

Basta Computing AppToService 2 8 Basta Computing, Inc. 

AppToService is a Windows Unicode Console Application that lets you run regular applications and servers as Windows services.

This allows you to have some of the benefits of a Windows service, such as the ability to run an Application even when no user is logged on the computer, the ability to run an Application under a specified user . Free download of Basta Computing AppToService 2 8, size 1.88 Mb.

FpcPlace 1.41 Bruce Parham 

FpcPlace was developed to be a Console Application that generates a component placement listing from the information contained in a FreePCB board file.

An optional .ini file can be used to handle unusual components, override many default setting, add component values and select from a variety of fixed or user defined output listing . Free download of FpcPlace 1.41, size 0 b.

WirelessNetConsole 1.00 NirSoft Freeware 

WirelessNetConsole is a small Console Application that dumps all current detected wireless networks information into the standard output. For each wireless network, the following information is displayed: SSID, Signal Quality in %, PHY types, RSSI, MAC Address, Channel Frequency, and more. . Freeware download of WirelessNetConsole 1.00, size 20.97 Kb.

APEV PX 1.0 

APEV PX is a Console Application for extracting and dumping meta-information from PE (Portable Executable) files. APEV PX is intended for command-line batch mode use and can generate reports for many files in one run. It is a cross-platform Application that runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

APEV PX extracts the following . Freeware download of APEV PX 1.0, size 115.34 Kb.

CDBF for Windows 2.99.03 WhiteTown Software 

CDBF for Windows is a feature-rich Console Application designed for viewing and editing the DBF database files. CDBF for Windows features support for all kinds of memo fields (dBaseIII, dBaseIV, FoxPro and Visual FoxPro) and the ability to export data to a variety of formats (DBF, plain text, SQL server script, Clipper and FoxPro source file). The . Free download of CDBF for Windows 2.99.03, size 118.78 Kb.

DMEncoder 1.000 Kruchinin Aleksandr 

Program DMEncoder is intended for generating DataMatrix of codes and works as the Console Application. Technology 2D DataMatrix codes allows to code before 1556 bytes, 2335 symbols of the latin alphabet and 3116 digital units. Exist 24 sizes square symbol and 6 sizes rectangle symbol DataMatrix with adjustment error Reed-Solomon, providing . Free download of DMEncoder 1.000, size 112.64 Kb.

Elecard Wavelet Image Compressor 2.0 Elecard Ltd. 

Elecard Wavelet Image Compressor is a Console Application which allows you to compress images with a ratio more than 100 to 1 with negligible distortions.The program's compression algorithm provides better compression and quality then the traditionally used JPEG algorithm. In JPEG compression, the image is divided into series of blocks, so at high . Free download of Elecard Wavelet Image Compressor 2.0, size 461.82 Kb.

Indigo Scape Professional 1.0.0458 AJE Consulting Ltd 

Indigo Scape Professional is a client based Internet Console Application with server based Network management. Professional products are designed to be managed from Indigo Scape Enterprise and provide a rich user Interface with an Internet Console and a Secure Web Browser. The Professional product features management of Users and Groups with . Free download of Indigo Scape Professional 1.0.0458, size 29.57 Mb.

WillVoice PBX MANAGER 2.0 WillVoice 

Management & Console Application for AsteriskWin32 PBX.

Willvoice PBX Manager commercial edition provide an extensive array of features to make your life with AsteriskWin32 PBX easier.

PBX Manager has been designed to allow Asterisk users and as well less experienced users to configure AsteriskWin32 PBX. . Free download of WillVoice PBX MANAGER 2.0, size 2.73 Mb.

BluetoothCL 1.5 NirSoft 

BluetoothCL is a small Console Application that dumps all current detected bluetooth devices into the standard output. For each Bluetooth device, the following information is displayed: MAC Address, Name, Major Device Type, Minor Device Type, and optionally the company name of the device (if external file of MAC addresses - oui.txt is provided) . Freeware download of BluetoothCL 1.5, size 136.19 Kb.

Chrome Cache Cleaner PDF-TIFF-Tools 

Chrome Cache Cleaner is a small Free Console Application that enables you to quickly and easily empty your Google Chrome web browser cache folder and browsing history folder of all the rubbish that builds up and never gets emptied by Chrome and therefore free up wasted disk space. Simply run it when Chrome is closed and it will silently empty the . Freeware download of Chrome Cache Cleaner, size 419.84 Kb.

Library Guard 0.3.8 Alpha 1.0 Jakub Fijalkowski 

LibraryGuard is small Console Application that was intended to help with music library. If somebody is pedantic about his/her music, for example path needs to match tags, clean folder hierarchy etc., this program should help. It provides basic functionality, which is: * maintaining path consistency with tags * removing unwanted files and empty . Freeware download of Library Guard 0.3.8 Alpha 1.0, size 450.56 Kb.

A generice executable process framework 1.0 

a framework library with a template method interface and inheritable classes for an executable process design which produces an executable which is both a GUI and a Console Application. It provides multi-threading for work items of the provider process . . Freeware download of A generice executable process framework 1.0, size 938.82 Kb.

aimg 0.1.0 

The audio CD image extractor library and Console Application. It can unpack various audio image formats and store audio tracks as media files. Supported input formats: CUE, NRG (Nero), WavPack. Supported output formats: mp3, wav. . Freeware download of aimg 0.1.0, size 38.48 Kb.

CMDMenuNET 1.0 

Easy to use library that provides menus for a Console Application . Freeware download of CMDMenuNET 1.0, size 4.06 Kb.