Construction Kit Freeware

Windows Live SDK 4 1 Microsoft 

The Windows Live Software Development kit (SDK) package includes OAUTH WRAP Handler to develop ASP.NET applications that interact with Windows Live.
OAuth WRAP Handler:
· OAuth WRAP callback handling for ASP.NET applications to process access tokens. You need this kind of handler when you build ASP.NET solutions.


Internet Entrepreneurial Success Kit 1.0 CE Internet Marketing Tips 

"Internet Entrepreneurial Success kit" is a 36 page ebook teaching the foundations of what makes a successful internet business. It goes through what mindset you need, the failure/success rate of most people online, how to take massive action and much more. This is well worth reading for any internet business owner. . Freeware download of Internet Entrepreneurial Success Kit 1.0, size 1.43 Mb.

WhatsUp Gold Starter Kit 14 Ipswitch, Inc. 

With the WUG Starter kit, you are given access to a free 12 month license to WhatsUp Gold Standard edition with the ability to monitor up to 3 devices. The WUG Starter kit delivers a high performance, predictive network monitoring tool that is highly flexible, automated and comprehensive. Expanding on that, with the recent release of v14.0, you . Freeware download of WhatsUp Gold Starter Kit 14, size 395.38 Mb.

Graph construction program 3.2.2000 S. Chepurin 

Graph construction program is a handy application that was created in order to offer you a simple means of building a graph from manually entered values or draw a graph based on values of certain time period queried from Access database. . Freeware download of Graph construction program 3.2.2000, size 503.81 Kb.

Automated Layer Construction (ALC) 103 

ALC (Automated Layer construction) is a computer program that highly simplifies the building of reduced modular models of signaling systems, according to the layer-based approach. . Freeware download of Automated Layer Construction (ALC) 103, size 32.72 Kb.

AVR Cross Development Kit 1.0 

CDK4AVR stands for Cross Development kit for Atmels AVR RISC processor serieand should you support with a comprehensive Assembler and C developmentenvironment for even this processor familie under Linux or similar host systems. . Freeware download of AVR Cross Development Kit 1.0, size 150.98 Kb.

Cocoon 2 NetKernel Adaption Kit 0.3.1 

The Cocoon Adaption kit is a NetKernel module which enables the use of Cocoon Components (Generators, Transformers, Serializer, Actions) from within the NetKernel XML Application Server. . Freeware download of Cocoon 2 NetKernel Adaption Kit 0.3.1, size 76.47 Kb.


The code-creation-kit can be used as code generator for any language, e.g. C++, C#, Java etc. The input of the kit's text compiler is modeled in table and template files. The kit is recommended to be used together with a spreadsheet application. . Freeware download of code-creation-kit, size 557.05 Kb.

Combine Development Kit 0.4.2 

The Combine Development kit provides a Model View Controller (MVC) similar to Jakarta Struts, an Object Model code generator similar to Torque, and goes a step futher to auto generate configuration, actions and Smarty templates for the MVC. . Freeware download of Combine Development Kit 0.4.2, size 198.64 Kb.

Curl Web Services Development Kit 2.1 

Curl Web Services Development kit - a Curl Open Source project The WSDK library provides components necessary for building Curl applications that make use of web services. These include both SOAP/WSDL support, and an XML document model. . Freeware download of Curl Web Services Development Kit 2.1, size 2.01 Mb.

DJRPG role playing game development kit 15 

An RPG development kit made in MS-DOS using Visual Basic 1.0 for DOS. It is already complex enough to create RPGs in DOS which do not require any extra runtime downloads outside of the game distribution itself. . Freeware download of DJRPG role playing game development kit 15, size 761.39 Kb.

E107 Writers' Kit 0.5.3.beta 

"E107 Writers' kit" is a software written in PHP, and is intended to cooperate with E107 CMS for user management, user session handling, user rights, etc. . Freeware download of E107 Writers' Kit 0.5.3.beta, size 71.80 Kb.

Eli: Translator Construction Made Easy 4.7.4 

Eli is a programming environment that supports all phases of translator construction with extensive libraries implementing common tasks, yet handling arbitrary special cases. Output is the C subset of C++. Please use eli-project-users list for suppor . Freeware download of Eli: Translator Construction Made Easy 4.7.4, size 10.93 Mb.

Embedded Kit 1.0.2.alpha 

"Embedded kit" is a toolkit/distro for Opensource Embedded Platform Developers which is reconfigurable and the modules contained within usable individually. . Freeware download of Embedded Kit 1.0.2.alpha, size 57.18 Kb.

Etiquette - a protocol construction tool 0.3.0 

Etiquette is an interaction protocols construction tool. Etiuqette allows to describe communication in high-level and textually condensed fashion. Built-in support for debugging and error-handling policies is provided. Etiquette is written in Common Lisp. . Freeware download of Etiquette - a protocol construction tool 0.3.0, size 30.47 Kb.

High Performance Cluster Tool Kit 0.1 

This project is to develop a simple yet scalable High Performance Clustering Tool kit. The idea is to provide a tool that can be easily modified by system admins to meet their need but still provide sufficient tools to stand up an HPC system . Freeware download of High Performance Cluster Tool Kit 0.1, size 6.08 Mb.

INGENIAS Development Kit (IDK) 1.0 

INGENIAS Development kit (IDK) is a framework for analysis, design and implementation of multi-agent systems (MAS). It is based on the specification of MAS meta-models, from which tools such as the model editor and code generation are generated. . Freeware download of INGENIAS Development Kit (IDK) 1.0, size 59.88 Mb.

Javascript Sound Kit 0.1 

The Javascript Sound kit is a wrapper around the ActionScript Sound Object, it makes it possible to use the Sound Object in Javascript the same way you do it in ActionScript. . Freeware download of Javascript Sound Kit 0.1, size 28.18 Kb.

Java Swing Gadget Kit 1.0 

Java Swing Gadget kit - Currently has: IP-Fields, Velocimeter-like gadget, LED gadget. . Freeware download of Java Swing Gadget Kit 1.0, size 28.10 Kb.

LandXML Software Development Kit beta2 

LandXML C++ Software Development kit.LandXML is an open, XML-based data standard for civil engineering and transportation applications. . Freeware download of LandXML Software Development Kit beta2, size 36.22 Mb.