Contract Managment Software

C4J Eclipse Plugin 0.1.1 

This project aims at developing an Eclipse plugin for the Design by Contract library provided by the c4j project. It helps Eclipse developers to maintain their contracts together with their Java classes. . Freeware download of C4J Eclipse Plugin 0.1.1, size 306.61 Kb.


ContractChecker 0.4.5 

ContractChecker is a small tool to provide support for some design by Contract features to standard Java code.Internally, it is composed of an Ant task, which invokes a doclet to generate AspectJ and the AjcTask itself in order to compile it. . Freeware download of ContractChecker 0.4.5, size 29.10 Kb.

Die kleine Kotitz (The small Kotitz) 0.4.1 

Adress Managment via KDE/Qt and Mysql Database, specially for german non profit organisations (but can perhabs be used by others too)Many Adress database systems do not fit on german adress schema, but this do. . Freeware download of Die kleine Kotitz (The small Kotitz) 0.4.1, size 572.42 Kb.

eSKUeL 1.0.5 

eSKUeL is a database Managment tools written in PHP.It handles all MySQL commands and is also fully skinnable . Freeware download of eSKUeL 1.0.5, size 186.22 Kb.

ezContract 1.0 

ezContract contains a Java library and a Java bytecode instrumentor to support Design by Contract in the Java language. . Freeware download of ezContract 1.0, size 548.86 Kb.

Free Dean's Office for MOODLE 232 

Manage subscriptions to the Moodle course, Contract with students, educational services, the trajectory of learning, academic groups, individual and group training, student record-books, learning processes, milestones, current and final grades, etc. . Freeware download of Free Dean's Office for MOODLE 232, size 2.34 Mb.

FRSH/FORB b.0.1 

FRSH/FORB is a Contract-based resource reservation framework for distributed real-time applications. . Freeware download of FRSH/FORB b.0.1, size 1.38 Mb.

Gifawt Is a Free And Working Telescol 20.12.2009 

The GiFaWT project want to publish a clone of the proprietary education-Managment-software TelescolA©, used in France. It will implement: Mark manager, homework manager, presence reporter, ..., and a better look, and less bug :-) . Freeware download of Gifawt Is a Free And Working Telescol 20.12.2009, size 24.98 Mb.

GIS_FM for Grass 1.0 

GIS Facility Managment module for Grass GIS system . Freeware download of GIS_FM for Grass 1.0, size 27.90 Kb.

ICT SMS 0.2 

ICTSMS is open source Drupal based SMS broadcasting software solution for service providers, with very useful features like campaigns Managment, scheduling, billing, multiple gateway support, dial lists, message templates and multi user support, . Freeware download of ICT SMS 0.2, size 43.20 Kb.

IBContractExtractor 1.0 

IbContractExtractor scrapes Contract information from Interactive Broker's website, writing the results to a text file. . Freeware download of IBContractExtractor 1.0, size 229.15 Kb.

Java Modeling Language (JML) 1.0 

The Java Modeling Language (JML) is a behavioral interface specification language that can be used to specify the behavior of Java modules (as in design by Contract -- DBC). It has many tools to do assertion checking, unit testing, etc. . Freeware download of Java Modeling Language (JML) 1.0, size 9.87 Mb.

Java Argument Validation 1.0 

An easy way for checking the precondition(s) of (public) methods and constructors (design by Contract). All arguments can be checked, before an IllegalArgumentException is thrown. Creating consistent messages for inconvenieneces in argument values. . Freeware download of Java Argument Validation 1.0, size 7.37 Mb.

Java Fine Print 1.0 

Java Fine Print is a Design by Contract (DbC) tool. Developers add @Invar, @Pre, and @Post annotations to their code. Java Fine Print uses these annotations to generate Java source code that tests for Contract violations. . Freeware download of Java Fine Print 1.0, size 30.55 Kb.

jContractor 0.1 

jContractor is a tool to provide Design by Contract support to the Java programming language. Contracts are specified by writing methods that follow jContractor's naming convention. . Freeware download of jContractor 0.1, size 333.88 Kb.

Kwok Information Server 1.0 

Kwok Information Server is an open source IT management system, providing IT asset tracking (hardware inventory and software license), issue tracking (helpdesk), service Contract management, vendor contact management, and knowledge base. . Freeware download of Kwok Information Server 1.0, size 94.41 Mb.

MetaContract 0.3 

Design by Contract allows a programmer to document a function/class with statements describing behavior. Metacontract implements the PEP-0316 related to this feature for the Python language using meta classes. . Freeware download of MetaContract 0.3, size 4.92 Kb.

Modern Jass 20070519 

Modern Jass is a Design by Contract implementation for Java which uses Java 5 annotations, the Pluggable Annotation Processing API (JSR 269), the Compiler API (JSR 199), and the Bytecode Instrumentation API. . Freeware download of Modern Jass 20070519, size 507.03 Kb.

o2Store 1.0 

o2Store is a Warehouse and Point Of Sale (POS)Managment System written completely in Java and uses MSDE database (free). It makes use of JasperReports to display various reports. This system records information about sales,purchases,inventory,cash etc. . Freeware download of o2Store 1.0, size 17.35 Mb.

ONE Open Negotiation Environment 

The main objective of the ONE project is to enrich Digital Ecosystems with an decentralised negotiation environment and enabling tools that will allow organisations to create Contract agreements for supplying integrated services as a virtual organisation . Freeware download of ONE Open Negotiation Environment, size 73.08 Mb.