Control User Access Time Software

Access Time Hour Tracking New Winning Solutions, Inc. 

Access Time Hour Tracking is a handy application which allows you to keep records about the Time spent by your employees on certain projects. It is designed to handle multiple companies, projects and employes in order to quickly retrieve the desired information.

You can search the database by using several criteria and to generate . Free download of Access Time Hour Tracking New, size 0 b.


Algorius Net Watcher 2.0 Algorius Software Inc. 

Algorius Net Watcher - Software that allows you to monitor User Access and files opened on your computer via the network.
It should be noted that Algorius Net Watcher is a unique and universal protection for your computer from unauthorized Access over a local wired network or WiFi.
With the automatic, visual and sound notification you . Free download of Algorius Net Watcher 2.0, size 1.95 Mb.

Ez PC Lock 1.0.5 IT Works Corporation 

Ez PC Lock allows you to remotely Control the PC Access Time of any computer that you allow your employees or contractors Access to, anywhere in the World. You can Lock, Restart, turn the power off on any PC.Automatic PC Power OFF, Lock Down or Reboot when scheduled Separate Time schedule for each day of the week Works on any network and behind . Free download of Ez PC Lock 1.0.5, size 4.08 Mb.

Quest Access Manager 2.0 Quest Software Inc. 

Quest Access Manager provides a single console that enables IT to identify and Control User and group Access to resources such as files, folders and shares throughout the enterprise. This strict Control and granular visibility enables organizations to meet security and compliance requirements, Control operational costs and optimize infrastructure . Free download of Quest Access Manager 2.0, size 0 b.

AssureFiles Secure File Sharing EaseFilter Inc. 

Secure File Sharing With Digital Rights Management.Safeguard file sharing without boundaries. AssureFiles Secure File Sharing combines AES 256 bit encryption with digital rights management to give businesses persistent Control over all stages of its life,enables employees to share files with anyone, via any method, without compromising business . Freeware download of AssureFiles Secure File Sharing, size 4.90 Mb.

Easy File Protector 5.122 IM-Soft 

Easy File Protector is a very flexible password protected security utility that restricts Access to your files and folders by User-defined Time schedule. You choose users, define restricted files/folders and Time periods for them, and activate the program. After that, your system disables/enables your files automatically depending on current Time . Free download of Easy File Protector 5.122, size 765.46 Kb.

TimeWatcher 5.03 thinkOmatics 

TimeWatcher is a useful tool for anyone who wants to Control the Access to a computer. It can help parents to restrict the Access Time their kids have to a computer. But especially cybercafes, libraries or hotels will find it useful, to Control their customers computer Access. Besides the Time controlling functions TimeWatcher also offers a . Free download of TimeWatcher 5.03, size 4.40 Mb.

Android GPS Control 0.3 

This is for GPS User data self-Control and Access Control on Android. User can set its own Access Control on his/her own GPS data from Android. . Freeware download of Android GPS Control 0.3, size 24.37 Mb.

PC Entree 2.0.2 IT Works Corporation 

Block facebook and other social networks on computer, filter Internet and limit computer Access Time. Countdown timer, content filter. Block Porn & gambling

- Limit Access Time or block Access to websites (separate schedule for a website or a group of websites)

- Schedule or block Access to any software program or a . Free download of PC Entree 2.0.2, size 6.75 Mb.

Child Care Control Console 1.0 OleinaSoft 

Child Care Control Console was designed to help you in sence of automatic Control of the Time your child spends playing games and working on the computer during a day. Even if you are not near your child, Child Care Control Console measures and controls the total Time your child spends on his computer and locks the computer after that Time . Free download of Child Care Control Console 1.0, size 2.83 Mb.

Cyberoam EndPoint Data Protection 3.21.902.10 Elitecore Technologies 

Cyberoam Endpoint Data Protection is an easy-to-deploy, downloadable solution which allows organizations to execute centralized Control over Access, modification and transfer of organizational data through management-defined roles for individual users or groups.
Cyberoam’s data protection measures provide real-Time alerts and . Free download of Cyberoam EndPoint Data Protection 3.21.902.10, size 98.15 Mb.

PPPoE Monitor 1.0.3 Winsent Lab 

PPPoE Monitor is a computer tool designed to monitor and Control PPPoE Access concentrators connected to your network. The tool checks the availability of concentrators, evaluates the workload of each concentrator and channels and ensures your security when using the PPPoE services. Discover PPPoE concentrators in your network, get tooltip and . Free download of PPPoE Monitor 1.0.3, size 1.52 Mb.

PPPoE Monitor Portable 1.0.3 Winsent Lab 

PPPoE Monitor is a computer tool designed to monitor and Control PPPoE Access concentrators connected to your network. The tool checks the availability of concentrators, evaluates the workload of each concentrator and channels and ensures your security when using the PPPoE services. Discover PPPoE concentrators in your network, get tooltip and . Free download of PPPoE Monitor Portable 1.0.3, size 1.50 Mb.

Multi Availability Calendar by StivaSoft 4.0 StivaSoft 

Simple PHP based availability calendar script with miltiple calendar support and User Access controls. Multi Availability Calendar script will allow you to create and embed an unlimited number of availability calendars into your website and instantly manage service availability. Each calendar uses separate options and setting controls, so you can . Free download of Multi Availability Calendar by StivaSoft 4.0, size 129.02 Kb.

FedStage Open DRMAA Service Provider 1.1 

FedStage OpenDSP is an open implementation of SOAP Web Service multi-User Access and policy-based job Control using OGF DRMAA routines supported by distributed resource management systems like Sun Grid Engine (SGE), LSF, PBSPro, Torque or Condor. . Freeware download of FedStage Open DRMAA Service Provider 1.1, size 504.22 Kb.

FIShS (Fair Internet Sharing Server) 1.0 Fishs 

Server/client suite which provides per-User Access Control/firewall/QOS. Robust and high speed implementation is secure against MAC/IP spoofing, and can scale to large networks with many clients. Options for additional monitoring and captive portal.

Per-User Firewall and QOS, Static and Dynamic Access Control, Scalable

FIShS . Freeware download of FIShS (Fair Internet Sharing Server) 1.0, size 0 b.

Project Controls 

Project Control, can only be use together wit

To use the Project Controls you must have the following:
* Account with
* User Access to API
* User Access to Project Module.
Project Module must be properly configured before this app is used.

Project Control get all the data from . Freeware download of Project Controls, size 1.05 Mb.

TrafficPal 2011 Sandkey Software 

TrafficPal gives the User Access to over 7,000 traffic cameras to keep you informed about what's happening on the roadways right now, nationwide. This app available on a 12 month subscription from the Time of purchase. 3 day trial is also available.

Powered by TrafficLand, the cameras in this app provide users with still image snapshots . Free download of TrafficPal 2011, size 1.05 Mb.

Any Time 1 FMJ-Software 

Any Time lets you independently take Control of the Time, the pitch, and the sample rate of an audio recording. You can:- Do Time stretching - Change the playback Time of the recording without changing the pitch. - Do pitch scaling - Change the pitch of the recording without changing the playback Time. With optional formant correction. - Do sample . Free download of Any Time 1, size 754.69 Kb.

Antares PasSafe Password Manager 3.0 Antares Corporation Pty Ltd 

PasSafe is a convenient desktop tool to manage security passwords and User Access codes and can be used to randomly generate hard to crack 7 character passwords. The PasSafe database is highly encrypted to ensure the integrity of the stored data. PasSafe can also be used to store other sensitive data such as serial numbers, insurance policy details . Free download of Antares PasSafe Password Manager 3.0, size 4.78 Mb.