Controller On Pc Software

Bluemote Controller 1.0 Bluemote 

Bluemote Controller - a Bluetooth Remote Controller for Pc and J2ME applications.

Bluemote Controller 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of Bluemote Controller 1.0, size 0 b.


SISED 1.0 Sised 

The SISED Project aims at building an educational software to simulate Discrete Event Systems (SEDs), supervised by a logical programmable Controller, through Pc serial interface RS-232. Designed for use in engineering courses.

SISED 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of SISED 1.0, size 0 b.

gCOder 2006.06.0.1.beta 

gCoder is a GUI, server-client based dyanmic programing contest controler built in Python. Its a programing contest Controller like Pc^2 and TopCoder(TM) areana. It use system test module, which can actually test contestent codes without any human interf . Freeware download of gCOder 2006.06.0.1.beta, size 119.96 Kb.

Keysticks 2.0 Tim Brogden 

Keysticks lets you control your Pc with a gamepad or joystick instead of the keyboard and mouse.

You can use it to control your media player with a wireless Xbox 360 Controller. You can use it to browse the web On your TV from the comfort of your sofa. You can use it to play Pc games that don't fully support your Controller. It's . Freeware download of Keysticks 2.0, size 10.16 Mb.

GRemoteServer Pro GBM Software 

GRemote Pro is a software, that lets you to remotely control popular applications On your Pc using a mobile phone or PDA with Windows Mobile or Android system On board. It makes easy to access with one click even a very well hidden functions of almost every media software On the market. Controlling presentaions in PowerPoint, using Media Player, . Free download of GRemoteServer Pro, size 7.06 Mb.

Rockband Stage Kit Controller for PC 1.0 

Stage Kit Controller . Freeware download of Rockband Stage Kit Controller for PC 1.0, size 479.34 Kb. 1.0 TACACS 

What is TACACS+? TACACS+ is an Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) protocol originally developed for the U.S. Department of Defense for authentication to network devices such as routers, switches, and firewalls. Unlike RADIUS, it separates the Authentication and Authorization functionalities, which makes it more flexible for . Freeware download of 1.0, size 29.88 Mb.

DomoPic System 1.0 Domopic 

The goal of this project is to build a centralized domotic system. This project contents three parts:- An electronic part;- An embedded software part (PIC Microship Controller);- A Pc software part (Dotnet/Mono)

DomoPic System 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of DomoPic System 1.0, size 0 b.

PTZ Controller PPC 1.1 Serial Port Tool 

PTZ Controller PPC is an application for Pocket Pc to control PTZ camera. It runs On PPC2003SE, WM5.0 and WM6.0. It can perform the full function of traditional hardware keyboard Controller. It can control the PTZ camera through Pocket Pc Compact Flash slot, and control RS232 / 485 / USB port with a converter. It can also act as a debug tool for . Free download of PTZ Controller PPC 1.1, size 516.10 Kb.

Relay Timer PPC 1.0 Serial Port Tool 

Relay Timer PPC is a useful tool for NCD ProXR relay Controller boards with Pocket Pc. It supports 1 board with 8 relays. Each relay can be programmed separately with multiple timers. Relays can be turned On / off manually and automatically according to the time setting. The status of all relays can be changed and displayed at the same time. It can . Free download of Relay Timer PPC 1.0, size 486.40 Kb.

Pocket Controller-Professional SOTI Inc. 

Pocket Controller Pro allows you to operate and control a Pocket Pc, Smartphone or any other Windows CE based mobile device from your computer, using your computer's keyboard and mouse to control the device and interact with programs running On it. . Free download of Pocket Controller-Professional, size 22.02 Mb.

Smart Brightness Controller 1.3 Brightek Software 

Smart Brightness Controller is the first dimmer for a Pc. Dimmers(Controllers of the Brightness) are built into many devices such as Mobile Phones, MP3 players, etc. They help to save battery and eyes as well. Smart Brightness Controller sets up the screen brightness depending On the lighting in the room and the brightness of the picture On the . Free download of Smart Brightness Controller 1.3, size 1.69 Mb.

TAPICall 4.2.132 CONVERGIT GmbH 

FULL INSIGHT AT THE FIRST RING: TAPICall turns your desktop Pc into a highly efficient CTI work station by means of Outlook add-On: Identification of the caller and display of the corresponding Outlook contact sheet; Automatic display of memos, even company wide; automatic creation of journal entries with a call-back feature; current status display . Free download of TAPICall 4.2.132, size 9.80 Mb.

PC Link Nitrous 2.0 Daytona Sensors LLC 

Pc Link Nitrous Software
- Used to establish Controller scale factors, general setup parameters, and independent control parameters for each nitrous stage.
- Program control strategy based On throttle position, RPM and vehicle speed windows, time delay, and first gear lockout.
- RPM or time based progressive control. Easy graphic . Freeware download of PC Link Nitrous 2.0, size 9.72 Mb.

PC 73 Virtual Piano Keyboard 1.0 Flextron Bt. 

Play this On-screen piano using your computer keyboard or mouse. Pc 73 is a stylish and easy to play, free virtual piano and synthesizer. By default, the sound is generated by the inbuilt General Midi software synthesizer of the Windows operating system. In general, you can use Pc 73 On-screen piano as a virtual midi Controller to control any . Freeware download of PC 73 Virtual Piano Keyboard 1.0, size 1.77 Mb.

Digital PID Controller using RTLinux 1.0 Pid-controller 

The aim of the project is the design and development of a digital PID (Proportional + Integral +Differential) Controller in a Pc machine running RT-Linux. Application for PID Controller is Auto pilot.

Digital PID Controller using RTLinux 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of Digital PID Controller using RTLinux 1.0, size 0 b.

W5YM Rotator Controller Interface 1.0 W5ymsatcon 

A full hardware and software solution for Pc control of a Yaesu G5400-B Azimuth/Elevation antenna rotator Controller via the Easycomm II protocol. W5YM is the callsign of the Amateur Radio Club of the University of Arkansas. (Test Project)

W5YM Rotator Controller Interface 1.0 License - GNU General Public License with Classpath . Freeware download of W5YM Rotator Controller Interface 1.0, size 0 b.

Big Bear DCC Rail Controller Program 2.0 Blue Tang Web Systems Ltd 

Control your layout with the easy-to-use Big Bear Rail Controller program. Operates in conjunction with your hand-held controllers so that two people or more can operate your layout. This program controls all your routes, turnouts, multi-aspect signals and most important, your locomotives. The program is ideal for all types of DCC controlled . Free download of Big Bear DCC Rail Controller Program 2.0, size 59.13 Mb.

Smart Controller 1.2 Western Bridge Tech 

Smart Controller makes your iPhone or iPod touch as a wireless mouse(touch pad) to control your Pc!

- Move Mouse
- Single Click Mouse
- Double Click Mouse
- Drag Mouse
- Click Mouse Right Button
- Connect to your Pc through WIFI or 3G network

BEFORE YOU RUN THIS SOFTWARE, you need to . Freeware download of Smart Controller 1.2, size 314.57 Kb.

Advanced Process Controller Free Version WindowsSupporter Corp. 

Advanced Process Controller Free Version allows you to view all processes currently running On your system and to manage them. You are able to kill selected processes in a snap, which can not be realized by the classic Task Manager. It is an extremely powerful and versatile replacement for the Windows Task Manager. This impressive utility is an . Free download of Advanced Process Controller Free Version, size 2.33 Mb.