Copying Files Software

SynchronizeFolders 1.2 

Program for frequent Copying Files. Allows you to specify a filter for the file name, copy only changed Files. Processes folder and all subfolders. Works with the configuration file

* which can be specified in the command line:SynchronizeFolders.exe SyncFoldersCfg.txt
* or selected using the button "Select". . Freeware download of SynchronizeFolders 1.2, size 136.31 Kb. Right Click Configurator 1.01 

When you use Windows Explorer for opening, deleting, moving or Copying Files (e.g. by executing it through the "My Computer" icon on your desktop) a popup menu is opened by clicking the right mouse button on any entry that allows you to get access to many different programs and features. If your last Windows installation was a long time . Free download of Right Click Configurator 1.01, size 276.48 Kb.

PikySuite 3.0 Conceptworld Corporation 

PikySuite is a group of three products (PikyBasket, PikyFolders, & PikyTools) that eliminate day-to-day computing frustrations from activities such as Copying Files, accessing favorite / recent folders and taking backups. PikySuite is meticulously designed to save a lot of unnoticed time & effort wasted on trivial file / folder tasks . Free download of PikySuite 3.0, size 5.24 Mb.

FolderMill 4.6 fCoder SIA 

FolderMill monitors a folder and automatically prints or converts to PDF, JPG or TIFF all new documents and image Files. System administrator defines special 'Hot folders' for monitoring and sets Actions to be performed. After this, all employees in the office can print documents or create PDFs as simple as Copying Files!

FolderMill . Freeware download of FolderMill 4.6, size 93.01 Mb.

KillCopy 2 85 Killer(R) 

KillCopy is a program for Copying Files by network. Can also copy Files on local drives - sometimes it can speed up copy of large Files by 2-3 times.

Main features:
-User-frendly skin based interface
-Build-in explorer shell make is very simple in use
- KillCopy can copy Files to some targets simultaniously

Easy RoboCopy 1.0.11 Eric Black 

RoboCopy is a Microsoft command-line tool for Copying Files and folders. It is very fast, fault-tolerant, and has dozens of parameters to customize the copy process, such as filtering by name, attributes, synchronizing folders, etc. Easy RoboCopy is a graphical user interface for RoboCopy. It shows all the options on one form with descriptive names . Freeware download of Easy RoboCopy 1.0.11, size 50.80 Mb.

appsmaker OptimalDisk appsmaker 

Booting your computer takes too long & Copying Files is a time consuming job?

Your hard disk drive needs constant maintenance such as a car. Without care and attention your hard disk will dramatically lose performance due to fragmented Files, downloads, viruses but OptimalDiskPro returns the performance of your computer as when you . Freeware download of appsmaker OptimalDisk, size 9.62 Mb.

Dead Disc Doctor 1 32 Dead Disc Doctor 

Dead Disc Doctor - allows Copying Files from scratched or damaged CD, DVD disks, unreadable Floppy and Hard Drives or other media.

All cd/dvd can be degraded over the time with different rates of degradation and this depends on how they are protected against damages also some errors occurs also if the writing method was not very . Free download of Dead Disc Doctor 1 32, size 2.02 Mb.

Essential Data Tools 2.7 Essential Data Tools 

Ridding computer hard drives of duplicate Files, secure deletion of sensitive information, automated backup of critically important data, Copying Files off damaged or unstable media, recovering accidentally deleted or otherwise missing digital information - all this and more can be achieved with Essential Data Tools, the all-in-one solution with a . Free download of Essential Data Tools 2.7, size 15.82 Mb.


CPtool is a small text-UI tool for Copying Files from a slow local media(such as CD-ROM) on a poor computer. CPtool . Freeware download of CPtool, size 41.90 Kb.

SmoothCopy 1.0.71 

Better than batch Files, SmoothCopy uses an XML configuration file to automatically create packages by Copying Files with variable root paths to a specified location. . Freeware download of SmoothCopy 1.0.71, size 33.92 Kb.

QCopy 1.0.8 FLit 

QCopy is a file copier designed to assist the user in Copying Files to or from network locations over wired and wireless connections, although it also works locally.

Simply drag & drop Files into the QCopy list or use the right-click 'Send To - QCopy' option in Windows Explorer.

If a folder is added then the structure will . Free download of QCopy 1.0.8, size 0 b.

Copy In Order 1.0.4034.29186 CompulsiveCode 

Copy In Order is a handy and reliable utiilty designed for Copying Files and folders in alphabetical order. Windows rarely copies Files or folders in the order you would expect. And normally this isn't a problem. But, on a flash-based MP3 player, the device may very well play the songs in the order they were copied, instead of alphabetically, or by . Free download of Copy In Order 1.0.4034.29186, size 0 b.

FlagRASH 1.0 Sente Limited 

This application allows you to change the read-only, archive, system & hidden attributes of multiple Files in subfolders. Developed because of our own experience of Copying Files from CD's and discovering they are all read-only. The problem is that there is no way to clear flags across multiple folders under Windows. With this application, . Free download of FlagRASH 1.0, size 350.21 Kb.

Copywhiz 4.0 Conceptworld Corporation 

Copywhiz enhances your file copy experience in Windows. It offers more flexibility when Copying Files by letting you choose which type of Files to copy, which to ignore. Offers better error handling and file replacement options. Plus, it lets you collect Files from multiple folders&paste-at-once.Copywhiz allows you to copy only new or modified . Free download of Copywhiz 4.0, size 10.05 Mb.

Modified File Backup 10 25 Hermetic Systems 

This software is for backing up Files in all (or selected) folders and their subfolders.

The program can be told to back up only Files which have changed since the last backup (thus saving time by not Copying Files unnecessarily). Prior to backup it will optionally give a report of all Files which have changed (or are new) since the . Free download of Modified File Backup 10 25, size 0 b.

xSync File Synchronizer 0.6.x 

xSync is a comprehensive tool, designed to simplify the often complex process of file synchronization.Synchronizing Files doesn't mean only Copying Files from A to B, which can be done in any file manager, too. xSync has the ability of comparing two locations, graphically displaying the differences and synchronizing the locations, allowing to . Free download of xSync File Synchronizer 0.6.x, size 0 b.

Tarylynn 2.9.882 KanastaCorp 

Tarylynn synchronises two folders and all subfolders within. Good for a quick backup to a network drive, or Copying Files to a laptop. No need to spend time trying to setup a windows briefcase. Because Tarylynn does not depend on a database like briefcase does, backups are more portable, and there is no single point of failure. If Files exist on . Free download of Tarylynn 2.9.882, size 1.58 Mb.

Backup Modified Files 11.69 Hermetic Systems 

This software is for backing up Files in selected folders and their subfolders.

The program can be told to back up only Files which have changed since the last backup (thus saving time by not Copying Files unnecessarily). Prior to backup it will optionally give a report of all Files which have changed (or are new) since the last . Free download of Backup Modified Files 11.69, size 1.55 Mb.

Undelete My Files for NTFS 2.5 Team Beavers 

Undelete My Files is a quick and effective way to restore accidentally deleted Files. It can also recover Files that have been emptied from the Recycle Bin, permanently deleted Files within Windows using the Shift + Delete, and Files that have been deleted from within a Command Prompt. A deleted file is essentially an area on disk designated as . Freeware download of Undelete My Files for NTFS 2.5, size 807.40 Kb.