Cre Loaded Store Manager Freeware

electronic store manager 1.0 Electronicstor 

Electronic Store Manager where you can purchase games or trade on lineThe window application allow the back end clerk on adminstrator the perfom e-commerical transactions.

electronic Store Manager 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of electronic store manager 1.0, size 0 b.


A1 Complaints 2.0 Apoyar 

Apoyar A1 Complaints is a Solution app for FMCG organisations to quickly follow up on customer complaints.

A despatcher qualifies and assigns the complaint to the relevant Regional, Area or Store Manager who uses this app to track the satisifactory outcome with the customer. Each communication with the customer is fully recorded within . Freeware download of A1 Complaints 2.0, size 1.15 Mb.

File Store Manager 1.0 Fsmanager 

FileStore is an extensible file Manager which changes the way we interface with the file system.
Files are stored/retrieved/versioned transparently to the user.
Backends engines will be configurable.

File Store Manager 1.0 License - GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3) . Freeware download of File Store Manager 1.0, size 0 b.

MOBAC TileStore utility 0.2 Fredrik Moller 

MOBAC TileStore utility is a lightweight application that you can use to handle tiles in the tile Store of Mobile Atlas Creator.

The application can easily copy the tiles from a Store in the source directory to another tile Store, in the output folder. Also, it can be used for extracting and deleting tiles, as well as print the tile . Freeware download of MOBAC TileStore utility 0.2, size 0 b.

Lokad Excel Sales Forecasting 1 3 

Lokad Excel Sales Forecasting is an open source add-in.

* Native integration into Microsoft Excel 2000 or higher.
* Import sales data for 20+ business applications into Excel.
* Explore, visualize and organize your sales data through Excel.
* Upload your sales data to Lokad in one click.
* Define customizable . Freeware download of Lokad Excel Sales Forecasting 1 3, size 0 b.

HSS Core Framework 4.3.200 CodePlex 

The HSS Core Framework will extend the .NET Framework providing several key sub-systems that provide enhanced functionality and consistency to any product. By leverage the HSS Core Framework, you can reduce and simply any application development project.
Logging library:
· Log Service
· Log Component
. Freeware download of HSS Core Framework 4.3.200, size 9.33 Mb.

CRE Loaded - Shopping Cart 6.3.1 

The ever popular and proven commercial open source shopping cart based on oscommerce. Shopping Cart. Shopping Cart. Shopping Cart. Shopping Cart. . Freeware download of CRE Loaded - Shopping Cart 6.3.1, size 10.63 Mb.

Total Hockey 1.0.1 Total Hockey, Inc 

The Total Hockey app provides a quick and easy way to manage your hectic hockey-life. Within the app you can manage your account, view and redeem loyalty rewards, and even create multiple skate sharpening profiles to help you keep track of your entire familys skate sharpening preferences all from the convenience of your mobile device.

Free Password Manager for 1.0.5 Soft-o 

Free Password Manager is a freeware program to help you systematize and Store any kind of valuable information in an encrypted database. How often have you lost passwords, forgotten access codes and other sensitive information? With this program, you safely Store all your passwords, logins, credit card numbers, access codes, and any other . Freeware download of Free Password Manager for 1.0.5, size 1.04 Mb.

ACDSee Picture Frame Manager + Frame 8.4 ACD Systems International Inc. 

ACDSee Picture Frame Manager

Load 10x more pictures
With ACDSee Picture Frame Manager you can easily fit up to 10x more pictures as you could if you Loaded them directly onto your display device without optimization. Whether it's your MemoryFRAME or a large screen 1080p TV, this application will optimize your images to the correct . Freeware download of ACDSee Picture Frame Manager + Frame 8.4, size 19.51 Mb.

Shared Object Manager 2 2 Swapnil Patil 

Shared Object Manager is an utility, which allows user to view or delete Flash player shared objects (flash cookies) that various websites creates to Store information on users computer.

This utility also allows user to delete all or selected shared object. To Delete right click on particular entry and select delete option.

CM Password Manager WIBU-SYSTEMS AG 

The CM Password Manager allows you to Store convenient but secure passwords, PINs and TANs in the CmStick. With CM Password Manager you can carry your online access as easily as your house key.
Of course you can easily transfer the data from the CodeMeter Password Manager Lite into the CodeMeter Stick, if you decide to buy one. . Freeware download of CM Password Manager, size 0 b.

PCMate Free Password Manager 6.6.7 PCMateFreeSystemCare Inc. 

PCMate Free Password Manager is a free password Manager program that is specially designed to Store & manage your login IDs & passwords in a centralized vault to relieve you of the password management chore while offering you complete security and peace of mind. The powerful password generator can create random, strong passwords which have . Freeware download of PCMate Free Password Manager 6.6.7, size 3.64 Mb.

PCBooster Free Password Manager 7.3.8 PCBooster, Inc. 

Do you have many login IDs and passwords saved in a text document that can be accessed by anyone? or are you using the same password for everything for the fear of forgetting it? PCBooster Free Password Manager is a perfect solution for both of problems. It can safely Store your IDs & passwords in a password-protected archive, enabling you to . Freeware download of PCBooster Free Password Manager 7.3.8, size 1.05 Mb.

Style Manager Universal 8.0 Irish Acts Recording Studio 

Style Manager Universal is an application that allows users to catalogue their style collections and Store them in a searchable database.

Sync features also allow users from all around the world using this application to share and combine their style collections with each other in order to merge the collective efforts of every user . Freeware download of Style Manager Universal 8.0, size 9.22 Mb.

TCP IP Manager Tundrea Adrian-Costin 

TCP IP Manager is a program that will allow you to change your TCP/IP settings. It will let you Store up to thirty network profiles. You can give each profile a descriptive name, and apply them automatically, just by running the program and selecting the profile that contains the right parameters for the network you intend to join.

. Freeware download of TCP IP Manager, size 47.11 Mb.

Memor32 Savegame Manager 1 3 Memor32 

With Memor32 Savegame Manager you can enhance your game experience with a full 32 MB Memory card, Store all your savegames on one memory, sharing and exchanging your savegames with friends and on your community forum.

Memor32 Savegame Manager lets you load and save PS2 savegames to and from any PC. . Freeware download of Memor32 Savegame Manager 1 3, size 0 b.

OSAM: Autorun Manager Online Solutions 

OSAM: Autorun Manager is a very powerful tool for controlling the startup of Windows and all the components that are automatically Loaded without user's consent. More than 90% of PC problems and system crashes are caused by malware and viruses that automatically start working when your system starts; however, you may never know about their . Freeware download of OSAM: Autorun Manager, size 9.86 Mb.

InfoManager 1 1 Roland Waddilove 

InfoManager is a type of computerised personal information Manager (PIM) and it is designed to help you Store and manage the vast amount of information that we use in everyday work and leisure activities.


Alarms: Set alarms to remind you of important events. They can be scheduled to occur in a few minutes, days, . Freeware download of InfoManager 1 1, size 2.97 Mb.

Windows Phone Device Manager 1 3 Julien Schapman 

Windows Phone Device Manager allows you to manage your Windows Phone device from your PC, you can sync files and simply view, install and uninstall side-Loaded applications, explore devices and easily transfer data. It is compatible with all Windows Phone devices and can detect and connect to your phone via wireless connection. . Freeware download of Windows Phone Device Manager 1 3, size 9.64 Mb.

Cre Loaded Store Manager Web Results

BizStudio Site Manager

Cart, SSL server, store manager, and order manager. Same day setup.

Image hosting, store manager, customer manager and other seller services.

Online store for blank recording media including DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-RAM, DVD+R and DVD+RW discs.

URL Manager Pro

Bookmark manager for Macintosh.

Gentoo Store

Offers Gentoo-related products. Store profits are used to support Gentoo development efforts, server infrastructure and further efforts to establish a not-for-profit entity for Gentoo.

Small Window Manager

Minimal window manager intended for use with small screen sizes.

Memorial Art Gallery Store

Discounted exhibition catalogs by mail and an on-site store featuring a selection of original art works and regional crafts as well as art books, educational toys and games, jewelry, and...