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Advanced CSV To HTML Table Converter 1 6 Advanced Reliable Software, Inc. 

Advanced Csv To Html Table Converter is a utility that allows execution of SQL (Structured Query Language) statements on Csv (Comma Separated Values) files. Resultsets returned by select queries are automatically persisted as Html and CSS table files To a directory of your choice. Advanced Csv To Html Table Converter automatically persists most . Free download of Advanced CSV To HTML Table Converter 1 6, size 413.70 Kb.


DataConversionTools.com CSVtoHTML Converter 1.01 DataConversionTools.com by Information Packaging 

Csv To Html will convert your Csv files into Html files.Csv To Html is a windows program that runs on your windows PC. . Free download of DataConversionTools.com CSVtoHTML Converter 1.01, size 954.37 Kb.

TotalCSVConverter CoolUtils Development 

Total Csv Converter is a reliable tool that allows you To convert Csv To DOC, Csv To PDF, Csv To Html, Csv To TXT, Csv To XLS, Csv To DBF, Csv To XML and Csv To OpenOffice formats.
The program was designed To be convenient and user-friendly and can also be handled via the command line. . Free download of TotalCSVConverter, size 3.82 Mb.

Foxy SQL Pro 1.1 CHARONWARE s.r.o. 

Foxy SQL pro is an easy-To-use database script and query tool for all database professionals allowing them To create, edit and execute SQL commands and queries against any database, browse and store the results (Csv, XML, Html, TXT) and much more. Foxy SQL Pro is based on a possibility To parse complete SQL script into each individual commands that . Free download of Foxy SQL Pro 1.1, size 2.05 Mb.

TAdvColumnGrid 2.x Tmssoftware.com 

Stringgrid with for Delphi 2,3,4,5 & C++Builder 1,3,4:- clipboard functions,- save/load To file, Csv, XLS, Html, XML, DOC, formatted text, streams.- cell alignment, color, font, read-only, hints, wordwrap, URL aware- printing with title, pagenummer, date, time, border, header, footer, fonts, borders,- automatic col/row sizing + size save- . Free download of TAdvColumnGrid 2.x, size 0 b.

FlexCell Grid Control for .NET 3.0.5 FlexCell Technologies 

FlexCell is a flexible and easy To use grid control, it provides comprehensive functions, such as exporting To Excel / Csv / PDF / Html / XML, importing from XML, printing, preview, sorting, charting, cell merging, virtual mode, ownerdraw mode, etc. FlexCell grid control contains a grid designer that allows you To design report templates and user . Free download of FlexCell Grid Control for .NET 3.0.5, size 1.44 Mb.

Info-Pack.com CSV2HTML 1 1 Information Packaging 

Info-Pack.com Csv 2 Html is a Csv file To Html table converter. Use it To convert your access comma separated files into Html tables. Simply provide an input file, and an output file name. Csv 2 Html will then create a file containing a Html table with the data from the output file from your Csv data. . Free download of Info-Pack.com CSV2HTML 1 1, size 966.66 Kb.

SqlToTxt 2.3 Withdata Software 

SqlToTxt is a tool To export Sql Server data To file (Csv, text, sql, xml, Html, excel...).

Main features:
1 Export Sql Server data To multiple formats file: txt, Csv, xml, Html, sql, Excel.
2 Export a single table data, export all tables data in a schema, export data from sql query.
3 Support export text(ntext) and . Free download of SqlToTxt 2.3, size 4.16 Mb.

Elerium Excel to HTML .NET 1.7 Elerium Software 

Elerium Excel To Html .NET is a high performance component enabling developer To convert Excel files (XLS, XLSX,Csv) To Html files. The component can be implemented in C#, VB.NET or ASP.NET projects/websites. The component is completely independent and does not depend on third-party libraries and Microsoft Office Automation.

Key . Free download of Elerium Excel to HTML .NET 1.7, size 3.70 Mb.

DBF Viewer 2000 6.85 HiBase Group 

DBF files have been the standard format for database management systems ever since dBase III was released in 1984. In the decades since, this format has been adopted by several variations of dBase known as xBase, causing it To remain one of the most widely used database formats in the present day. An immense number of GIS and data management tools . Free download of DBF Viewer 2000 6.85, size 7.97 Mb.

AccessToFile 2.1 Withdata Software 

AccessToFile - Export Access data To files (Csv, text, xml, excel...). AccessToFile is a tool To export Access data To file (Csv, text, sql, xml, Html, excel...).

Main features:
1 Export Access data To multiple formats file: txt, Csv, xml, Html, sql, Excel.
2 Export a single table data, export all tables data in a schema, . Free download of AccessToFile 2.1, size 4.00 Mb.

DB2ToTxt 1.8 Withdata Software 

DB2ToTxt - Export DB2 data To file (Csv, txt, sql, xml, excel...). DB2ToTxt is a tool To export DB2 data To file (Csv, text, sql, xml, Html, excel...).

Main features:
1 Export DB2 data To multiple formats file: txt, Csv, xml, Html, sql, Excel.
2 Export a single table data, export all tables data in a schema, export data . Free download of DB2ToTxt 1.8, size 4.06 Mb.

MyToTxt 2.0 Withdata Software 

MyToTxt - Export Mysql data To files (Csv, txt, sql, xml, Html, excel...).

Main features:
1 Export Sql Server data To multiple formats file: txt, Csv, xml, Html, sql, Excel.
2 Export a single table data, export all tables data in a schema, export data from sql query.
3 Support export TEXT and BLOB field.
4 . Free download of MyToTxt 2.0, size 4.18 Mb.

Monkey Merge 1.38 MonkeyJob Systems 

Automatically merge multiple Microsoft Word documents (DOC and RTF files) and all plain text files such as Csv or Html files together into one big target file. Merge many Excel XLS workbooks and worksheets into a single worksheet. Combine Adobe Acrobat PDF files. You can filter files by file name, file size and file pattern. Files are displayed in . Free download of Monkey Merge 1.38, size 2.05 Mb.

OraLoader 4.2 Withdata Software 

OraLoader: Save Your Oracle importing/exporting work.
OraLoader is a data conversion tool that helps DBA and database developer import/export Oracle database from/To flat files and Excel files.

OraLoader can import/export data easy and fast, saves you a ton of time.
By using OraLoader you can move data smoothly, even tables in . Free download of OraLoader 4.2, size 5.42 Mb.

Sony Ericsson Messenger 9 Aljanna Soft 

this software allow you To get the list of calls and phonebook and the received and stored SMSs from your mobile and send SMSs To your contacts. you can save the phonebook and the SMSs in excel or Csv or Html file or export To outlook as Vcard file. You can write SMSs and themes in you PC and send To your friends by your mobile connected To your PC . Free download of Sony Ericsson Messenger 9, size 1.22 Mb.

Global Email Solutions 3 RAF Systems 

Global Email Solutions is a fast email extraction and processing utility aimed at users who need To build email/clients lists or leads. It can extract emails from text files, Csv files, Html files and even from the clipboard. Emails get extracted into a new file (one per line). You can then separate the emails using your own delimiter such as . Free download of Global Email Solutions 3, size 4.36 Mb.

Cafeterra : an Open Source EAI project 01 cafeterra.sourceforge.net 

WEB interface for the design, process and monitor inter-application data flows.It’s a message queue EAI. Written in Perl, Tested systems : Linux and HP-UX, WinXP is plannedSupported Connectors : RDBMS, , LDAP, EDI, Csv, XML, Html etc ... . Freeware download of Cafeterra : an Open Source EAI project 01, size 10.69 Kb.

.NET Logging Library 1.27 Kellerman Software 

The .NET Logging Library is an easy To use, high speed .NET logging component. Log with a single line of code! Logging targets include console, debug window, file, Csv, XML, Html, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MS Access, ASP.NET Trace, ASP.NET Response, memory streams, and custom targets. This .NET logging framework supports both runtime properties . Free download of .NET Logging Library 1.27, size 1.80 Mb.

Opal-Convert VCF to CSV to VCF 1.1 Daniel White Skytopia 

Opal-Convert VCF To Csv To VCF (vCard) is a handy and reliable application designed To convert between Csv, Html and VCF formats. It also has an option To convert To programmer array format.

Opal-Convert VCF To Csv To VCF (vCard) is able To process entire folders or documents from URL files. Its intuitive interface makes it available To . Free download of Opal-Convert VCF to CSV to VCF 1.1, size 0 b.

Csv To Html Web Results


Windows NT/2000 event log management, view, print, dump list of events, user/ras sessions or print jobs. Dump in ASCII-delimited, CSV or HTML format. Schedule these actions with the LogSched service.

Angry IP Scanner

A freeware IP scanner for Windows. Display NetBIOS information, MAC address; save result to CSV, TXT, HTML or XML file.

Remove Duplicate Contacts

Kernel for Outlook Duplicates is an ideal solution to remove duplicate contacts and other emails & email items from MS Outlook mailboxes or .PST files. Duplicate entries in the Outlook account...

Comma Separated Values (CSV) in Java

Java libraries to read and write files in Comma Separated Value (CSV) format. [GPL]

Converter from verilog to html

A free perl script that converts verilog to html with most things linked. Also creates hierarchies and indexes for your design.

ISO/IEC 15445:1999(E) ISO-HTML Final DIS

Specification for the ISO strict HTML format.

HTML Indexer

The only tool dedicated to creating and maintaining indexes for web sites, HTML Help, JavaHelp, and other HTML documents. See the FAQ, read the comments from customers, download the free demo, and...